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My blog is an intuitive process.

I follow the loops; see where the typing leads me. Just let what wants to be talked about, flow through me freely.

I ´m all for talking about the essential questions in life.

Matters of the heart. Open, direct, empathic communication on issues and from angles that I feel are important to get out there, between us.

There are many categories. Yet they are all interconnected.

In everything I publish, I aim to leave the reader feeling uplifted. I´m not always funny at all, but. Neither is life. (She said, drily).

Feel free to comment. Dialogue is most welcome.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you will enjoy it here.

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Recent Posts

About NearDeath,by Ben Breedlove

G´morning! Woke up 7.30 today, totally rested after 11 hours of deep sleep. (Okay, I was awake 0130-0330, coz I went to bed so early, 8.30 pm. So it´s 9 hours of sleep really). But yeah. I love to wake up and feel finished with resting. Went downstairs with my 5-yearold, made us tea, and … Continue reading About NearDeath,by Ben Breedlove

The Alternative Fanø

Hi guys Sorry I haven´t written for a while, have I… It´s because I have ended up running for election! Local council, election date 21.of November. Together with three other citizens, I´ve formed a list for the party Alternativet (The Alternative). Very short: Alternativet thinks that climate issues and social needs, is as valuable as … Continue reading The Alternative Fanø

Renewal Time

I just finished listening to a webinar online. With Rasmus Lindgren; “How to build a succesful online business and make money on your passion.” I love to learn. I´ve listened to a few webinars lately, with a similar heading to the one I did today. Here´s today´s kitchen corner classroom… 🙂 It´s actually a new bench … Continue reading Renewal Time

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