Bergen Impressions



This image is painted on a wall in the walking shopping street Skostrædet. (Shoe lane). Which is an area developed the last few years, and it has a lovely, international urban feel to it.

Like this shoe shop facade. The photo isn’t glorious, as it was raining, I had to be quick with my phone, just. But it reminds me of the shoe shop facades of Camden Town, London…


Then, around the corner, has appeared “The Litterature House”:




Didn’t get time to go inside the litterature house, though… Sad, coz there was a cartoon book in the window entitled something something Norwegian Culture… which I wanted to have a closer look at….


This is the Seafarers’ Monument on the downtown citysquare Torgallmenningen. Where we always used to have an icecream or a cup of Bergen fish soup when we lived in town. I have caught a father daughter duo in this image, they always sing in this spot every Summer. The daughter actually won the Danish Eurovision song contest a couple of years ago, her song was very good, I can’t remember her name or the name of the song right now but. Yes.


This is a new café in Skostrædet, at least new to me. Roll and Rock, it’s called. Brilliant idea with the tables inside old American cars. They served Oreo Milkshakes. Scrumptious.


My daughter and my soul sister. How lovely to get a cafe visit with just the two of them lovelies.



These two pictures are taken in the café’s bathroom! They have this unisex toilet space, with onelong mirror above the sinks, and very loud, brilliant music, the moment we fixed here, James Brown was singing I feel good! 🙂

It was impossible not to dance and sing in front of that mirror. And then in came a young man to go to the toilet. Hahaha… how unusual to have a mixed sex toilet space. If I had had access to this one in my twenties, I’m sure it would have been a great place to meet new men, likeminded ones, who would join me in my singing and dancing there! Imagine how much fun can be had in this room, this dancefloor bathroom. 🙂


Here are my kids in Bergen cinema, during the finishing credits after the film Cinderella. It was so cold and miserable one day, that we went and saw a movie, escaping the cold for a couple of hours. The kids loved it and wanted to go back the following day, hahaha… my youngest is 3 and it was the first time for him to visit a cinema. He sat still all the way up until the last fifteen minutes where he walked silently about a bit, I let him, thinking it would disturb less than his screaming voice if I tried to make him sit in his seat… then as soon as the credits came on, they entered the bars and got their desired climbing exercise… 🙂

We have many fond new memories, made during our week in Bergen.
The best ones in our friends’ home, with nice meals, and visiting, meal joining friends, wine… piano and guitar played, tv series watched, laughing children running around in superman outfits and Rapunzel wigs… the conversations. Basically. Seeing my close girlfriends, both one to one and in groups…. that is what I miss the most, living abroad. My heart needs time with my wonderful, sweet girlfriends.

My friends whome we lived with, also have a very special, inspiring project going on in their neighboorhood. I took pictures, and will tell you all about it in the next blogpost.
For now I must get dome breakfast served, so we can go out in the car and find the fish shop on this island Karmøy where my mother lives. Prawns and crab claws. Best Summer dinner in the whole world. At least it is my favourite Norwegian traditonal Summer food, mmmmmmm I hope we can find some, the fishermen come in mainly on Fridays and it is very popular… so yes. We must get out and about and start the big seafood hunt.

Wishing you all a happy Wednesday, where ever you are.



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