A meditative state of being


I adore this man. Allen Ginsberg. The beat poet.
I have not read all of his stuff, no. I can´t say I know his work. I haven´t even watched all the films about him on Youtube. He´s sitting there in dialogue with very interesting people, I can see. I will watch that when I get the time. And absolutely read more of his beat as well.

The reason I love him so much, is that I accidentally came to a concert he had at “Hulen/The Cave” in Bergen. In 1994, I think it must have been.
And he sang the song I have linked to here. “Do the meditation amd learn a little patience and generousity…” One thing is the great lyrics, another is the charming melody. But his energy. His radiating in a way that makes me feel moved, makes me smile and listen up and feel alive.

That´s why.

meditation u lose these things

I learned to meditate at age 20. All about that can be read in my blogpost “Temple zen la Gendronniere”.
I learned to meditate and to practice awareness, presence in the moment. Zen.
It has made a huge difference in my life. One that I am extremely grateful for.

quiet mind soul speaks

Shiny, still mirror
Sword slashes the autumn storm
Smilingly quiet

(A haiku I wrote, 1992).
After reading a book called Meikyu shisui. “Blank mirror”.
Or was that just a concept in the book “The sword of no sword”?
Either one or the other.
I entered the knowledge of meditation through the martial art iaido. Japanese swordmanship.
(That too is described in the post “Temple zen la Gendronniere”)

This song, “Maya”, is in itself a guided meditation, in my book! To listen and drift with it, practicing REALLY listening is good exercise into being aware in the present.

Tolle, present in the moment

Eckhart Tolle. I love his books and his youtube talks… Few have managed to talk about these matters with his level of … clarity …

water settle, mirror...Rumi

Rumi… Such an amazing poet…

I will finish this post with one last piece of music.
This is the song my daughter no.2 was born to, at home in water, 8/4 2010. Viola, her name is.
A song I often listen to when in the bath tub or shower.
Singing along to it makes me feel relaxed and meditative.
It´s all about that breath. Singing long tones is a good tool.

So many ways to meditate. Be alert, some call it cat consciousness… total presence. Whilst at total rest. Like a cat. 🙂
It doesn´t have to involve sitting still in a lotus. That´s difficult to us westerners.

Osho has many tips for ways to meditate, to turn within, still the mind.
Many of them are playful, where the mind gets to be a part of the process, gently being pushed aside but with a loving smile. Reducing the fierce resistance the mind/ego will come up with when it feels its control is threatened.

To try and explain the inexplainable.
Tao te ching is one of my absolute favourite books.
Here is the text on page one, wrapped in meditative visuals and music…

One of my favourite meditations when I was younger, was this one:
(Only in the version we did it in Bergen, we would sit down and be still, instead of standing like a statue. The contrast from all the movement feels tremendous, and a lovely empty spacey feeling filled my mind and body, I remember… The finishing up in free dancing, so soul soothing… This meditation allows freedom to express emotions in a very helpful way…

Okay. I could go on and on I see. Let me return to that meditative song my daughter was born to.
Meditation is not necessarily an activity that you do.
It is a state of being.
With practice, one becomes better and better at it, and then a busride can be the perfect place for tuning into a meditative state of being, or walking in a garden can, or feeling raindrops on your skin…
Aware in the present moment, with a silent mind.

(I recognize the part of you in which we are One).



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