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My blog is an intuitive process.

I follow the loops; see where the typing leads me. Just let what wants to be talked about, flow through me freely.

I ´m all for talking about the essential questions in life.

Matters of the heart. Open, direct, empathic communication on issues and from angles that I feel are important to get out there, between us.

There are many categories. Yet they are all interconnected.

In everything I publish, I aim to leave the reader feeling uplifted. I´m not always funny at all, but. Neither is life. (She said, drily).

Feel free to comment. Dialogue is most welcome.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you will enjoy it here.

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Recent Posts

Non Violence will Change the World

Hi folks. This just moves me. Thousands of people standing in complete silence in Turkey. Protesting the stately surpression they suffer as a nation now. I totally agree with Geliqua Amini. And especially the last line gives me hope for the future. Geliqua Amini I går kl. 08:20 · No yelling. No screaming. No fighting. A … Continue reading Non Violence will Change the World

Awake under a Full Moon

Full moon. It´s 02:20 (! nice number), and I´ve been awake for 2 hours, after sleeping 9pm until quarter passed midnight… I find my sleep “pattern” is rather peculiar these last few months. But. I just go along with it. What else can I do. Upstream is not my direction, I prefer going with the … Continue reading Awake under a Full Moon

Bernie on the Worship of Money

Good morning. Sunday morning. We are heading off to the birthday brunch of our dear neighbour girl Alma soon, who turns 8. Big hurray for her. We have the most amazing, friendly neighbours, and it is such a strength and joy in our everyday living. Anyways. I saw this video with Bernie, the man who … Continue reading Bernie on the Worship of Money

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