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Just a handful funny things


I just feel like sharing some funny things from Facebook with you. We need to keep laughing in this crazy world, when the going gets rough, the survivors keep their spirits high. (To quote myself, haha…)

stone henge easterisland

Isn´t that just great… haha… I actually read a few weeks ago that they actually did find out that there are bodies underneath the big stone heads on Easter Island…!! Google it if you want to find out more, can´t remember where I read it…

The big question remains. WHY did they go to those extents, of building those huge, heavy, very mysterious structures??? Fascinating. I love not knowing stuff. 🙂

Here´s a more political joke:

poor cant afford

Yeah… they have their problems, the rich…

A religious joke:
(Because to me, nothing is holy… I don´t believe in a God who has no sense of humour)

the word fuck

Ok, one more then:

rabbit god duck god

Okay, this is not a joke, but. Quite entertaining in a feel good way to us who are old enough to remember the 80s…

old tape friends of mine

This is…. more disturbing than funny, I reckon… humouristic drawings are great for telling some truths…


Let´s not forget this kind of humour. Quite intelligent, this one, actually. 🙂


And this too I dig:

raise yur standards

Okay. Let me finish up with one last poster, so this doesn´t become long.

Here´s the perfect Halloween-costume for next year! Cute as can be! 🙂

sushi costume


Stig Møller, Danish musical genius


Steppeulven Hesse


I´ve only experienced him live once. At the all day music festival Realen Rocks, here on Fanø, Summer of 2014? I think it must have been.

I had never heard of him, and I was just flabbagasted. Started jumping up and down as close to him on the stage as I could get. It was about mid day, sun blasting in its friendliest mode, children and their parents were lying on the lawn enjoying the music, and this crazy Norwegian immigrant was jumping up and down laughing and singing from the top of her lungs…! I wasn´t drunk. I was in an extatic shock! He is… something else, this Stig Møller. His music, his essence, his presence. He makes my spirit bubble and fly high, he touches the sky.

This is the song he played that day.

It´s called “What a brilliant day it is today!”

See how everyone in the audience know this song, and smile…

I found this too on YouTube… a gig from Christiania last year… You know that alternative hippy society that has its own space in Copenhagen… visit some time if you can. A very special place.

Love their lyrics, as well as the melodies and rhythms… Lyrics remind me a bit about Syd Barrett, the shiny crazy diamond of Pink Floyd… their album from 1967, “Piper at the gates of dawn”… he´s got several wonderful songs on that one. The Scarecrow, The Bike, The Gnome, Chapter 24… poetic.

Here is a documentary about the band Stig Møller is famous for being a part of.
Being Norwegian, I don´t actually know anything about Stig and the band Steppeulvene (The Prariewolves, or possibly a spin on the band Steppenwolf? But maybe it´s the other way around in that case, coz as far as I can see, the Danish band was founded first of the two)…

I just checked Wikipedia. Which says that Steppenwolf got its name from Herman Hesses novel of 1927 “Der Steppenwolf”. A cult novel to the youth of the 50s and 60s, the book describes a man´s feeling of being alienated by socety, and also describes sex and the uses of drugs quite openly, as well as eing strongly influenced by psycho analysis (Hesse was in therapy under C.G. Jung)…
So I think that the Danish band also was inspired by this book. Especially as their debut album starts with “My name is Harry…”, which is the name of the character in Hesse´s novel as well…

Sources of inspiration. All linked together. All parts of OneSource really. 🙂

There is also a film made about the band, quite recently. “Steppeulven”, it´s called. I haven´t been able to see it yet. Looking forward to it!

Here´s a trailer:

I will add that dvd to my christmas wish list. (If it exists on dvd. Would prefer a cinema screen of course, with beautiful cinematography like that).

Just wanted to share my love for Stig Møller with you guys.
Everyone should know of his amazing talent. And of the genius of the band Steppeulvene.


My kind of people


Still autumn holiday week here. We had several plans, that we have cancelled because it´s so cold out there. (Go hunt for crabs, and to go collect oysters…) The change of plans is fine, though. It´s lovely to stay indoors and just rest, all five of us. Kids go on overnight stays, and their friends come and stay over here at ours. My man plays the piano, we cook something good, I do guided meditations ( which tend to turn into napzzz, haha…)  Tomorrow and Saturday we have dinner guests, and tomorrow eve there´s also the annual Halloween parade, placed a week or two early, in honour of Fanø´s visiting tourists… I love empty calendar spaces like this week. God knows we need them, these breaks from everyday conundrum…

Not self evident what to blog about though, these quiet days of rest.

gruppeselfie høstferien 15

But I just uploaded a group selfie with my kids to my Facebook wall an hour ago, and I´ve received all this warmhearted attention from friends and family, so I think I´ll just show you these two published selfies and move on to say something about the kind of people I enjoy to have in my life, and why…


gruppeselfie med kyss høstferien 15

Well. Apart from my amazing children. (Which, by the way, every child deserves. To know that her mother thinks she´s amazing).

i like messy people

Yes, I kind of like this statement. It´s a bit muddled, but. To stay between the lines… I drift off into metaphors of reading between lines, and keeping in line… but. Yeah, I like messy people, who can´t be boxed/categorized, and whose integrity goes beyond rules, and whose loyalty fathoms more people than just their blood relatives. Is my interpretation of this poster.


swimming armchair cinema

Like the inventor of this cinema. Respect and awe to her or him! Would love to meet that person and hear about other ideas she or he has got going…! 🙂

dont turn negative

That´s right. And those who think it´s impossible to change the world, should keep quiet and not disturb the people who are busy changing the world. Nothing ever changed the world, but people who believed it could be done.

strong women

I collect such women. Proud to say I have a really nice collection now, after years and years of finding them one by one, and cultivating our relating together with them. Growing up I was a tomboy, spent childhood playing soccer with the lads. The social circle of peer girls was way too scary for me. All that whispering and ostracizing. No thanx. But when I entered university, I started to find other tomboy women, and we were all surprised to find other girls we had things in common with! What a joy! What a relief and reciprocal strengthening bonds to make.

girl boy best friends

YES THEY CAN. I have always had male friends. Which never became confused, erotic, romantic. Ever. That is one of the things about Scandinavia I love the most. The fact that I feel I can be mates with people regardless of their gender. When I meet someone new, I´m Lene first, not woman first. Just me, as I am. A person with certain qualities. When I lived in Wales, I missed my male friends in Norway. It wasn´t as easy over there, although I did have a couple of male friends, but they were mainly parts of couples me and my ex socialized with… Anyways. Another story.

high on conversations

Yes I do. Intelligent conversations, give it to me! And openhearted, personal conversations.
My kind of people. Quality time is real, openhearted, humourous or tearshedding but honest, shared time.

Your sky your limit

Yup. Real friends lets you be who you are. Allows you and encourages you to just be who you are. And dancing. My favourite activity in the whole world. Almost. On my top five list for sure, at least!

vegan sushi

Plus food. Dancing and food. Two international languages of joy. Let strangers meet around good food, and music to move their dancing feet, and soon that group of strangers will be busy constructing friendships. I mean it! It really is as simple as that, I have experienced it so many times. People from many different countries, not knowing any common language, on the dance floor and over the buffet, suddenly communication is easy and smiles are beaming, lighting the entire place up… communication is so much more than words. And us human beings have many vital things in common. Fascinating.

pretending to be a mature adult

I don´t pretend. Especially not do I pretend to be adult, or mature. YAAAWN… It exhausts me just imagining having to do so! Why pretend?? Life is too short to pretend. I am plenty challenged by being myself and facing the consequences. Hahaha…. okay, so THAT´s why people pretend… fear of consequences…? Well. The consequence of being alive is death. So. I don´t have time to worry, I want to have fun while I can, or feel alive while I can… life is far from fun all the time. But it is real. All the time. And so I too want to just be real and get on with it.

kinds of people i like

People with courage and a sense of humour. Humble people, honest people. Sensitive people.

seeing behind

People of empathy, who understand, who have compassion, and who can truely listen.

first instinct to smile

Totally. Agree with that.

dont battle

listen to hear speak of others

negative people allergy

These are factors I notice and use when I choose which people to move closer to, and which people to move away from. I want to be around people who uplift, connect, support, encourage, and allow me to bring such energy to them also. I want to feel stronger for spending my time with people. Not drained.

note to self enjoy each moment

vibe attracts tribe

And then there is this aspect…:

old person jewel

I miss having elders in my life. As a child, I would hang out with old people a lot of the time. I prefered them to kids. Old aunts, neighbours, my aunt´s mother… I would go visit them. These days, most of them are gone. Crossed over. I am consciously on the look-out for a new “old person” that I can draw close, and share quality time with, around my children, and just for my own sake. I need the kind of energy old people have. The peace, the mildness, the (potential) wisdome. Their wider perspectives. Their warmth.

position open

Yeah… my kids only have one precious grandparent left,  my gold hearted mom. But she lives in Norway, so we don´t get to be with her as often as we would like to…


Yeah… no matter who we meet and connect with. It all comes down to what radiates from within our selves, outwards. Your vibe attracts your tribe. I believe that.


And allow me to finish with this one, an all time favourite:

honesty is highest form of intimacy

Good night! 🙂


The wave that is a drizzle


Last few days, Facebook and tv news has been just all about the “wave” of Syrian refugees coming to Denmark from Germany and Hungary… and especially about how many of the refugees choose to run away from registering with the police as asylum seekers, and instead they walk towards Sweden. Yes, walk. With their children sleeping on their shoulders. They´ve dropped their luggage somewhere along the way, so they can keep carrying their children…

And the police won´t allow Danes to come bring the refugees food on the train station as they wait to catch a lift to Sweden. And there are disgusting racist idiots spitting down on the walking refugees from bridges, pictured in Danish newspapers!
Many Danes on the other hand, go out in their cars and pick up refugees and drive them to Sweden, or to a ferry, or give them money for train tickets. This is against the law. But people don´t care. “How can we sit and watch this happen without reaching out to help them?” Is the attitude of most Danish citizens. Thank Goodness for that!

Experts say that the politicians talking about this being a wave, a flood of people entering… that they are just wrong. We saw the same numbers of refugees in the Balkan crises, the war in Kosovo. And the 360.000 people coming up into the continent of Europe, equals 0.068 % of Europe´s population…
In earlier times, countries have co operated, giving asylum for a short amount of time, let the refugees stay and work until they could go back to their homelands again. Which people want to do! We all want to live where we come from! Where people understand our thinking, our language, people behave in ways we are used to and agree with…


rumi love is the bridge


I shared this image today. Rumi, the Persian poet. One of our greatest in the history of mankind.

I shared it with a friend of mine who is a refugee from Syria, now living in Denmark. He has been here a month or two. I met him and his friends, his fellow asylum seekers, at a most wonderful party in Åbenrå 2-3 weeks ago;

I´ve become facebook friends with some of the people I met there. A great honour for me. I deeply appreciate building friendships with people from far away lands. Always have done. I have quite a few Kurdistani friends who now live scattered around Norway…

In 1988 there was an asylum centre built on the isle of Karmøy where I lived with my parents and went to college. (Gymnasium). A bunch of us local teenagers started Sos Racism. I was the leader, age 18-20. We would arrange evenings at the asylum centre for cooking with the ladies… we took the guys who wanted to, with us as volunteers to paint an old people´s home… we made sure the local newspaper came and took a picture and interviewed us, smiling, with paintbrushes, helping the old people for free…

sos racisme


We danced eachother´s folk dances at a xmas party in the local school hall… I made friends with people from Romania, Kosova, Macedonia, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Palestina, West Sahara, Marocco, Eritrea, Somalia, Angola… I learnt a lot from them. From each one of the people I met.

Very interesting conversations. And nice to be able to help them get used to what Norway was all about. But more than anything, I appreciated the opening of hearts. To hear their life stories. Their pain about having left family behind. How they worried, for their mothers, children, brothers, wives. And for themselves, how they feared the police would come one night and just put them on a plane back to the torture they escaped from, back to death threats and a government who gladly let opponents of the system disappear, vanish, without a trace…

I wish Denmark´s refugee policy was the same as Sweden´s. That an asylum seeker is granted to stay, on arrival. Not after waiting for a year or so, and then maybe get a “No. Leave.” Also, in Sweden, family reunification is done quickly. No long wait before you can be reunited with your toddlers whome you left in that war zone.

I so understand why the refugees want to walk to Sweden, and not stay in Denmark. Danish politicians have even made an advert campaign in eastern European newspapers, saying “Hey refugees, you don´t want to come to Denmark, coz we have just made a law that will make sure you only get an income that you really can´t survive on.”

How embarressing. How low. Unempathic. Compassionless.

As if seeking asylum is a crime! It´s not; it´s a human right!!

And we know that Europe actually needs the working hands these foreigners can contribute with. Check out reports from professors, people who come from education, who know what they are talking about. I would link to a facebook article or two here, if I knew how to. “Informationen” is a good Danish newspaper to check out.

Sorry I can´t find out how to copy the URL for the good articles.  Also a very wise professor called Hans Rosling, is working very hard to help Scandinavia understand the crises in Syria and why the refugees are forced by our rules to go on the deadly journeys to seek asylum…


I found this refreshing voice on a good friend´s facebook wall today… Totally agree with his viewpoints here:



If I had lived closer to where the Syrian families are walking right now towards Sweden, I would for sure be driving some of them to their destination. How can we stand by and watch children, hungry, thirsty, too tired to walk anylonger… and not give them a bus?!

Many people have brought drinks and food to give them. The decent Danes, which, believe it or not, are in majority still in this politically fucked-up country… the decent Danes are ASHAMED of this treatment the refugees are getting here now. Please believe me. The Danish people are actually warm hearted and caring people.

Yes, the Danish government is taken by surprise, and they don´t know how to deal with all these people coming into the country suddenly. But come on. Refugees have been drowning in the Mediterranian ocean since spring! And whatever the deal is, I thought that christians would help fellow humans in need. Isn´t that what Jesus was all about?!

I feel so tired. Disappointed. At the same time I´m also positively surprised by the kindness coming from individuals, insisting on helpíng the refugees, even though they risk prison for doing so.

But I really have overestimated the intelligence of the Danish government. The politicians are not wise leaders. They are selfish, greedy, compassionless ignorants. It´s, sadly, what I believe to be true.

why war

Denmark went with big brother dictator Usa to war. They helped bomb Syria back to the stone age. And when the victims come crawling out from the ruins that once was their home…. they are not welcome to Denmark for shelter? In what universe does this make sense?

Well. I guess I will have to write a poster and put in the back window of my car: “Refugees are welcome in my world”.

dear refugees

And I will for sure get to know the refugees I meet on my way, some I will get along with, others I will not get along with, just like with all people from everywhere.

But the ones that  I can connect with, with a smile and an open heart, I very much look forward to building friendships with them. Such bonds make my life richer, stronger and happier.


Heal the world. He sang.


We are the world. We are the children. We are the ones to make a better day, so let´s start giving. Remember that song?

Check out this beautiful art piece on the wall of the archeological museum in Stavanger, Norway.

world heart

Bottom line is:

money to help




4 songs 4 u 2 enjoy


Just feel to share some ace music with you. This group is called L.E.J. They are from France.
Amazing talent!!!!! I LOVE it!!!!! And so it seems people on Facebook do too. 10 mill hits on Youtube so far. Con grats, ladies. Well done!

Then there is this other brilliant song by Danish rapper Per Vers, singing about His FOMO, Fear Of Missing Out, on our net´s “liking action” on social media.  The lyrics are of course only understandable for Scandinavian viewers, but. It is a marvellous piece. So.

Let´s hope he adds English subtitles at some point. Very good thinking in his lyrics in general, and this one is no exception. I also like his style of swinging from talking into half singing and back out into talk mode again… By the way, the video is shot in Sønderho, the village at the southern tip of Fanø, the island where I live. It was voted to be Denmark´s quaintest village, the other year. Beautiful there.

I also want to give you this one, by Roger Waters, from one of the biggest albums of my life, I have listened to his “Amused to Death” album hundreds of times. Literally. This track, “Watching tv” is so moving. And a perfect comment on the issue of media´s use of images in crises. Such as the one of little Alan on the beach in Turkey, a handful days ago. The 3yearold Syrian refugee who drowned.

“Half victim, half superstar, she´s a victorstar; conceptually new. (…) She´s different from the Aztecs, and from the Cherokee. She´s everybody´s sister, she´s symbolic of our failure. She´s the one in fifty million who can help us to be free. Because she died on tv.”

He wrote it about a famous photographed victim on Tienanman Square. This is a beautiful song.

Okay, I want to leave on a happier note than this one. Though an incredibly important song, it also makes me feel sad that such songs are necessary to feel grateful for…

Oh yeah. Of course. Zita Swoon.

Who jumped into my life one sunny afternoon in a festival in Rotterdam, Holland, Summer 2001 or 2002. My mind was blown, my heart so happy, my soul a-sailing a-zick-zacky bliss…
Catch this!


Aabenraa International Culture Party


Last Saturday, we took the kids and drove 90 minutes to the town Aabenraa, to participate in an annual cultural event they have there, in a business school location, organized by 2-3 different ngos.

There was speeches by the local mayor and the Danish minister of taxes, first. After that came Jackie Pato, “Asia´s Tina Turner”, she had an incredible voice.

Not sure I can remember the stage acts cronologically, but. After a while, it was time for food and we went to the big international buffet they had made. Tickets to get in were cheap, kids came in for free, and the food was included in the ticket!!
The buffet had amazing dishes from African countries, the Phillipines, Syria… Delicious is the word.
A spectacular feast for the taste buds.

(Though the tickets were cheap and the food free, they still made an income at the party, which goes to helping school children in the Phillipines and in Africa).

syrian singer

Here is an impression of the space we were in… the crowd… this is where the Syrian singer went on stage, I can see.

But before the Syrians, there was the djembegroup LOKO drummers, from Benin, residing in Germany:

Very charming, and it got everybody´s dancing feet starting to get impatient… 🙂

Then on to the stage stepped this Syrian singer with his guitar. And all the Syrian refugees jumped up and started to dance…


(Ps I have fixed this video so it does not run sideways, I just need to fix the miniature image as well, I can see… ) 🙂

The party hit the roof. I joined the circle of Kurdistani folk dancing people, I know the steps from 1989-92, when I was the local leader of Sos Racism back on Karmøy, Norway, and I knew all the asylum seekers, and danced Kurdistani folk dance with them one christmas, wearing my Norwegian national costume whilst they wore the national costumes of Iraqi Kurdistan… Good memories….

My two daughters, 10 and 5 years old, danced with me in the circle, and a man asked if he could hold my son, and my son did not object, and was lifted up on the smiling man´s shoulders! Soon he got a big flag to wave up there as well… After a while my son was moved over onto an other man´s shoulders… a truely magical moment. Very moving, and funny, watching the baffled expression on my little son´s face up there in the air on dancing shoulders… 🙂

After the Syrian act, came a Danish duo. And the djembe trio went on stage and helped them keep the rhythm… Just so nice… Joining in, jamming together…

That´s my friend Ragnhild you see dancing there. She went on stage as well at some point, with her bellydancing, she always bellydances, she loves it so much. She also teaches bellydancing.
Well, this time, she was not allowed to keep the stage to herself. The guy she is dancing with, jumped on stage with her… so funny… and lovely…

Later on, there were beautiful Philippino women who did a dance with fans… I have found a sweet photo of them, that was also published in the local paper after the event…

aabenraa phillipinoes

Actually, the woman with blue on her dress, is the singer Jackie Pato, I told you about in the start of this blog…

outside party

A picture I took outside the school where the party was held…

two flags

Two flags side by side… two homelands… one fled from, the other fled to… I hope all the foreigners present at the party will have happy lives in Denmark.


Late night dancing… we left a quarter past eleven pm… kids all fell asleep in the car…

Yeah, it was a truely brilliant time.

If I can make it, I really want to go back there next year!


UN´s International Day of Indigenous peoples


indigenous Peoples

Just fell over this poster in my Facebook scroll. (modern slang for a virtual stroll… 🙂 …)

Indigenous poeples. Having studied social anthropology, I know a bit about the gifts and the struggles of indigenous peoples. Also, I have ancestors who were Kven. Finnish sami / lapps / raindeer nomads.
Apparently they were not ranking very high in the social hierarchy. But they were famous for their psychic abilities… I am proud to have Kven in my blood. I am proud of any blood. I don´t believe some peoples are better than other peoples. To me, every “group” or “nation” is equal. Every being is.

I have just sat outside in my ListeningHut (see blogpost with same title for more info), playing an old minidisc copied from the library, titled “voices of a forgotten world”. So I searched on Youtube now, hoping to find something under that title. Well, the only thing sounding like my minidisc, is this one:

Found this too… 6 minutes of information about the indigenous people of Taiwan…
I find it a good way of spreading information.

Here´s a Nuer, telling his story… I feel it is silly how they have put the Spanish voice-over so loud that I can not hear the English he speaks, properly. But it is beautifully filmed, this. Very poetic, visual language. And watched by over 4 million people!

This is my favourite people that I “met” during my studying anthropological ethnographic reports in uni in the 90s.
The !Kung San people in the Kalahari desert, Namibia, south west coast of Africa.
I remember reading about how a lady of the tribe had several lovers if she wanted to, and her main man would perhaps hit her out of jealousy, but then she would just leave him. Also, if a child had conflicts with its parents, he or she would go and live with someone else in the village if he/she felt like it…
Something about individual freedom, eh?

Also, I read that when the !Kung San members are angry, they sing out their frustration, making a song about why they are angry… singing it to the others… how very civilized…

This seems like a good, equal documentary piece of film… ?

Here is one wise woman. The video is a mix of her talking and her singing. She is the spokeswoman of Norwegian Saami culture, and the most famous saami musician I know of. Very conscious. Imagine, the priests teaching the indigenous people their traditional music is “from the devil”…! How evil the church has behaved, so many times in history. Also in recent history.

I have been to concerts with her 3-4 times. And I will go again when I get the chance. In her band she has Africans, Latin Americans… she is a wonderful front person for the understanding of indigenous cultures´ rights.

So many tribes, group, nations. American Indians, Australian aboriginals, Yanomamö in the Amazon, Kwaio in Polynesia… Naskapi escimos in Alaska… You know, they are our roots… for all of us… we all descend from indigenous nations… How come we don´t listen to them, preserve what we can of their artifacts and know-hows, protect them so they keep their land and customs in the meeting with our ever expanding destructive “civilization”…?

Because private companies are allowed to do whatever they want, for the gain of private profit.
In retrospect, we will ask ourselves how this was ever allowed to be that way.
Dragging Indians out of the rain forests to cut down their trees to make money for a company.
Why is this not a crime?? It is!!

Here is a song by my hero number one in my life. The musician that woke me up to political consciousness when I was 12 years old. This is a very moving and strong song about the struggles and injustice done to the natives of the continent of North America. Listen to this. The story of this man Leonard Peltier.

This is how our messages of native indigenous fights should be communicated.
In my humble view.
Little Steven in general, he has so many good songs. Called “Solidarity”, ” I am a patriot”, “Checkpoint Charlie”, “Bitter fruit”, “Sun City”… He is one of the main human rights spokesmen of our time.


About Facebook and Honesty


actual facebook photo

So many opinions about Facebook. To me it´s like any other arena for communication; it can be used wisely or less wisely, it can be a place to learn and enjoy, or a place to lie and annoy… 🙂

Like television. Nothing bad about television, it is on the contrary a fantastic invention! It is how we make use of it, that makes it good or bad.

I love Facebook. Living abroad, and having lived in Wales, Bahrain, different places in Norway and now Denmark, Facebook is a wonderful tool for staying in touch with people I no longer meet daily.
Also, for sharing photos of the children growing etc. Of course I would never post photos of them where they would be embarressed. Must be aware of ethical responsibilities. But apart from respecting their sense of privacy, I don´t see a problem in sharing photos. Facebook owns them, yes. Probably not a particularly good thing. But if I saw my photo used in some way some day… I´m sure I would deal with it some rational way.

I used to want to make poster campaigns when I was a teen and in my twenties. Always dreamt of making political slogans and personal poems, and sticking them up at the back of bus seats etc. Facebook is one eternal poster wall…! It is really satisfying to me to read news there and spread info on issues I find important. Such as environmental care, GMO, animal welfare, starvation and slavery, companies that exploit their workers… unfairness. And uplifting solutions.

I try to be more pro than con. Pro equality rather than con inequality.
It´s not always easy, though, when the world politics these days is so…
Well, for example we go to war for years, and the victims come out from the bombed ruins of their hometowns, forced to seek refuge elsewhere, and then we sit in Europe and feel they should not be allowed to come share our corner of peace and quiet and food and drinkable water……. ???

Don´t get me started.

pretending to be a mature adult

Which is something I have never tried to do and never will do either. Pretend to be mature. How boring!

That´s the main thing I see about Facebook that is a bit silly. How most people want to present themselves as “perfect”, successful… I share my bad moods as well as my victories. I “gave birth on Facebook”, updating my status during labour, and updating when the baby was 2-3 hours old…
Not so it disturbed my peace, though. It just felt natural to share that way. Without gorey details, none of that, just saying how it went. I guess I´m a bit quirky. I don´t mind. Somebody has to play that part as well, in this life. I gave birth three times, twice of them at home. And I was never scared, any of the times. No drugs. All calm.
Yup, I am proud of that fact.
Will tell you all about birth giving an other time. The positive, empowering aspects of it. I never understood why women go around telling horror stories about birth giving to pregnant women! They do! Many women do that! Weird…. Why? To scare them? To make the upcoming birth harder for mother and child?

Aaaaaanyways. I´m getting started again.

Facebook, yes… I also share grieving on Facebook. Always staying on the right side of the line between personal and private. But I find it beautiful when people share their love and their longing for someone close who has died. Why not share that?

In my view, I would much rather read about what everyone has in their hearts, than what everyone has in their garage or on their dinner tables. Honestly.

honesty is highest form of intimacy

I love that statement. Honesty is the highest form of intimacy. Or into-me-see, as Neal Donald Walsh turned it into, grasping the meaning of intimacy pretty elegantly, I reckon.

givem something to talk about

That´s what stopping a lot of us, isn´t it? The fear of what others may think and say about us if we express ourselves freely.

u judge, u define yourself

I live by this. Judgmental people… they don´t interest me. If they wonder about me, and they are intelligent, they will come to me and inquire who I am, if it´s important to them. If they don´t, then whatever they judge me to be, is not for me to take seriously. It is their luggage to carry, not mine. I choose to be myself, openly and in company of people who think I´m a good person. The rest… I can not live my life for them. You can´t win them all, there will always be those who don´t like you. And so what?

Let me find one more poster and then finish up this monologue, my 10yearold is waiting impatiently for me to read her a bed time chapter in the book we´re reading…

Yeah. This one. 🙂 !

dont let the world change your smile


Bottle of waterfall water, anyone?


Langfoss på flaske

Check this out! Langfoss on the photo here, is the biggest one in Norway, and it is owned by my aunt Nina and uncle Øystein! How is that for claim to fame, huh ?! 🙂
Bit silly that humans by (human) law can own a waterfall, but. A nice illusion it is.
Especially when it is MY family it belongs to. Hahaha…

The waterfall has been voted one of the ten most beautiful waterfalls in the world, by CNN.

They have the plans ready now, to make a new, better plateau around the waterfall… It is one of the best places to visit if you go to Norway this Summer. Even the bus ride there, is spectacularly beautiful. Along the fjord… some enter by cruise ship…

The photo shows a bottle of waterfall water, which one now can purchase by the waterfall. Clever idea!

Here is their link and info about it all:

Sadly we don´t get to visit Eljervik this Summer. Schedule has to fit for 5 busy parties when we hook up with closest family these next couple of holiday weeks. But we will go back to Eljervik again as soon as possible. Lovely people, and truely a soul soothing place to be.
Plus I have always wanted to try that tractor safari up the hill side!

I will for sure be posting about Langfoss in Eljervik again in the future.
Right now I´m busy packing the car, getting ready for two weeks of roadtripping, staying at friends´and family in Bergen, Karmøy and Flekkefjord, and ending up in a theme park in Kristiansand, where Captain Sabertooth resides, in the bay next to Kardemommeby and a splash world and a zoo…

Three kids in the backseat. One iPad, one Nintendo and one dvd player.
Plus crayons, lego, books, dolls… aaaand some sweets and biscuits in the basket up in mama´s control tower front seat. Luckily the stretches to drive are interrupted by ferryrides. Tomorrow night we enter a huge ferry, and we arrive early afternoon next day, in Bergen. Lovely way to travel with kids. Cabin with bunk beds, and there is play spaces next to seated areas for tired parents who then can get to enjoy a book or just some uninterrupted daydreams…

Well. I better go continue the packing.
See you later, gators!

Please add a comment if you have been to see Langfoss,
it would be great to hear your story from the visit!


Survival of the Fittest to What?


we think too much feel too little chaplin

Or is it rather the opposite that is our problem? Too much feeling, and too little thinking, in our political decisions these days??
Maybe so.
Or maybe it is fear-inducing thoughts that create the great anxiety that steers the aggression in our current political / religious relations…
If we as individuals were better at taking notice and to respect our feelings, then there would probably not be that many soldiers in the world…
And the political leaders would distribute the economical resources more just, and not give tax relief to the wealthies whilst knowing that there are many children starving to death every day…

It would be a really good thing if we all started to both think rationally, and to pay attention to and respect our emotions, that these two aspects worked together, towards common goals as One Human Nation living on One Planet Only, which we need to save from our own exploitation before it goes under.

Survival of the fittest.
Means the ones who fit in with nature, who preserves the soil and trees and oceans, so us animals in the eco system can have water, food and air.
This moment, us humans are not fit to survive.

It seems we believe that our existence is a competition between individuals. The one with the sharpest elbows and the most money, wins, is the best survivor. But we are actually in this together! When the few are allowed to take all the money, then we collectively go under. Trees are cut, so they can print out more money for themselves. As if they could take it with them into the afterworld.
I find it unintelligent. Both their behaviour, and that we collectively legally accept their greed. in the end paying for their greed with humanity´s / our own existence!!

I read yesterday that we have destroyed 50% of the earth´s species, the last decades. Half of the species, gone. And that we are moving very quickly into the 6. round of extinction, I think it was called. Bees are threatened. Pesticides. Well if they go, so do we. Easy equation. It is happening NOW. Not in a thousand years from now. When will we start to take this seriously? If we don´t soon, it will be too late!

erradicate poverty

Just saying. As a further comment to my post from yesterday, straight underneath this one, called Political Problems & Solutions…

And this one, too, I found on facebook this morning. A comment to the same post from yesterday:

rainwater collecting is illegal

How can they punish people for collecting rain water? It is insane. INSANE is what it is.

I heard on tv this morning that the new government elected here in Denmark has started deciding to save money on the stately support to handicapped citizens, and daycare and schools. AGAIN.
Why is it always the ones who have too little, that have to make do with even less?
Why do we never hear the politicians say that they can reduce their own, very high wages, or the monthly pay that children of ministers receive for the rest of their lives (!), or the free train rides that they get for life time, or their amazingly luxurious pensions….

How are we supposed to trust these people?
With what legitimacy do they get to steal from the poor and give to the rich?
Because we voted for them, in their monkey system?!!
Democracy. Means people´s rule. Give us direct voting on issues. Like in Switzerland.
The way our country is governed now, is ridiculous and harmful and against the will of the public.
It systematically gives more to the ones who have a lot already,
whilst giving less and less to the ill, the unemployed, elders and children.
How can this feel right to them???

In earlier times, there was a king who had all the power. And once a year he rode around the country and people were to applaud as he rode by. Today we have politicians, and at elections we get to applaud for the one we like the best. But the system remains the same, and there are a lot of officials staying put in their offices, where the real decisions are made. We are fools. It is a puppet show.

choose to be optimistic

Yes. Be optimistic. I do try.

note to self enjoy each moment

True, that. We will not get out of this alive.
So I guess whether we go under from atomic waste or a lack of food and clean water, doesn´t matter.
I was hoping to die smiling in my own bed age 99, and I was hoping that my children would have seafood and health and their own children one day. But I guess it´s just out of my hands and I have to accept the state of affairs as they are, and that´s it. I am powerless. Aren´t I.

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