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Good morning this Saturday! I hope you are well.

As you know from my pleading with you to click on the adds on my blog here, or send me a donation, I am not a woman of money. Can I call it that? I consider myself very wealthy though. Because I have wonderful people in my life. Husband, children and the rest of the family. And friends whome I know I can trust for support in heavy times, and who will help me out when I ask them to.

One friend like that, I met at the 30 year anniversary party at my local bar, The Cornerbar, back in 2014. Here´s a vid I shot that night:

Yes, it was a great night of fun. Karaoke machine. I sang a lot of songs on that machine. And there were two mikes, so a guy I never saw before, sang a lot of the songs together with me. We harmonized wickedly. At least we thought so ourselves (and still to this day, I believe we were right to think so)!   🙂

Well. We ended up talking, and we had a lot in common. Our perspectives on life, and politics. Our love for music. We both have kids. Lots of common ground. Somehow we found out that we both had a blog. (Or his was a vlog, rather, a series of videos on Youtube). And he also was educated in website building.

I asked him if I could contact him for help on the technical side of my blog, and he said “Sure!”
Great relief. Sweet joy. Hallelujah!

A few weeks later, after him giving me some technical tips on how to solve some plugin issues etc, I said:

“Look. Here´s an idea. You know I´m broke. But how about you came over to my place for a weekend of good meals and you could enjoy the nature of this little island… and in return you could help me with these technical questions? And if you can help me set it up so it starts to make money, I will give you 30% of the income for a year. Could that be an acceptable offer?”

And lucky me, he thought it was a great idea. So he came over, and he basically turned my whole blog around, changed the theme, erased plugins, tweeked and tuned here and there and everywhere. I learnt so much. And a Paypal button appeared, and Adsense adds… the front page of the site was changed… yes, I owe him the entire look of this blog, actually.
He was very easy to work with as well. Which I sort of knew, as we had done all that singing together already, hahaha… but to work at web design and share decisions with someone, is something else. It is not always an easy balance to find.
We enjoyed the work hours, we shared some good food and wine and talks, he had a few walks, and we showed him the glorious beach here on Fanoe, and Fanoe Forest Playground. ( )

So. That was a wonderful win win time. A really nice exchange of energy. Equal, joyful and free.

Since then we keep in touch. And when my blog moves in mysterious ways, then I write him a message and he gives me suggestions for sulutions.

It is truely a great gift, to have access to his helping hand. When I become rich, I will buy him a boat or something else he´d like. Maybe a karaoke machine studded with diamonds. Hah! 🙂

(I have yet to find out how much the blog has earned, I received a letter from Google in my mailbox the other day (!), telling me how to collect my Adsense earnings, a 5 step recipe of computer clicks, I will try to get that done today). I don´t think his 30% will run up to much, but. It will be more than zero. So. Let´s see.

My helping friend´s name is Niels Harbo. On Facebook he calls himself Niller Manden. I have told him I want to recommend him in my network. So he gave me this link to his website. The English version.

Here it is:

And the Danish version:

You can also find him through his Youtube channel. Just search for NillerVision.

So now you know. If you need superb web tech / design help, he is brilliant, pleasant and has a great sense of humour. Hereby very highly recomended.

I finish this post up with a song, to describe how happy, relieved and grateful I am to have found  my Backstage Blog Angel.

I have not picked this song for its lyrics about falling in love. The meaning of the song for me in this context, lies in the enthusiasm of the melody. It really hits strings of happiness and optimism real elegantly. At least in my heart it does. Here you are; a tune to tweek your weekend mood:



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  1. Yes, blogs help us a lot. It’s a fantastic platform and we can use it to do a lot of things. I like your article very much, thank you. I will continue to pay attention to your other articles.

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