Bottle of waterfall water, anyone?


Langfoss på flaske

Check this out! Langfoss on the photo here, is the biggest one in Norway, and it is owned by my aunt Nina and uncle Øystein! How is that for claim to fame, huh ?! 🙂
Bit silly that humans by (human) law can own a waterfall, but. A nice illusion it is.
Especially when it is MY family it belongs to. Hahaha…

The waterfall has been voted one of the ten most beautiful waterfalls in the world, by CNN.

They have the plans ready now, to make a new, better plateau around the waterfall… It is one of the best places to visit if you go to Norway this Summer. Even the bus ride there, is spectacularly beautiful. Along the fjord… some enter by cruise ship…

The photo shows a bottle of waterfall water, which one now can purchase by the waterfall. Clever idea!

Here is their link and info about it all:

Sadly we don´t get to visit Eljervik this Summer. Schedule has to fit for 5 busy parties when we hook up with closest family these next couple of holiday weeks. But we will go back to Eljervik again as soon as possible. Lovely people, and truely a soul soothing place to be.
Plus I have always wanted to try that tractor safari up the hill side!

I will for sure be posting about Langfoss in Eljervik again in the future.
Right now I´m busy packing the car, getting ready for two weeks of roadtripping, staying at friends´and family in Bergen, Karmøy and Flekkefjord, and ending up in a theme park in Kristiansand, where Captain Sabertooth resides, in the bay next to Kardemommeby and a splash world and a zoo…

Three kids in the backseat. One iPad, one Nintendo and one dvd player.
Plus crayons, lego, books, dolls… aaaand some sweets and biscuits in the basket up in mama´s control tower front seat. Luckily the stretches to drive are interrupted by ferryrides. Tomorrow night we enter a huge ferry, and we arrive early afternoon next day, in Bergen. Lovely way to travel with kids. Cabin with bunk beds, and there is play spaces next to seated areas for tired parents who then can get to enjoy a book or just some uninterrupted daydreams…

Well. I better go continue the packing.
See you later, gators!

Please add a comment if you have been to see Langfoss,
it would be great to hear your story from the visit!



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