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Into the Known Unknown


Love that title that just typed itself there. Haha. This post should be about dying. Returning Home, back into the Light where I was before I was born into this fleshness… 🙂 Into the Known Unknown…

Anyways. That is not what I meant by the known unknown here now. This post is about me getting ready for an adventure. We are flying Sunday, to Bangkok. Two weeks on the island of Koh Chang that we know, we were there for 2 months in 2013. But although Thailand is known to us, it is still mostly unknown. And after two weeks there, we fly on to Hanoi and spend two weeks in Vietnam. Where we have never been before. So that is unknown.

Hm. The title for this post is marvellous, but it probably deserves a better … text following such a great headline. (Is my humble opinion). Anyways.

Here´s a couple pictures from my Facebook profile, from our last trip to Thailand, 4 years ago:

The Blue Lagoon Resort. We are going back to that resort.

View from inside the one room hut.

Self portrait in the hut´s bathroom.

The reception area. My son, 10 months old.

Another hut, same resort, where we also stayed a handful nights. Higher standard than the ones on the river. More spacious and better beds. Built and decorated by artists from different countries, The Blue Lagoon Resort is like a small, alternative minded community. Thai people and French, live there all year, and develope the site.

Klong Prao beach, where we hung out most of our time at Koh Chang.

Morning, heading for place to find breakfast…

Lots of splash time.

My then 2-yearold Viola shot this close-up of jewellery sold on the beach.

Afternoon resort chill.

On Koh Kood. Wonderful Cambodian waitors and our three little treasures.

One of our houses at Koh Wai (Pakarang resort)

View from the restaurant at Koh Wai.

The beach, Koh Wai.

My eldest, Lava, then 8. Happy. So many amazing memories. She is extremely chuffed we are going back to Thailand.

All the beautiful temples… This one was on the east coast of Koh Chang.

Viola skipping in the zodiac…

Getting transported from one island to another…

Back on Koh Chang. Elephant ride in the jungle. Unforgettable.

Nap time. 🙂

Typical meal time. Order anything. Enjoy immensely. Pay very little. So NICE!!

Sunset on Koh Kood.

Oh yeah…. We are leaving in two days. Suitcases are being packed, last errands run. I have to go make my son a cup of tea now, I just picked him up from kindergarten. Speak to u again soon, I hope! Depending on wifi on the trip, but. Yeah.

Toodle-ooooo and au revoir!
Kop kun ka for reading my blog.
(Thai word for thank you. If you are female.
If you are male, to say thank you, you say “Kop kun krap”).


Fanø Free Folk Festival # 7, Saturday Compilation


FINALLY!!! Oh my dear blog (-readers), how I have missed you.

It´s been months on end without a word between us! It´s entirely my fault. Coz I made a vain decision: I wanted my three blogposts from the Fanø Free Folk Festival to be “on the trot”, so to speak, in a row, not interrupted visually on the blog, by other posts. Problem was, this third and final blogpost from the festival, required for me to finish editing a compilation video first. (I had laid upon myself).

Editing takes time. Sure. But the problem this round has been that I have had difficulties accepting the limitations of my raw material. The first band I filmed that Saturday, was “early” in the day and it was very hot. I was dehydrated and very tired after falling into bed the night before around 05 am.

No excuses, though. Just explaining. I filmed Yngel, the first band out, for far too few minutes, then headed to the “house of gatherings” to get hold of a chair and a big glass of ice water…

The following acts, Victor Herrero, Kloster, and ML Buch, I have already made longer videos from. So in this compilation here, I´ve cut it down to just a taste.

After dinner, Nasa Dude felt extremely intense to me! My brain was just throbbing with all those new impressions of new to my musical horizon, soundscapes… I managed to film 10 minutes or so of Nasa Dude, and then I actually made an escape from the whole festival site! Went and sat on the grass outside a house a few hundred metres down the lane, for an hour! Just listening to my own breath! I was quite surprised at myself there. I HAD to have a break, and take back control over my ears!   🙂

So I missed the performance of the percussionist altogether. P.O.Jørgens. My apologies.

Not that I had promised Rasmus (The festival leader) any particular amount of coverage. I just like to cover the whole thing when I film a festival, or an exhibition. Not the whole thing, but that every participant at least gets represented,in various degrees. Maybe I should adjust that rule a tad. And go for a “Personal favourites” style. Feels unfair, though. And my taste does not define good taste. Every act in this festival is always interesting! Not exaggerating. Every act is not pleasant, to my ears, but it is all very fascinating, innovative, interesting in some way or another.

Anyways. Josephine Foster I have also made a seperate video of (although not to my satisfaction, as the room was too full to find a good angle for the camera). And Arlt, likewise. You find those videos in my 2 previous blogposts from the Freefolk Festival, or on my Youtube channel (called Lene Kaltwasser Henriksen).

The most unsatifactory piece of raw material was Origami Arktika, though. The room was very dark by this time, and I wasn´t too sober either, to be honest. Not drunk at all, but not attentative enough. A lot of my material is useless due to unstable camera. Add the in and out of focus due to darkness. Not much left to play with.

Anyways. That´s enough of the explanations. Let me give you the video compilation of 9 out of the 10 acts in the programme Saturday:

Any comments, especially from you musicians or audience present at the festival, is very wanted and welcome.
I am aiming to film acts at the festival next year as well. If there is anything you think is too much, too little or too bad or too wrong about my work this year, let me know and I will try to adjust. Also, you can tell Rasmus and have him let me know.

At the end of this video,for example, I have included a folk dance late at night by two local lads. I talked a lot to them, so I don´t think they will mind being published. But if so, I will edit them out. Same with the last clip, which is a group of friends passing a ukulele around after the programme was finished, whilst waiting for buses etc. It was a private moment, intimate and vulnerable, but so beautiful. And that atmosphere is what I treasure more than anything about this particular festival. Let me know if anyone feels obused by my filming this, though.

It is very important to me to respect those I film. I always edit to show acts and people from the most positive side possible. Anybody picking their nose or stuff like that, I scrap the material. False notes played/sung, I consider context an extra time before I publish. I am a person of high ethics. It is a central part of my character. And also, I hate to intrude. To disturb. If I could be a fly on a wall with a camera, no one noticing me, that would make me a very happy high-flying film-fly. 🙂

With luck, everyone is happy. And if someone is not, don´t hesitate in letting me know. I don´t take criticism personally. And I want to be trusted. Also, I want to get better at these video workings, coz I just love to shoot video, especially concerts (and sculptures), actually.

I fade out with a boomblast crescendo piece why not. Just to make this post even a littlebit more about me and my thoughts about me!
(At least no one can claim I don´t have self irony. Another central piece in my character, besides the ethical focus. And that claim is not bragging, it is me shining my light shamelessly, like we all should).

I´m just a soul whose intentions are good.

Ciao for now, and hope to catch you in my next blogpost!
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Fanø Free Folk Festival # 7 part 1


Dear folks. Free and unfree ones. There is this festival. It´s set on the tiny isle where I live. It happened for the 7.time this year.

There was 120 tickets available for sale. Yes, that is the correct number. One hundred and twenty. They were sold out before the programme was ready! Before the acts were in place and announced, people hastened to get hold of tickets. That´s pretty special. Why like this?! One might wonder. And so I asked the man who has created this event, and here´s what he has to say about why:

(It may sound like 19 minutes is a long interview, but I simply left it unedited because I think the conversations flows so naturally  and there is nothing said that isn´t interesting and relevant. So. Enjoy).

So the festival started out as a gathering of friends who played music. And has grown each year. The whole event is one backstage area. The musicians, the volunteers and the audience all hang out together, stand in the buffet queue together, camp in tents… No hotel, no vip zone, no distance between the festival participants.
It creates such a friendly, laid-back atmosphere. I´ve been to a few festivals in my life, but this one has a tremendous feel to it, unlike anything else I have experienced.

Well. Listen to the interview for more in depth descriptions on this score. Rasmus puts it so well that it´s hard to describe it in written words after hearing him explain it.

Let me share with you the gig-vids I have managed to edit so far. (I will make some more video from the festival, but I´ve just been so busy the last few weeks, as I described in my blog post from yesterday,  Autumn routine is upon us! )

Here is a young Finnish woman. I tell you, hers will be a world famous name! That´s one of Rasmus´ talents; finding great quality artists. This woman uses her voice only. Studying traditional Scandinavian singing… She totally blew my mind. Catch this:

(If the opening song feels too intense for you, skip forward, her set is diverse and exciting, her use of the voice is truely unique, yeah I will actually call it horizon-widening)!


Another one of my favourite concerts, was Arlt, from France. A couple, I believe they must be, at least there seems to be  a really good chemistry between the two of them. I don´t understand French, so I don´t get the lyrics, which for me often stands for at least 50% of the meaning of a musical experience. But these people, with their melodies, rhythms and energy,  just… filled me with joy! Catch:

If the video stops as you play it, it may because of the speed of streaming in your local system. I film with a new phone, and I have tried to upload to youtube in a smaller format but it made it grainy, so I stick to the HD.

I hope the artists approve of my editing. I see the editing programme as my creative instrument. Choosing elements, combining them in the right bite sizes and order… I love this activity.
I play the piano myself (had 6 years´ training with a teacher as a kid), and I play hand drums, and love to sing and to dance. Music is to me… on the top 5 list of most imortant things in life. Maybe even top 3. (“There´s also food and sex, but… yeah maybe top 3”, me and a female musician agreed, out in the beduin tent during the festival…)

Here I should paste a video from the tent, but I haven´t edited that one yet. Let me find a still for you, it´s such a beautiful tent:



I took these pictures Sunday afternoon, as the festival was ending. The guy on the ladder is Fanø´s own (very) sound guy Frode, and as well as steering sound he also owns this tent. Proud to say he´s a friend of mine, and he plays small informal gigs with my husband from time to time. Oh, and the woman who agreed with me about music being on the top 3 list of greatest things in life, she´s sitting right there, next to David! They were passing a ukulele around, singing… such a beautiful shared timebubble shared there. I felt so lucky being part of it.

Many times during the festival, I just felt so moved. Tearful, choking up. But not sad, just moved. To be part of this…group of strangers who treated eachother like friends… Year after year, the same volunteers come back, and some of the musicians come back, familiar faces though I know we don´t actually know eachother…but then again somehow we do, we know that we love this way of being relaxed and open together, and that´s plenty enough known, for all of us  sending eachother wide smiles from the heart…

Hard to describe the undescribable. Huh.   🙂
Anyways. Me and my words.
Moving swiftly on:

THIS is an exciting Danish act; ML Buch:

And so is this; Kloster:

Every time I go to the Freefolk festival, I discover something completely new and different. Like Rasmus said. It is so refreshing and inspiring! Some of the acts are too “noisy” or “weird” for me, but I still enjoy the experience of discovering them, to know that such music exists, and obviously is appreciated immensely by other festival guests, so my taste is not… something to define quality or popularity by… just another person´s personal experience…    🙂

This was the biggest name in the programme this year, I dare say.
Sadly, I went outside during sound check, coz they asked us to. By the time I was to go back inside, it was so crowded I simply couldn´t film!
So I caught a glimpse through a window, just… But a nice glimpse it surely is. I will check out her music more, no doubt about that.

The guy playing together with Josephine there, gave a solo concert earlier that day:

Rarely have I seen a guitar played that… mezmerizingly… I totally dig what he does….drumming on the guitar while he plays it… And the…his voice…what can I say… “clean…pure…”?

I had to stop myself from crying when he sang! His voice went straight to my heart or soul or. Essence. And again, I do not understand Spanish! So it´s not the words. It´s his voice.
I told him so too, whilst we were in the bar queue.
Sadly I was too slow to buy one of his albums, they were sold out in a couple of minutes after he finished playing! I wanted to give it to my husband, who also plays the guitar. Luckily I found Victor on Youtube, so I could show my husband that…

Oh. And then there was THIS guy. My Goodness. What a… wow. Just.

Him, Rowan, and Michael from Kloster, also gave an acoustic set Sunday night, at Fajancen; a small local restaurant in the village where the festival takes place. Very cheap tickets. Giving the locals a chance to get a taste of what goes on at the festival…. I haven´t edited those recordings yet… hopefully I can make a good piece out of that concert as well.

The festival went on in Sønderho Forsamlingshus (community centre), and also in Sønderho Church! Here is one of the concerts I filmed there. In one piece, unedited, as i just couldn´t put the camera down! I love church organs… This is experimental. I find it very interesting.

I will try to make a compilation of shorter pieces, from the gigs that I didn´t manage to film in full, or from a satisfying angle. There are also a couple of acts that I just didn´t see at all. At one point Saturday evening, I actually had to go for a long walk and Get Away from Sound! I was so…filled to the brim, couldn´t take one more note in…! Sat down on the grass, leaning my back against the wall of one of those quaint little village houses there, for a while… turning my attention towards listening to my own breathing! … Yes one CAN get some, satisfaction. There IS a point of Enough. Cup floweth over.   🙂

Anyways. I think this is the last of the ready edited and uploaded videos I have made… I soooo want that loop thingy Sophie´s got there!

Hmmmm…. it hasn´t been uploaded, I was sure I had done that. And now it seems Youtube´s got some trouble uploading it, seems to have stopped half way through the process.

Well. I think I will just let that un-watchable video of no video, be a cliffhanger, then, and share it in a part two post about the seventh FreeFolkFestival.
This post is already rather lengthy, and I will have to make a part two anyways, to make use of the rest of my recordings.

So. Bare with me!
I´ll be back, like that famous Austrian once said.
Hasta la vista, baby!


The Sønderho Day 2016


This year Fanø celebrates its 275 years´ anniversary, from the time when the locals bought the island from the king, and Fanø became independent. The celebration started with the usual Fanniker-Days, continued through the whole week and ended with the annual Sønderho-Day the following weekend.

I have written a post called The Fanniker-Days. During the week I have been too busy to attend the celebrations, as we are refurbishing our house at the moment, building a wall and tearing down an other wall, so that we will get a big kitchen for all our 5 kids, their life partners and our two little grandsons…

But. Here, let me show you my photos and videos from the Sønderho-Day.

Sadly, it was raining. But that did not stop hundreds and hundreds of people from going to the little village at the south tip of Fanø.

Up by the old mill, benches and chairs were ready to receive.


Bertel Haarder is the name of the Danish minister of culture. He held a speech, because of the anniversary.


Here is a total of the location:


Soon time approached 14.00 (2pm), where the parade would start from the old harbour and continue to the mill on the hill. I filmed 5 minutes of the parade. (Normally there are more musicians on board, but raindrops and musical instruments don´t go together…)

As soon as all the people had arrived, Bertel Haarder entered the stage. He speaks in Danish, of course, but. It gives you an impression of the crowd and the event, even if you don´t understand the language.

After his speech, a woman read an old poem written about Sønderho, and an other woman guided us through the bridal riduals of yonder years… where they dance three different folk tunes, and in between the dances, they get three different drinks that they have to drink. First, a sweet one, then a sour one and last, a bitter drink. Symbolizing the feelings of married life over time, she explained! 🙂

After this, the traditional costumes were presented and explained. By a man called Claus. Whose first name I just happen to know. I think the woman who recited the poem, is called Christiane. The lady explaining the bridal rituals, I don´t know her name. They didn´t introduce them as they came on stage. Or else I would of course mention them by names here.

Here is Claus, talking about the costumes:
(The fabrics were brought home by the sailors, from Africa and Asia… The costumes are special to Fanø only, no other place in Denmark have these).



After this, all the people walked into town, where there was music and folk dancing outside the restaurant Nanna´s Stue. (Nanna´s Cottage). Next to Nanna´s there is a place that sells huge, delicious icecream cones, so. Yeah. I went there with my husband and 3 kids, and had an icecream. Didn´t film or take photos there. Afterwards we went down to the dike and enjoyed the view. Here:


Here we see Børsen, which is a very popular piknik / party location for late nights turning into early mornings…


There was a boat lying just there, all poetically…:


We drove home late afternoon, a bit cold. The other Sønderho-Day-celebrators joined a folk dance party at the old community centre and danced the local Fanø dances for hours and hours beyond the sunset and possibly even beyond the following sunrise, I haven´t heard the rumours in full yet… 🙂

In my post about The Fanniker-Days, the last photo was of my girl Viola, who is 6 and who just that day discovered her first loose tooth. Well, guess what:



She lost her first tooth on The Sønderho-Day!


So. Yeah. Perfect timing, I guess we might call that. Easy to remember for the parents, anyways. “When did I lose my first tooth?” Easy! 🙂


Fanniker-Days on Fanø


Hi there.

It´s been a while since I wrote now. Again. I have simply needed time to find out how my new fruity laptop works, it is the other camp of I.T. equipment I have bought, and many things are not the way I was used to.

I should write about the Diversity-Day first. But. I have promoted it so much on Facebook, that I´m kind of tired of telling the story! I wish I could share facebook posts directly over to here. If someone knows if it´s poss, and how to do it, let me know!

Today I´ve loaded up another handful videos, from the local Fanø tradition – event this weekend called the Fanniker-Days, which celebrates the old traditions of the island where I live.

I will share the videos here with you now…

First; Here is the parade yesterday. From the town hall to the festival tent ground down at the harbour. So many people joined the parade! We are only 3000 inhabitants! And so many in the traditional old costumes. Which one can borrow if one wants to wear one. They even help put it on. So sweet. Beautiful dresses. The ship captains of Fanø brought the fabrics home from their journeys to the far east…

Right. Watch this for an impression of the parade:

Here are some photos of my kids in Strien, the community centre where they helped dress girls and women in need of help.


They were waiting for their turn. My three ones, and our lovely neighbour girl Alma, whose mom was the one with the great idea that my kids should wear traditional costumes this year. For the first time.

The costumes were all layed out ready for their wearers…


Neatly put together in packages…


First the white head scarf, my daughter Lava here:


And my other daughter, Viola, got hers done:


Look at these smashing-looking Fanø-children!


In the parade the youngest ones were put in a horse-carriage:


My son Linus-Ferdinand on his big sister´s lap there in the foreground…:


At the festival site there were tons of stuff for the kids to enjoy. From lollypops, popcorn and slush ice…


…to things they could win… he loved his “balloon hammer” for the half hour it lasted before it broke… It was a golden half hour, though. He was really very happy.


…there was a drawing competition…


…there were nice prices to be won for the best drawing…
(and other competitions as well)


Today, there was another parade. My girls were eager to wear the traditional costumes again! 🙂


Today the parade ended on the beach by the ferry. Fanø celebrates 275 years anniversary this year, so there was a speech by a previous minister of culture…


(If you want to see the speech, find it on my youtube-channel. It´s in Danish so…I don´t expect it to be too relevant in this English speaking forum here).

This last photo I´ve picked out, is of Viola playing with her loose, rickety tooth that she discovered today. Her first one!


Let me share the videos as well, that I shot mainly for the benefit of the festival´s facebook event:

Here´s folk dancing in the festival tent Saturday afternoon:

Fanø has an amazingly strong folk music tradition, which is kept very much alive and kicking. (There is a whole category on my blog here, dedicated to stories about Fanø).

And here is a piece showing them explaining about the different traditional costumes, what the different colors etc. symbolize. There were lots of other interesting things to film as well, fore example they show a traditional Fanø wedding. But my phone ran out of battery. So here´s just the piece about the costumes:

Yeah… I´m gonna go to sleep now. Or, with a bit of luck, I can manage to hear a guided meditation from Youtube first.
Pure luxury.


Good night! When you get to that point.






This is the poster for the big event I am organizing with my ngo “The Incredibles” Saturday 11. of June. We have planned it for 2 years and a bit. We have invited all the ngos of our island to participate.The kindergartens will make a circus show, one ngo is organizing a barbecue where people can bring their own food and make their lunch themselves… there will be an open stage for local acts, and there will be ballgames, dance show, skateboard-show, one wheel bicycles workshop….

My main part in the work process is promotion. Our local graphics dude Carlos, his shop´s name is Casa Grafika, we have spent quite some time together in his office lately, making posters and flyers, designing a logo, that will go on to blue t-shirts and two big flags… then we are thinking to turn the poster into tickets for the circus show… fun work. Love it.

Here is the logo for our ngo:


I dig it. I really do. I have been inspired by the movie. You know. The Incredibles. For sure. Our entire ngo´s name is inspired by that film about the superhero family, that make great things happen through co operating with their different unique superpowers. Coming together. Is our main aim. For our work. To create bonds and alliances between different groups of people on our island, give people a chance to get together in spite of the lines of division such as generation gap, nationality… yeah.

Mangfoldighedens Dag the event is called. In English that becomes “Day of Diversity”.

I will write about how it went. Of course I will. My daughter is also on stage with her kindergarten that day, singing. I plan to make use of my lovely new phone and laptop editing programme. Which I talked about in the last post. I have made two projects already and put them on my youtube channel. (Search for my name, Lene Kaltwasser Henriksen). Alas, one of the films I have made invisible, as it was about a dance performance, and a couple of the participants want their pieces taken out of the film. I hope to get time later to edit them out and republish. But. For now, I am too busy with this Diversity-Day coming up in… 12 days.

Gotta go! Wish you a splendid day. And Hey. Why not one of diversity. 🙂


People Meet! An event to welcome refugees


This is the poster we got made for our event.
I got the idea of turning Kulturelt Samråd´s logo into a globe, and to add the circle of people around the earth, Unicef style. My friend Inken  added to the idea with the stream of people joining the circle from both sides.

KS plakat Msk Mødes

Our friend Carlos, who has the Fanø company Casa Grafika, then turned our handmade sketch, into the digital result you can see. We are in Kulturelt Samråd extremely satisfied with our poster! 🙂

Kulturelt Samråd (Cultural Advisory Board) is an ngo consisting of 7 volunteers. It receives about 80.000 kroner from the local council of Fanø, and has the task of reading local applications for fundings of cultural projects and events, and to decide what to give financial support to, and how much.

The board can also itself make projects or events. That does not happen often, but last fall we decided we wanted to create an opportunity for Fanø´s population to collectively welcome our new neighbours from Syria.

Fanø has received more refugees per capita than any other place in Denmark, and we are very proud of this fact. Fanø has got several previous success stories from integrating with refugees. For instance Bosnians. So we decided to make an event called People Meet. Or Ajtmaa Aalnas in phonetic Arabic. In Danish: Mennesker Mødes.

Here is the welcome speech, in Danish first by Kulturelt Samråd´s chairwoman Hanne Jensen, then translated into English by Fanø´s bellydancer Ragnhild Kallehauge, and then into Arabic by Fanø´s Syrian citizen since December 2015, Asaad Alo:
(I will try to tell this story more with stills and video than with words).

I have a nice still as well:

KS ĂĄbningstale

The song that Aksel plays as an ending to the speech, is a very famous Danish hit that says “No matter who you are, no matter where you´re from, you are welcome here…”

Here´s the audience, listening to the opening speech:

KS lyttende publikum

After the opening speech, Ragnhild showed us some bellydancing. Which I filmed with her camera, so alas I don´t have it ready to show you here now.

After that, Syrian artist Jiger Resh (Danish spelling) played a handful songs for us. He lives in the south of Denmark now. He has played for huge audiences in Syria, (half a million people strong audiences, actually).  These days he plays gigs at festivals all around Denmark.

The party started at 2 pm, and 3 pm we opened the international cake buffet. We had asked all the international citizens of Fanoe to make something for the buffet. We are nearly 40 nationalities represented on this small island!

We offered the bakers money for their ingredients, but most of them told us to keep the money for our cultural budget instead. 29 people promised to bring a cake. But on the day of the party,  we received more than 50 cakes!!!

KS international kagebuffet msk mødes

KS kagebuffet ovenfra

KS buffeten er ĂĄben

We sold the cake for 5 kroner a piece, which is almost for free. We sold coffee and tea, and juice, cocoa and squash for the children, alsopriced at 5 kroner per item.

We could sell it this cheaply only because two of Fanoe´s grocery stores sponsored the event by giving us these drinks to sell !! The flowershop also gave us flowers to decorate the tables. Here is our bar, on which  we have written a thank you to our sponsors:
(We will also thank them in the local paper next week).

KS tak til sponsorer

Of course, we also had kind helpers in the kitchen backstage. Thank Goodness for them!!

KS frivillige i køkkenet

So the buffet opened, and so too did the lantern workshop, which was for children only.

KS lanterneworkshop

The two adults you can see here, are Inken and Ingvard. They come from two different local ngos, “De Utrolige (The Incredibles)” and “Fanø Billedskole (Fanø Picture School).

These two ngos organized this workshop inside of Kulturelt Samråd´s event. The kids were queueing to make lanterns! About 40 were created! And the event ended with a lantern parade with guitar and a simple song, from the place of the party to the town square. (I paste the video from the parade at the end of this blogpost).

KS lanterneworkshop 2

Meanwhile, in the main room next door, the local Danish people had started playing folk music, Fanø style. We have a strong, alive and kicking folk dancing tradition here on Fanø. We had invited everyone on Fanø to bring their instruments along. So it was very exciting to see how many, if any, would play, and show the dances, and how it would work,  improvizing jam session fashion. Well. Here is a still:

KS det danske jamband

And here is a short video or actually, two! 🙂

KS sønderhoning

After the Danish dancing, Jiger Resh returned to the stage. And soon the entire audience seemed to be on the dancefloor!! The atmosphere was just fantastic, everybody smiling, I was so moved.

It was such a busy Sunday on Fanø, that we had not dared hope for many visitors to the party. But 3-400 people came!! Coming, leaving, new people arriving… it was….. well… have a look here:

(I know it is long this video, but. I reckon I manage a reasonably decent edit-in-camera, by changing angles and focuspoints along the way…I couldn´t stop filming, coz the athmosphere was just so great)! 🙂

ks ringdans smil leneasaad

KS syrisk dans

KS Jiger og fuldt dansegolv

After everyone danced, a few of the Syrian men gave us a performance of an other Syrian dance:

KS fem menn viser en dans

KS jiger smiler ut til publikum

Jiger and his friend on keyboard, Ali, came from another town to join forces with us and help us with the music. As on Fanø we only have one Syrian musician so far; Nidal, on keyboard in the blue sweater to the right on stage.

In addition, we had invited two dancers from Falster Nykøbing. Malek and Hasan. Lovely guys, who really helped lift the athmosphere by contributing to the Syrian dancing.

KS de to dansere Malek Hasan

Check these 3 amazing following photos out, shot by a newspaper onshore. Jydske Vestkysten. Photographer Annett Bruhn. I don´t think they will mind me using just a couple of their many photos here, to tell the story about this voluntary culture project, where no one was paid to participate.

Look how happy people look! Both the ones dancing, and the ones in the audience. Really melts my heart to see this  joy.

MskMødes MalekRagnhildAsaad

MskMødes afrikanske børn

Here is a wonderful portrait Annett caught on camera, of my curlyhaired daughter Viola (6) and her best friend Alma:

MskMødes ViolaogAlma

Here is another lovely shot, by Kulturelt Samråd´s own photographer Mille Eggers, of her daughter Luaya Isolde and my son Linus-Ferdinand (both 4 years old this year):

KS Luaya og Linusferdinand

And allow me to include a picture also of my third child, so I don´t upset them by leaving one out. Here is my Lava, who is an 11 yearold Norwegian-Caribbean girl, who’s lived in Denmark on Fanø since age 2 and a half. She is standing by the buffet with her good friend Mathilde from her school class.

KS lava og mathilde ved buffeten

And here Fanø citizens Basaam and Asaad show us the Groove Moves in the middle of the floor…   🙂

MskMødes Bassam og Asaad

Yeah…. what a wonderful, sweet time we shared… 17:30 we gave a thank you speech. Here is the start of it: (That is me, talking English, half way into this speech)

The middle bit of the speech was sadly not filmed. This was where I told the audience about what Kulturelt SamrĂĄd is, how one can apply for funds, helped by Asaad who translated into Arabic…

Anyways. Technical camera issues prevented this to be filmed in full. But it was very important to me to grasp this opportunity to tell our new citizens about how we create events here, using the force of volutnary work, and that they are all welcome as Fanø citizens to apply for funding for any creative ideas they may have.

We are so blessed that Asaad speaks both English and Arabic, as well as Kurdi and actually pretty good Danish too, already! 🙂 It is also his hand writing we have scanned on to the project poster. We can not thank Asaad Alo enough for his help in this project.

Here is the end of the thank you speech. Where we express our gratitude to the musicians and dancers, who came and contributed to the event without getting paid for it. This time we showered them all with gift cards. Kulturelt SamrĂĄd acknowledges the importance of showing appreciation for voluntary cultural work. Without this free will of individuals to enthusiastically come together and contribute to common good, cultural life in Denmark would be both meager and dull.

Jiger Resh then also grabs the microphone, to say thank you for the event.  🙂

After this speech, we gathered in one big circle, and sang the traditional song from Fanø called “To gather and to part”, where one of the lines goes: “In the darkness of the grave is where I´d rather be, if in this world there was no such thing as friendship”…

And after that song, which is always played as the end to any good social event here on Fanø, we all joined the children and their newly made lanterns outside, and walked to the town square together:

The parade ended with cookies and juice for the kids. And then Kulturelt SamrĂĄd and the Syrian helping group, plus our two musicians and two dancer guests, returned to Strien community centre, to finish tidying up. Well, when we arrived, most of the work was already done!

So we hung out in the kitchen instead, here are some last backstage shots from this most WONDERFUL event People Meet.

Myself, Jiger Resh and Hanne Jensen, three very happy people:

ks lenejigerhanne

“Who wants to take some cake leftovers home with them…Please… Anyone…?!” That´s what I call a luxurious problem…..   🙂

ks kagerester i køkkenet backstage

I will never forget this day we shared. When Fanø welcomed its new Syrian citizens. When we met. All of us reaching out to eachother. Showing eachother our traditional music and dancing, trying the others´ ways, and tasting delicious cakes from many countries, represented in our small local community of only 3000 people.

One does truely not need words to meet. There are many universal human languages to use. Dancing and Food are two of my favourite ones.

The bottom line conclusion, I think, must be this:



Just…Positive Stuff


Sunday. Both my daughters have a sweet friend over, hanging out. Nice and peaceful. I serve them apples and sandwiches from time to time and other than that the house is just quiet and harmonious, I can hear chatter and giggles from different rooms from my first floor office here. Lovely.

Feel happy today. Peaceful. Rested. Excited for the future, actually.

We have plans for renovating inside our house. Move a wall so the front room and piano will be part of the kitchen instead. No more front room, just a sofa and a movie screen. And a huge kitchen.
Also, we want to turn one bedroom into a clinic room or what to call it? For my massage table, and my desk and books. It needs a new floor, and wardrobe and. Yeah. A lot of work. But creative work, satisfying work. With very heartlifting rewards.
A big dining table that can sit all our five kids, two inlaw-kids and soon two grandkids… or our kids´ friends when they come round, or when grandma and aunties from Norway come to visit for weekends…

Yeah, A good project.

In addition I am working on two large social events.

First, 17.of April, my ngo is hosting a folk dance party for the entire island, to welcome all the new Syrian neighbours we have received. International music, trying eachother´s traditional dances, and an international, local cake buffet. Nice, eh? I´m very proud of the idea we have created. Now we just need to get all the work ready.

The second event is called Day of Diversity, and is happening 11. of June. Hosted by an other ngo I am a board member of. “The Incredibles”. There will be a circus show made by the island´s kindergarten children. And an international buffet of some sort. Local bands. maybe a soccer match between adults and kids. Maybe anything at all,  as we are inviting all social clubs and sportsclubs and local ngos in general, to come and strut their stuff so to speak, take part in the programme, come show us who they are or whatever they would like to do. We are hoping this can become an annual event, for the whole island to celebrate our community.

kunstutstil.christiania hodeskalle

This is from an art exhibition in Christiania, Copenhagen, that i visited in December. I love art exhibitions. Here´s some more impressions from the same one:

kunstutstil. christiania to skulpturer

Here is the house marking the entrance to Christiania. So beautiful.     I just adore this.

christiania indgang

Here is a positive piece of news:

forced to not throw away food france

And here is something to help us surround ourself with positive people:

admitting mistakes than perfect people

And here… is a piece of reality, which made me laugh. In all its… darkness. We have to keep a sense of humour when times are tough. Is my humble opinion.

im not a racist

Right… let me also share with you some positive songs.
This one I love! 🙂

And this one by the Kinks. So political. And true.

One more. For the road. Have a splendid Sunday out there. And treat eachother lovingly! 🙂


My present daily life



Monday of the school´s winter holiday here. And me and the kids slept ´till 08.30! Historical new record. We went to sleep at 9.00 pm!

So. That´s just marvellous. And outside the sun is shining from a bright blue sky. We will enjoy this day, I can feel it in me boooonez…!

Yesterday we went skating in Esbjerg, the town on the shore of the mainland. Every winter they make an ice skating “pond” on the city square. A most brill idea. Here, look at this!

skøjtebanen esbj feb16

The girl in the orange ski pants, is my eldest daughter. The five-yearold, the three-yearold and daddy-o are also out on the ice there somewhere. (As was I, apart from the five minutes I took these photos from the seat at the side).

skøjtebanen esbj feb16 lava

On the ice, we suddenly met friends of ours. A drummer and his pregnant wife, and their two daughters (7 and 9 years old, I think they are by now). So we ended up going for lunch together, at Sunset Boulevard right next to the square. Here is the view from our lunch table, overlooking the ice:

skøjtebanen esbj feb16 fra sunset

Yeah… so that was a splendid day out. Valentine´s day actually. I wrote about going to spend it on the ice, in my post from yesterday;

Other than ice skating, every day life is running rather smoothly for us right now. Still miss our grandmother, who died 30/9 2014. She was the one to share our every day life with us. And she was the one who always came and spent a couple of days with us when we needed a helping hand.

But the children are growing, and it makes everything noticably much more easy. We are over the worst grieving. And we have consciously built bonds with other people who can help us when we need babysitting etc.

We have had influensas lately, coughs and colds and such. But that doesn´t really count as negatives. All in all, we are happy and healthy all five of us. Looking forward to the arrival of our grandchild no.2 this autumn! And looking forward to our Norwegian family coming for a week in the Summer to visit, they have rented three summerhouses, so they will be 15-20 people! I love them for doing that. It really makes living abroad away from them all, a lot easier for me.

Once a month or so, I go to a meeting in my ngos. Well, I´m a member of 3 ngos, so. But in the Music Club I´m only an extra, so I don´t have to go to all their meetings.

The two places where I go to meetings and together with the boards organize events, are:

Kulturelt SamrĂĄd;

a council office really, that is in charge of distributing 80.000 Dkr every year, to local people applying for funds for cultural projects and events.
Here are the board members, taken a month ago:

ks bestyrelse jan16

At present, our biggest project of own initiative, is an event we have named “People Meet”. Which will happen in the town hall 17.of April 2 pm – 6 pm this year.

It will consist of an international cake buffet; cakes from many different nationalities who are represented in this island´s population. And then we want there to be folkmusic – and dancing. Local tradition (which is a rich and strong one), plus Syrian music and dancing. Hopefully we will also have a jamsession where we all just play and dance as one group together, freestyle or…. I don´t know yet. I hope the participants will improvize and create magic. (I will be one of them myself, hopefully there will be more participators than bystanders… the idea of spontaneity really excites me. It “opens up” somehow, when everything is not planned into detail, when the happening is more an improvized workshop for all than it is set performances).

Yeah. So please do wish us luck with that! 🙂
We just want to welcome our new Syrian neighbours, collectively and in Fanø fashion. This island has received more Syrians than anywhere else in Denmark (related to its size of population). And we have great success stories from the past, of integrating Bosnians, and Burmese people… On Fanø people look into eachother´s eyes and nod and smile when they meet on the street. Strangers included. And if it is morning, we say good morning to eachother. It is a very good place to be a newcomer, one feels very welcome here. (I myself moved here in 2007 and come from Norway, so I have felt it myself. And my Syrian friends have told me too, how they think it is amazing that even children and teenagers will look them in the eyes and say hello when they cross paths around town here…)

The other ngo where I spend my time and energy, is called

De Utrolige. Meaning The Incredibles.

Inspired by that cartoon movie of that superhero family you know… (Check out and please like our Facebook page for all the information: “Foreningen “De utrolige” pĂĄ Fanø” is what you write in the search field).

Here we are, the board members, this selfie was taken 4 days ago:

du bestyrelse feb16

Us, The Incredibles, we want to make an annual day of cultural entertainment, for all the locals to participate in. We have asked the kindergartens and sfo to help make a children´s circus show for the day, and they are happy and eager to take charge of it.

(We had on Fanø an annual circus show made by the school kids, for years on end, but the tradition stopped after 2009 because their house was torn down due to problems with moisture).

So we want to revive that splendid old children´s circus show tradition. And add to it. We want to arrange an international lunch buffet, which Kulturelt Samråd did for the first time in Fanø´s history, for the ngo´s 30.anniversary back in Nov.2013. It was super popular, a great hit.

Apart from circus and buffet, we approach all of Fanø’s many, many different ngos and spare time clubs, and we ask them all to come and do something that day. Like arrange a football tournament, or show us skateboard tricks, one wheel bicycling, dance shows, a baking competition… what ever people can think of. The sky is the limit.

We want “The Day of Diversity” to be a celebration of our local community, embracing all citizens. The more that participate and make themselves a part of the happening stuff, the better. A feeling of collective ownership, is our aim.
The Incredibles want to do the organizing and co ordination of all the practical elements. And help connect; stage builders (we will ask the boyscouts if they would like to take on this task) must be connected to  the circus group, maybe we will ask some ngo to stand for sewing circus costumes, and an artist to help decorate the stage… we have a so many rich and competent creative citizens here on Fanø. Truely a wonderful and important resource we have, on this score.

The Music Club will try to find local bands to share short, acoustic sets with us… we need a tent or two…. tables and chairs…. all the logistics. We will plan it and solve it, either by delegating the different concrete jobs,  or by doing some of them ourselves.

I DIG this project. I really do. It sparks my soul, to use big words, and why not use them when they exist and feel right?!  🙂

It is an ambitious and all inclusive project. It is integrating, both between individuals, between generations and between all the different ngos and interest groups on the island. It will create a lot of new ties everywhere. And ties, bonds… is the incredible superglue of a good community.

It will help people meet, basically.
I didn´t mean the cultural event People Meet.

But in general. What we need, in a community, is occasions and opportunities for people to meet.
When everyone is a (half) known entity, then it makes for a really comfortable social feeling.
Fanø already has this feeling. We just want to celebrate it, and as a consequence, the celebration will enhance and strengthen it.



My present daily life… it feels like a present!


In addition to this voluntary work and my lucky family life, I am building up my “clinic” of vocal sound therapy. I have clients every week. I love that work. Making people feel better, by “singing on them”. Very strange, and strangely effect-full.

And last but not least, I have this blog. Which I am still hoping will make money in the future. I have plans of developing my Youtube channel. Add a vlog. (video blog).

I will stop here.

It has been a weird start of a new year this year. The refugee crises, and the European… failure to react to it in a compassionate way… The death of David Bowie, two days after his amazing new album… other great musicians and actors have crossed over as well… the climate news are not too uplifting, and neither is Danish social politics.

But on the microlevel. Thank Goodness. My life is really enjoyable.

At present. Coz that´s the nature of Life. Count your blessings while you have them. Suddenly new challenges take control and change your direction into a radically new one.

Once we accept this, it is easier to deal with. And let us just grab every positive moment and event that we can, and enjoy it for all that it can give us.

That must be the best piece of advice I ever gave, to myself and to all of us.


fredsmerke med notesirkel


Norwegian Christmas foods


I just found this video in my Facebook stream. Employees at the US Embassy in Oslo tasting different Norwegian christmas foods. A cultural experiment. Funny. 🙂

Many of the items presented, I have never tasted myself. And they could do the dishes service by presenting them in context, the mustard herring on a piece of bread, for example. And the pinnekjøtt (which is my family´s traditional xmas food) together with mashed swede and potatoes…

I would maybe have expected the embassy employees to be more polite in their…evaluations. I know that I would have tried to be, if I was tasting strange things in a country I worked in. Especially if on embassy level, and knowing I was being filmed.

But they are all charming people, and  it is very funny to see their honesty.  I can perfectly well understand their reactions. I would maybe run away myself, if a sheep´s head was put on a plate in front of me like that. Food is such a sensitive thing to us humans, new unusual stuff brings us right out of our comfort zones, and we react quite instinctively.

I thank the US Embassy employees for this cultural experiment. Very entertaining.  Cheers!

Or BĂĄnnski, as he says, and downs the glass of Moonshine / Akvavit!