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My blog is an intuitive process.

I follow the loops; see where the typing leads me. Just let what wants to be talked about, flow through me freely.

I ´m all for talking about the essential questions in life.

Matters of the heart. Open, direct, empathic communication on issues and from angles that I feel are important to get out there, between us.

There are many categories. Yet they are all interconnected.

In everything I publish, I aim to leave the reader feeling uplifted. I´m not always funny at all, but. Neither is life. (She said, drily).

Feel free to comment. Dialogue is most welcome.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you will enjoy it here.

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Hiya. Sunny Sunday here today, first barbecue dinner in our garden, yey… And I had a meeting with the Red Cross Syrian women´s group café today, and they agreed to make some dishes for our big family event “The Diversity Day” on the 17. of June. Where the ngo The Incredibles, we invite all local … Continue reading Steppin´up

17.-May, Hip hip HurrAAYYY

Hello there. It´s evening, soon 9 pm. Kids gone to bed. Quiet here in my sofa corner. It´s the 17. of May and I´m a Norwegian living in Denmark. This morning I turned on the Norwegian tv channel that I have in my cable deal. I watch this channel maybe 5 times a year or … Continue reading 17.-May, Hip hip HurrAAYYY

What travelling gives me

It´s 05 am. Been awake since 04. Still jetlagged. Not badly but. Gone to bed last two days knackered at 8 pm. I then woke at midnight, slept on and off, and wide awake since 04. I don´t mind at all. Returning home after a month in Asia, jetlag makes the transition smoother somehow. Dazed, … Continue reading What travelling gives me

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