The First Soccermatch


tortoise and son

Yesterday we brought the three kids along to the football stadion in Esbjerg. It was the last Superliga match of the season, and 10.000 tickets had been sold, even though the weather was cold and wet.

It´s been a few years since I joined my husband for a football match, and it´s been years for the kids as well. It is no place for a baby. And even at the age of 3, my son got scared yesterday, when all the people jumped up from their seats and cheered, all of a sudden.

Luckily there were 3 goals. So after the first scare, I explained to him what the fuzz was all about. I turned myself into a sport´s commentator, and explained the game to him and my five year old daughter: “Look! There is the ball! Now the blue ones have it, look he passes it to his team mate now… oh no, the red ones have it now, they must not get a goal, because then they win…”

And: “Now he kicked it across the line, and so the other team gets to throw the ball back onto the field. That´s the only time they can touch the ball with their hands. Exept for the goal keeper. He is there to stop the ball from going into the goal…”

The explaining turned their focus from the candy and soft drinks, and they really got into watching. I told my son that this is a place where one is allowed to shout out loud… which he thought about for about twenty seconds, and then started shouting. Hahahaha…. he loves to shout, and at home we stop him because his voice is so sharp, it hurts our ears… “Come on now, Esbjerg!” he shouted… and just wordless cries… the third time there was a goal, (luckily it was the second one and the winning goal for the home team), then I lifted him up over my head as I rose from my chair and cheered with the rest of the audience. He laughed and cheered along.

He talked about it this morning again. How yesterday all these people screamed when there was a goal.
Made an impression and a half.
There is a place where grownups shout in this world! And drum and sing and show emotions!
Hallelujah. It must be such a relief for him to experience. 🙂

Ever since he was able to, he´s been throwing and kicking a ball around. So I suspect he will start playing either handball or football (soccer) when he gets big enough. I played soccer myself, from age 8-16. His dad did as well. So. Yeah.
I´m not that keen on the idea of standing in the freezing wind watching him play game after game for years and years. But. I don´t think that would be a valid reason for denying him to enter a sport. Hahaha…


He loves music as well. Here Linus-Ferdinand and Viola are having a go on their violins, that they received as presents from a friend of ours that builds them himself. Dad is a music teacher, who teaches kindergarten teachers to use music in their teaching of kids, and people with handicaps…
So our home is always filled with music. Guitar, piano, a lot of singing.
I learned to play the piano too, for 6 years, as a kid. Love to drum and sing and dance.
(Read more about that in the post “A blogger and her blog”).

I tried out a lot of different activities as a child, ballet dancing, gymnastics…
But I stayed with the soccer and the piano playing.

My eldest daughter played the violin for two years with a teacher, then guitar in a band for a year then she did vocals in the same band. Now she has started horse riding, and wants to join a trampoline group this fall. We will give her piano lessons at home. She enjoys drawing, and cooking and baking. And she is really good with little children, such a lovely big sister.

Music is a unique activity, in the sense that it is really good for the brain. It lights up and combines many different areas, creating pathways between skills in mathematics, language, physical movement of fingers or lips, arms and legs… in different combinations… rhythm is developed…
Music is also an international language, very useful for communicating with people from everywhere.

It is an exciting process to dicover my children´s fields of interest.
We had a great time at the soccer match yesterday, and I don´t think it will be years before we go again.