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Untrad. Jobapplic. Chapter 2


Hello everybody in our international interaction-net. Or at least hello those of you who visit my site here now. You made me do something extremely out of character last night. My blog peaked, you see. It had more visitors yesterday than any day before. Like twice the amount of the last time it peaked! I dont´t know why! But it made me so happy that when I went out to our local bar on the corner, to listen to the jam session, then instead of drumming politely on the table like I usually do, I SANG out as LOUD as I could. !!

Hahahaha….. I´m actually still in shock. I can play the piano and hand drums, I can dance very well, and I did sing my own songs on my videopoem installation “Linking” (it has its own post, where you can watch it).

…. but I have never been attracted to stages…… something has always stopped me from stepping up into the spot light. Maybe it´s been an unconscious fear of rejection that has stopped me, actually, I just thought of that now. When I was in high school, I was bullied. Not very aggressively or severely, but I´m very sensitive, so it was serious for me, the feeling of not being wanted by any of the classmates… sharp comments when I answered the teacher´s questions… Maybe there´s something there. Because yes, it would have felt devastating if I would have felt that the musicians didn´t want me to join them.

Maybe the reason I dared yesterday, or felt like it, coz I haven´t actually been stopping myself before, I have just not felt like participating more than the drumming from a distance… Yes, the reason I did it was also that I feel safe with the people on stage last night, I know them from other contexts, one works in the kindergarten, an other is my girlfriend´s son, a third plays violin, harmonica and bagpipe with my husband sometimes… I felt safe with them, and I also have this new level of self esteem within, after that soundhealing I told you about in “My SoundHealer Inauguration”.

But more than inner and outer security, trust…. it was you guys. My readers. All your amazingly positive comments. I am gobsmacked. My inbox is overflowing with love! Appreciation, gratitude, compliments… I hope my replies reach you. Haven´t replied to all 350 comments (!!!), but I hope my replies lie open to all, so you can see how thankful I am to each and every one of you.

Many of you have shared my site with a colleague or a friend, others have been shown it by a father or a cousin. Some of you ask if you can share my post in your facebook group as long as you give me credit and link to my site, and of course, what an honour, I am … just… Please share, the further my words reach, the happier I am… so grateful that what I write can be of help to others.

I don´t have a clue how so many find my site. As I have said before, I just write, my darling husband set up a wordpress blog system or what they call it, WordPress anyway. And since then I just write, and have found out how to link to youtube now, and paste a photo. Hurray. Progress! I hear that some say my site looks strange through Internet Explorer,  I haven´t checked it out yet and either way I wouldn´t know how to solve it. Many of you say it loads surprisingly quickly, though, so I´m pleased with that.

I guess more and more people find my site because you readers tell your friends and family about it. That thought is a very heart warming one to me. I remember reading that the brilliant best seller book “The Celestine Prophecy” was printed by the author himself, and given to people. And people started buying copies for their friends, and that´s the way it grew into such a megahit. It´s almost romantic! All we need is Love… giving out freely, and good feelings grow and grow, spreading out like rings in a pond around a sinking stone…

Please keep sharing. Sharing is caring. That may sound a bit too rhymey, but. It´s still a little piece of truth. :o)

Quite a few of you have commented that you want to hear how it´s going after I put that jobapplication in the paper. It has not led to any concrete job offer. But what it has generated, is that people locally treat me differently! Very noticable. They feel they know me now, I guess. The amount of information I managed to tell in that open letter, normally takes years to learn about a person, doesn´t it. People smiled and con gratulated me on the “job ad” on the street, and approached me when I was delivering my kids in the kindergarten, asking me if I had gotten any job offers, and telling me about this and that, how her son was making a film at the moment for example… And one person came to my door, asking if I was ready to give treatments in sound healing soon, she had read in the paper I was doing Githa Ben-David´s course…

So. I´m more than pleased. I´m a known entity locally now. They know my qualifications. Or at least the qualification I claim to have. Hahaha… they also know I have nerve. And dare do things differently to how things are usually done. Which attracts interesting people into my circle. Like you guys. I really don´t know why that jobapplication post is the one that is hitting more reads than any of the other posts. I don´t mind not knowing this, though. I´m just incredibly happy there are people out there who value my writing. It´s a bit hard to believe. As I always wrote just for my own sake.

My husband says my ego is spinning totally out of control. Hahaha. No it won´t. But it is having a field day, a mighty good time with this loving attention from the blog comments, yes it is. And there is nothing wrong with that. Being accepted and recognized is one of the main human needs. I have experienced a lot of the opposite in my life. It is very healing for me to receive this huge wave of feeling understood and appreciated. My tribe does exist after all! Individual hearts around the globe beat in the same frequency as mine does. I am not alone. We are All One. <3

Right. I´m changing minidisc now. From “Tulku, Seasons of Souls” from 2002, to a Lee Perry anthology, his first words on track one; “Music to rock the nation….” LOVE that man.

I´m out in my  ListeningHut in the garden. 2 by 2 metres big. Gift from my husband. Best gift I ever received. The kids are inside, with their dad, the eldest girl is composing a song with him on the keyboard. He digs that line she said (described in A pre teen talk); “When I become a teenager, you must lock me up! Don´t let me out of the house!” So he wants to make a song with her based around those words… 🙂 I feel so blessed that he is a musician and music teacher. A very seldom man. Very tolerant and patient, no sarcasm or irony, total respect for children as equals. Not that they get to rule the house at all. But that they are shown respect and trust. Coz if they aren´t, how can they themselves show others respect and trust? Which are two very important ingredients in equal relatings. And any other kind of relating is actually completely and utterly unacceptable to me.

But back to the job application and its consequences. I´m still without income. But I have the luxury of free time. To write on my blog. And to study sound healing. Tomorrow I will go by train and meet up with 4-5 of my fellow students at someone´s house, and we will practice our learnt method on eachother. I feel so close to them. I have never been a group person, I have always been part of many groups, but moved alone. This sound healing group is like coming home. I love them! It´s an incredible experience. We have shared many intimate things. In our training it is essential we heal ourselves of old traumas, so that we can be “clean channels”, empty enough to allow Light through. Or how to say it. We have been in regression, facing traumas from previous life times. Witch burning, shaman left by his tribe on the ice to die, a small child scared witless from being left behind alone in a dark pyramide as part of a ritual they practiced in ancient Egypt, a human sacrificing in Latin America where she lay paralized, drugged, whilst waiting to be sacrificed, which  didn´t actually bother her in her drugged state, she felt it was an honour to be the chosen gift to the Gods…… yes, these things we have gone through, and with the person turning cries into long tones, our teacher guiding the person out of the trauma, energy blockages letting go and disappearing out of the person´s unconscious… We have shared so many intense, deeply personal happenings together. When someone else in the circle has similar energy blockages to the person in focus, they too start to cry. Cellular singing with domino effect. Then they too release their blockages, cry, join the singing… Githa´s trilogy is why I started this education. I think it is being translated into English as we speak. Extremely exciting stuff. 🙂

So. No money honey. Yet. But hopefully, this free time being invested in my blog and my course, will lead to moneyhoney soon. I do of course know that people can earn a living from blogging. And I hope that what happens is that advertizers just contact me if they want to advertize on my blog?? I don´t have a clue how it works. I have heard about Google Adwords and managed to open an account, but. No idea how to proceed from there. And it costs money to get adwords. Which I don´t have.

But if you readers keep sharing my site around, then maybe that will do the trick. That would be a great love story, if your sharing created a source of income. for me. Dream big, they say. Imagination is the only limitation.

Tomorrow I will test my fellow student´s massage table. I don´t have money to buy one of those either. But my husband says I can have one for my birthday. Which is the 25.this month. So maybe I will tell him I wish for the same as the one I will see tomorrow, as it´s a special offer Githa has organized for her students. The feeling that I really really need a massage table NOW, is new to me. Until that course weekend in January (My SoundHealer Inauguration post) I wasn´t sure at all whether I would embrace the role of therapist. But something just changed within me after that trance treatment. And now I feel confident and sure and excited to get going. An ACE feeling.

Yeah. So. The job ad. Has led to local good-will and feeling seen. Fanø is a very lovely place. 3000 people live here. In the summer we have 1 million tourist stayovers. (Not persons but nights of accomodation sold).  It is a holiday hotspot for Danes and Germans. Lots of festivals here. An ENORMOUS beach. Woods and biking paths. Peace and quiet. I love living here. 80% of the population are immigrants. Which makes it easy to integrate. People are open to building new networks. There are lots of artists here, attracted by the light, to paint. Many authors as well. Denmark´s highest level of education. And most active ngo place in the country, there are loads of clubs for all kinds of interests. The folk music scene is strong. We have our own local tv station! I must share some photos of Fanø with you some time. Or better, you should come over and feel this place. Many people keep returning time and time again to Fanø in their Summer holidays. And some of them end up moving here.

The job ad letter has served its purpose. I now know that people here know I´m unemployed and looking for work, and they know what I can be used for. Basically anything. I knew before I sent the letter that work here on the island is very scarce. But now I know that if something comes up, people may think of me and contact me.

Actually, one more thing has come out of it. The local glassblower, her name is Charlotte le Ceur, I have helped her a couple of holiday seasons, standing in the till… she says she will check out whether I can get paid practice as a glass blower´s assistant! Meaning she would train me for 6 months, and I would have a small wages in that period. And after that, of course I would be her assistant. !!! Which is actually pretty hard work. The oven is 11oo degrees hot. And you know, glass. Demands high concentration, or mindfulness, zen here and now presence. Which isn´t really a problem. But I´m rather clumsy with practical actions in general…. I´m a much better thinker than a handywoman. Which is lucky, because if my thinking was as poor as my practicality skills…. hehehehe…. But she knows me. And we have a great chemistry. So if she can make that option come true, then I will go into training as a glass blower´s assistant! Amazing Grace.

What do I hope for? A lottery ticket. I just have to remember to put a ticket in, I always forget. But even if I had limitless funds, I would still write this blog, and finish my education and see what that leads to. Because those things fill me with joy. They are passions of mine. The glassblowing…. I´m not 100% sure I do that if the lottery blesses me. But I will definately want to keep helping out in the till in her beautiful workshop-shop. Lovely meditative space. Tourists come in and just sit down on the floor and watch her and her daughter work, creating colourful, fragile, esthetically soul nourishing items. Which cost a lot. So they are precious to the buyers. And I then wrap the expensive things in cardboard and off-white cotton home sown little bags, which I close by tying a piece of brown string around the bag´s opening, and from the string hangs a label where I have stamped her logo with an old fashioned stamp….. just the sound of the oven and my stamping those labels…. it is a very relaxing place to spend time. And   I´m sure I will fall in love with being a glass blower´s assistant if it comes to it.

So that´s where I am now. I will tell you how everything develops. And call the post the same as this one, only chapter 3. Clever, huh?! :o)

I feel so proud, so grateful, so satisfied with myself. Hahahaha… Maybe I should write a song about it. And call it “Ode to my Ego”. Egos are useful things. They help us materialize our will. They just need to be held on a leash. But they must be allowed to celebrate success. Every feeling must be allowed to pass through our systems. But that subject deserves a blogpost of its own, an other fine day.

I will keep on posting. Thanks to your comments. Your encouragement and uplifting, is very motivating for me.



An Untraditional Jobapplication


Today, when the weekly local paper comes out, it will contain an open letter I´ve written to everybody living on the island of Fanø.

Here it is, translated into English: (I will copy paste the Danish version straight underneath this translation, just scroll down if you prefer to read it in Danish).

Dear Fanø

I come from the west coast of Norway, and have lived on Fanø now for seven years. I am very happy here, living with my husband who lived here when we met, and our three little children, two of which were born on Fanø in 2010 and 2012. I have stayed at home looking after my young ones, with the support one can get from the counsil, for that purpose. I have always wanted to be at home while my children were little, and I am very grateful that I have been allowed to do so. However, now it has come to an end. My little boy started in kindergarten in October, and I must find a source of income.

That´s why I write here now, an open letter to everyone on our island. Because it might happen that there is work for me  here on Fanø. Then I could work part time, and keep my halftime kindergarten slots, the kids staying there from 9am to 1pm only.

I am educated at the University of Bergen. In social sciences. (Anthropology, comparative politics, organizational psychology and media science). I have worked in kindergartens, as a teacher, in old people´s homes, fish factory, as a secretary and in various shops. I have worked quite extensively in the field of film production (voluntarily and professionally, short films and documentary), and I have always written poems and songs.

Since I came to Fanø I have been cleaning summerhouses for a couple of seasons, I´ve made tv programmes for Tv Fanø, I have been a movie operator in Fanø cinema, and sometimes I have helped out at Glaspusteriet (the glassblower´s). I have been a board member in Fanø Kindergarten, and I´m still a board member in Kulturelt Samråd, it´s my 6. year there now. I held an exhibition in Fanø Artmuseum spring 2011, together with fine artist Margit Enggaard. I self published a book for the exhibition (poems and short prose in English), and made a video installation with my poems and songs linked to filmclips of amongst other things, Margit Enggaard’s paintings. The Summer of 2013 I published, together with two other people living in Nordby, the first app about Fanø, which is a walk through town with lots of historical facts and anecdotes. (My role was recording and editing sound and video).

So. I´m thinking that it can´t be totally impossible at some one can use me for something or another, here on this island. As a personal assistant, for example. I have a good temper, love people, I am responsible and considerate. I can make songs or a film to order. I can translate texts from Danish into Norwegian or English. (For an impression of my English language, check out I am service minded, I easily learn new skills, and have an allround positive attitude. I enjoy conversations about life´s challenges, but can also be quiet. I don´t smoke, and I have a driver´s licence. I´m currently studying vocal sound therapy under leadership of Githa Ben-David.

20 hours per week would be perfect. 9am to 1pm five days a week. But less will be welcome too. And if it has to be more hours than 20, of course I would really like to hear your proposal.

I hope that you, my fellow citizens, will look upon this letter as a sign of what is good about Fanø; that we can be ourselves, and be personal in our relating to eachother. If I myself had money, and needed help with something, I could easily see myself responding to a letter like this. Maybe there are more people like me on Fanø. I think that´s very, very possible. And as we know; as long as there is life, there is hope. “There is hope in a hanging fishingline.” (Norwegian proverb).

Friendly regards from

Lene Kaltwasser Henriksen


Yup. That´s what I wrote. Danish verision follows below, like I said. It is very exciting to see if something good can come of this. Fingers crossed. Lucky is my middle name. What will be will be. Let it come.



Kære FanøJeg kommer fra den norske vestkyst, og har boet på Fanø nu i 7 år. Her trives jeg meget godt, med min mand der boede her da vi mødtes, og vores tre små børn, to af dem født på Fanø i 2010 og 2012.
Jeg har gået hjemme og passet mine små, med den støtte fra kommunen man kan få til det formål. Jeg har altid ønsket at være hjemme mens mine børn var små, og det er jeg meget taknemmelig for at jeg har fået lov til. Men nu er det slut. Min lille dreng startede i vuggestue i oktober, og så skal jeg finde en indtægtskilde.

Det er derfor jeg skriver her nu, et åbent brev til alle på vores ø. Det kan jo være at der kunne findes arbejde til mig på Fanø. Så kunne jeg arbejde deltid, og fortsat have mine små i halvdagsplads i vuggestue/børnehave.

Jeg har uddannelse fra Universitetet i Bergen, i samfundsvidenskab (antropologi, statsvidenskab, organisationspsykologi og medievidenskab). Jeg har arbejdet i børnehaver, som skolelærer, på plejehjem, fiskefabrik, som sekretær og i diverse butikker. Jeg har arbejdet en hel del med filmproduktion, (både frivilligt og professionelt, kortfilm og dokumentar), og jeg har altid skrevet digte og sange.

Siden jeg kom til Fanø har jeg rengjort sommerhuse et par sæsonger, lavet udsendelser for Tv Fanø, været filmfremviser i biografen og indimellem hjulpet til i Glaspusteriet. Jeg har siddet i Fanø Børnehaves bestyrelse, og sidder stadig i Kulturelt Samråd på 6. år.
Jeg lavede en udstilling i Fanø Kunstmuseum foråret 2011, sammen med Margit Enggaard. I den forbindelse udgav jeg en bog (digte og kortprosa, på engelsk), og lavede en videoinstallation med mine digte og sange koblet til filmklip af bla. Margits malerier.
Sommeren 2013 publicerede jeg sammen med to andre Nordbyboere, Fanøs første app, nemlig en byvandring med fakta og video om Nordby. (Min rolle var optagelse og redigering af lyd og video).

Så. Jeg tænker at det er vel ikke totalt umuligt at en eller anden kan bruge mig til et eller andet her på øen. Som personlig assistent, for eksempel. Jeg har godt humør, er glad for mennesker, er ansvarsbevidst og omtænksom. Jeg kan også lave film, eller sange på bestilling. Jeg kan oversætte tekst, fra dansk til norsk eller engelsk. (For indtryk af mit engelske sprog, se Jeg trives med kundebehandling i butik, lærer nemt nye færdigheder og har en positiv grundholdning. Elsker kulturprojekter. Er god til at indgå i kreativt samarbejde. Er glad for samtaler om livets udfordringer, men kan også være stille. Jeg ryger ikke, og har kørekort. Er under uddannelse til vokal lydterapeut under Githa Ben-David.

20 timer per uge ville være perfekt. 9-13 fem dage i ugen. Men mindre vil også være velkomment. Og skal det være flere timer, vil jeg selvsagt også rigtig gerne høre forslaget.Jeg håber at i, mine medborgere, vil se på denne henvendelse som et tegn på det som er godt med Fanø; at vi kan være os selv, og være personlige i forhold til hinanden. Hvis jeg selv havde penge, og havde brug for hjælp til et eller andet, ville jeg sagtens kunne finde på at respondere på et brev som dette. Måske er der flere som mig på Fanø. Det tror jeg er meget, meget muligt. Og så længe der er liv så er der håb, jo.

“Der er håb i hængende snøre”. (norsk ordsprog).Venlige hilsner fra
Lene Kaltwasser Henriksen
Galeasevej 4






Yesterday I went into my netbank to see how much money I have left, and discovered I have not been paid this month!! It is my last payment before a year of support stops, so it really threw me. And gave me a taste of what it will feel like to be me in October.

I´m quite good at not worrying about things. I trust that thinking positive will create positive results. But it certainly is a challenge, moving towards no income, in a time like this, where so many are unemployed and struggling.

The local flowershop, just twenty metres from my home, wanted someone, so I applied, but only part time and from October, so they have  found another one. I am also not trained in flowerings (or what it´s called), but it seems like a peaceful job, colours and scents, quiet talks with customers, who want to buy flowers to express their emotions for someone, romantically or a funeral, or… just to cheer up themselves… I thought that could be a nice thing to learn to be good at helping people with.

But that train has sailed. (Quoting Austin Powers). Next move I will make, to find income, is to write an open letter to my fellow islanders in the local paper. Letting everyone know I´m available and searching. Maybe there is a person like myself on this island, eccentric enough to respond to a letter like that. I know that I would gladly employ a person for some hours a week if I had money, and could do with a pair of helping hands, doing dishes, writing letters, pushing my wheelchair…  I hope this strategy will be a success.

Coz if it isn´t…. Then the next step will be the dole office on the mainland, in Esbjerg. Have some meetings with their consultants to plot out my options. Take a masters degree in social anthropology or media science, f.ex. Or get a trainee job in a local tv station. (I make shortfilms, videos, photography and editing. But self taught, so I need more technical skills to apply for proper tv jobs).

Thing is, as soon as things are placed in Esbjerg, there is a ferry schedule included in each end of my work hours. And I want to keep my two littlest ones in kindergarten for half time only, for the next couple of years. Ideally, if at all possible.


Except for these plans of action, what I´m  REALLY gonna do, is collect my Norwegian poetry and send it to an author in Norway, who is known to advice writers on where they should send their scribblings. I have self published a book in 2011, but I realize I completely and utterly SUCK at selling the book. So I want to find a publisher who can help me spread the word, so to speak.

My self published book is written in English. And I have found a publisher who wants to turn it into an e-book. So it can reach people who actually read English. And hopefully it will sell. And if it doesn´t, at least it may be read, in the e-book library lines, and that is more important to me.

I am participating in a couple of exciting cultural projects as well. Making apps, for example, promoting my Danish home island for tourists. Giving them local information through their mobile phones.

And I´m part of a group or two of enthusiastic people with great ideas, for happenings, performances, festivals…

So it´s not as if I´m lacking interesting things to do with my time.

All I´m lacking is money, honey.                                                                                 Must be funny. In a rich  woman´s  world.

I´m in the middle of educating myself as well, actually. In 18 months time I can call myself  “a vocal sound therapist”. If I get all my case results together. Very exciting education. I will certainly talk more about that later.

So is this blog gonna be all about me myself and I? Probably, yes. Write what you know, as they say, the wise.

I´m first and foremost on this planet to increase my consciousness, of my self, my Self and of LifeDeath. (my word, just jumped into life this moment).

I support two things that the beat poets used to say:

Write your life.


Make the private public.

I believe in sharing our life experiences, to help each other learn and grow. I believe life is too short to make shallow conversation. I believe that sharing one´s truth, strengthens both the talker and the listener. Breaking taboos. Expressing feelings, fears, joys…

That´s what words are for…. (almost quoting a famous song there 🙂

This blog will find its own form as I keep typing along. I will for sure add photos and videos when I find out how to. And present my book and film on a page.

Be patient with me and my ramblings. And let me know your opinion on what I write, if you feel like it. I hope to find out how to get back the function of comments real soon. I effed it up installing a facebook sharebutton plugin. Big sigh. Until that´s back in order, you can always reach me on or find me on Facebook; Lene Kaltwasser Henriksen.

To be reachable or not to be reachable

is a central question in this our

new age of communication.

Bottom line.    :o)