Pre Dawn


I wrote this piece early this morning, directly as a facebook status. Woke up 04:44, wide awake, wanting to write. I may edit a bit more later. Not sure whether the title is final either. But. Probably is.
It´s got a peculiar rhtythm to it. I will play with voicing it, record it and find the right rhythmic flow for it.
Here u go, written version round one:


Pre Dawn 

When I wake from a dream with a happy urge to write.
To join in the silence to hear the inner light.
Whispers of quiet, foggy measures slowly turning into sight.
These are moments when I more than most feel vividly alive.

Words they carry meanings to and fro.
Clumsily yet quietly efficient also.
Between our heads, and at its best, between our hearts.
Passion is the fashion, open truely to your beat to find a start.

Humourous interventions are a must.
Digestion is such ease when dish induces appetite or lust.
Why so serious these few short years you’re here?
Replace the fear with care and have a good time with

the ones who dare.

Laugh and play, make jokes, and sing and dance!
Feel- good-factors that give u the perfect chance,
to be uplifted, elevated, glad.
Expressing oneself freely, makes a lot of stuff seem not so bad.

Sensitive to depth and width of sensory impressions,
vulnerable is strength, becomes the underwhelming lesson.
Protect oneself, withdraw and charge again,
refuse to live like told by shallow, hasting, angry little men.

Bottomline is coming up here now:
Please do move the focus in your life from what to how.
The way u do the things u do, the way you are.
Is what shines your dust, my darling being, be aware that u are made from star.

So rest, relax, enjoy and visualize.
Allow your belly laugh and sobbing cries.
Grab life with both your hands and hold on tight.
Reflection gives correction, on you flow, ever so feather light.

Lkh 6/2-18



2 thoughts on “Pre Dawn”

  1. Wow, I love you poems! When I was in college I used to read a lot of Emily Dickinson. My Graduation Paper is about her poems, too. Thank you for your sharing, it’s peaceful and beautiful.

    1. Hi there. Thank you! That is really nice to hear. I´ve always written poems. I actually self published a book too, in 2011. Called “Heart Matters – around abouts and previous pieces”. 22 poems, and about 50 reflections… one part from my 20s and the other from a six month period in my early 30s. I still have some copies for sale, if u are interested just say so & we´ll find a way for me to ship it to u… I also made a video installation with 15 poems in it. Same year, as a part of a co operation project with a local fine artist. You can see it on the youtube channel in my name; Lene Kaltwasser Henriksen. It´s called “Linking”. I have filmed and edited it myself, and 5 of the poems I turned into songs, so I´m also singing there. Love the fun of linking elements in video editing… Thanks again for your appreciation, I appreciate it! 🙂 Best wishes!

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