Aabenraa International Culture Party


Last Saturday, we took the kids and drove 90 minutes to the town Aabenraa, to participate in an annual cultural event they have there, in a business school location, organized by 2-3 different ngos.

There was speeches by the local mayor and the Danish minister of taxes, first. After that came Jackie Pato, “Asia´s Tina Turner”, she had an incredible voice.

Not sure I can remember the stage acts cronologically, but. After a while, it was time for food and we went to the big international buffet they had made. Tickets to get in were cheap, kids came in for free, and the food was included in the ticket!!
The buffet had amazing dishes from African countries, the Phillipines, Syria… Delicious is the word.
A spectacular feast for the taste buds.

(Though the tickets were cheap and the food free, they still made an income at the party, which goes to helping school children in the Phillipines and in Africa).

syrian singer

Here is an impression of the space we were in… the crowd… this is where the Syrian singer went on stage, I can see.

But before the Syrians, there was the djembegroup LOKO drummers, from Benin, residing in Germany:

Very charming, and it got everybody´s dancing feet starting to get impatient… 🙂

Then on to the stage stepped this Syrian singer with his guitar. And all the Syrian refugees jumped up and started to dance…


(Ps I have fixed this video so it does not run sideways, I just need to fix the miniature image as well, I can see… ) 🙂

The party hit the roof. I joined the circle of Kurdistani folk dancing people, I know the steps from 1989-92, when I was the local leader of Sos Racism back on Karmøy, Norway, and I knew all the asylum seekers, and danced Kurdistani folk dance with them one christmas, wearing my Norwegian national costume whilst they wore the national costumes of Iraqi Kurdistan… Good memories….

My two daughters, 10 and 5 years old, danced with me in the circle, and a man asked if he could hold my son, and my son did not object, and was lifted up on the smiling man´s shoulders! Soon he got a big flag to wave up there as well… After a while my son was moved over onto an other man´s shoulders… a truely magical moment. Very moving, and funny, watching the baffled expression on my little son´s face up there in the air on dancing shoulders… 🙂

After the Syrian act, came a Danish duo. And the djembe trio went on stage and helped them keep the rhythm… Just so nice… Joining in, jamming together…

That´s my friend Ragnhild you see dancing there. She went on stage as well at some point, with her bellydancing, she always bellydances, she loves it so much. She also teaches bellydancing.
Well, this time, she was not allowed to keep the stage to herself. The guy she is dancing with, jumped on stage with her… so funny… and lovely…

Later on, there were beautiful Philippino women who did a dance with fans… I have found a sweet photo of them, that was also published in the local paper after the event…

aabenraa phillipinoes

Actually, the woman with blue on her dress, is the singer Jackie Pato, I told you about in the start of this blog…

outside party

A picture I took outside the school where the party was held…

two flags

Two flags side by side… two homelands… one fled from, the other fled to… I hope all the foreigners present at the party will have happy lives in Denmark.


Late night dancing… we left a quarter past eleven pm… kids all fell asleep in the car…

Yeah, it was a truely brilliant time.

If I can make it, I really want to go back there next year!



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