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Christmas Day


So. Here in Scandinavia we celebrate christmas eve, the 24. It starts when waking up, the children find their stockings filled with candy and little presents that Santa has brought in the night while they were asleep. Nothing like starting the day with eating candy! Only this one morning a year. I remember it fondly.

Then christmas eve is actually a very long long day, of waiting. To open the presents. Which happens after tv cartoons, possibly a visit to the church, cookie eating, then  dinner in the evening. After dessert, and dishwashing. After dancing around the christmas tree singing carols and other christmas songs,

Then. Presents are opened. At last. One by one. Everybody eager to see what the other ones receive. Eager to see if what they give, is a success, brings a smile, a hug, a heartfelt thank you… the joy of giving. Is the greatest meaing of gift exchange. Which is natural for the children. They just need to be guided, so they can pay attention to more than their own excitement over receiving their own presents.

It´s a happy frenzy, it´s an adrenalin kick, it´s laughter and outbursts and wonderful fun.

My little 3-yearold son lasted until 11 pm last night before he asked to go to bed! Normally he wants to go to bed 8 pm. My 5-yearold daughter and me, we went upstairs at midnight and immediately fell asleep on her double mattress bed. Leaving my 11-yearold and her grownup sister playing with their new finger nail equipment at the kitchen table. Sweet! 🙂

This morning, my son woke us up at 7 am. me and the three kids downstairs, making a sitting space on the sofa between hills of presents and colourful wrapping paper…  Cups of tea…

The beginning of the first day of christmas. Which, when I lived in Wales, was when we would open presents and start our christmas family celebrations. But in Scandinavia, it is a day of rest. Probably the most quiet and restful day of the entire year. Only matched by 1. of January.

It´s a day spent looking closer at all the nice items unwrapped the night before. A day for turkey leftovers, and naps and finding batteries for the new toys that of course came without batteries included…

We are so lucky that we have really sweet neightbours all around our little house. So. This morning my husband actually thought the bakery would be open! (Which to me is a very strange thing to believe). Hence, all of a sudden we were standing there with no bread for breakfast. Then entered our neighbour, in her morning gown, coffee cup in hand! She asked: “Do you have any milk? Need milk for my coffee…!”

And we had a whole litre to spare. So that was great. Then my husband asked if she had any spare bread, maybe, to lend us? “Yeah, sure…! Come on over, I know I have some in my freezer….”

That´s proper christmas anecdote material, isn´t it?   🙂


My husband played a lot of piano today, the two young-ones were over at their neighbour-friend’ s place, and at some point, my eldest daughter and I decided to go out to my ListeningHut in the garden, with colouring books and her new crayons she got from her great grandma for christmas.

We shared a couple of hours there, listening to music, talking quietly.

Then the two little-ones joined us. My hut is only 2 by 2 metres big. So I gave them my seat, and stood up myself, dancing to the music. Gave them my journal to draw in, and my… hmmm… glockenspiel in German… Well. Here´s a photo, I´m sure you know it when you see it.

lyttehytten LF og V jul 15

And one of Lava:

lyttehytten L jul 15

It was truely a couple of golden hours for all four of us.

Now Linus-Ferdinand has gone to sleep. 7 pm! Catching up on that late night he had last night.
Lava is making pancakes in the kitchen. For all the guests tomorrow. Where all five kids will be here, plus two inlaw-“kids” and a grand-child age 2. Will be wonderful to be all of us together again.

I have a moviedate on the sofa with my husband at 11 tonight as well. So.
I am lucky.

Christmas isn´t just easy, emotionally. It is our first christmas at home without my mother-inlaw. Who passed away so shockingly 30.of September 2014.
Spells of sadness and tears several times yesterday. Lit a candle for her…
Though that´s small stuff compared to the sorrows many face at christmas. Living alone. Or spending time with their toxic families…

Ideally. I wish everyone could have a first day of christmas like we had today. If not possible on this exact date, then at some other date in the year. Just some day where everything rests. A day in peaceful harmony. Space for dad to play the piano for hours. Space for mom to go sleep for a while. Space for mom and kids to go into the gardenhut and hang out until they feel it´s time to do something else.
Freedom. Harmony. Calm, inner quiet. Joy.

It charges my batteries. Soothes my Spirit. And then some.



To Heal


In my native tongue Norwegian, to heal literally means “to make whole”. “Spread wholeness”. Which is a nice and concrete description. As healing is exactly that; to help something or someone become whole again. Return to the natural undisturbed state of being.

Last Saturday, the 12. of the 12., I became a certified healer. Vocal sound therapist. Finishing two years of studying Githa Ben-David´s method of “singing long tones on people”, giving the sound that the client´s body resonnates with.

Here is a clip from youtube where you can see her working. She speaks in Danish, but. Still. Informative. The client regains some of his previously lost hearing!

Well. That´s my teacher. She sparks and glows and inspires. Now her trilogy about sound healing has been translated into English, and she will start new sound healing classes both in Denmark, England, Ireland and Holland this upcoming year 16. You can read much more about her and her healing method under my blog´s category “Vocal Sound Therapy”.

Well. Here is a short clip I made from our certification ceremony last saturday.

The audience of friends and family members, were instructed in how to make the “tone from heaven”, and then they stood up and formed a singing channel, which each of us students walked through, singing, ending up by our teacher, to receive our certificates and an encouraging remark. Very meaningful and beautiful. After the happening, we shared the visitors´ gifts of ecological sweets and fruit, together with them, downstairs in the church where we had turned a big room into a simple cafeteria setting. Appreciation. Reciprocity. Enjoyment.

Being a healer. The archetype is a vast one to grow into. It takes time. I am taking it step by step I´m having people on my massage table, giving them sound and seeing if it can help them. They become surprised, very relaxed, some see inner images, symbols… many fall asleep… My fellow students / my fresh colleagues in this field; some of them cure tinnitus after tinnitus, some help people with insomnia (problems sleeping), some help autistic kids, and Adhd kids find inner calm, a peace within themselves.
Ulcers have diminished as well. Hearing has been regained. It seems to have a good effect on stress symptoms.

It is a pioneer field. Githa does scientific research together with scientists and medical doctors when they approach her and ask if they may try to measure effects. Githa also appears on Danish television when they ask her to. In one programme a client was linked up to measuring equipment in a hospital, and the doctors were surprised to see a strong effect on the client´s blood pressure, and on the vagus nerve.

The body consists of so much water. We know that sound vibrations have effect on water. Maybe does the sound help the cells return to their natural, healthy frequency. We don´t know exactly. Yet.

I am so grateful for being a part of this new field, to be one of the lucky ones to explore the effects of the method. I will walk forward one client at the time, I can not promise results but I can promise I will do my best. And then we will see.

we rise by lifting others

Yes. It is such a win win thing to give. I ask for Light and Love, and let the energy flow through me. So I receive it as well. I always feel so joyful and energized after giving a sound session. Mindblown.   🙂

The feeling can be illustrated like this, maybe :    🙂

healing energy coming through

Healing is a big word. Taken to mean so many different things. Religious things as well. But it´s all really about finding some kind of inner balance, isn´t it? To feel whole… at rest… fearless… healthy in mind, body and spirit.  In Balance. Natural. Peaceful.

We use the word in so many ways. To heal old wounds, hurts, to heal relationships…

In four days it is christmas eve. And to me christmas is a healing time. A time to show love, show care. To be gentle, considerate, to give.

To many of us it is hard to spend all that intense time together with the family members we try to avoid contact with the rest of the year… Christmas is not an easy time.
Yet it can still be a healing time. Though difficult, it can give positive surprises, that would not have been possible if we did not try to get together, try once more to approach and to show care to those we have in our innermost circle.

“The wounded healer” is a book I will read in the new year. About Jung. About how we can, through our own woundedness, know how to help others in their healing processes.

Time to heal the world as well. To quote that wonderful song by Michael jackson. A true christmas spirit song, at least in my book it is. Time to give to the homeless, to the hungry Africans, to the refugees on Lesbos… Such an unbalanced time we live in right now. All the suffering. Can make us feel powerless.

I finish here.  Wishing each and every one of you  a peaceful, happy christmas.  Share some care, everwhere!

I was going to post MJ´s song here from youtube, but the visuals are so full of tanks and KKK and nazis and barbed wire…. makes me sick to my stomach.

So, please go and  find the song on a cd instead, or Spotify or whatever you use as your music source.

I finish with these two images instead of that disturbing music video. Let´s heal ourselves and go get help when we see we that need it.
And let us together heal the world.

fredsmerke med notesirkel

MJU heal the world


New Beginnings


It´s early evening. My husband is playing christmas carols on the piano downstairs. I am thank Goodness almost well again after 3 days of no sleep and lots of sneezing and coughing.

It´s a special week. Quite non busy, compared to my regular schedule. Then on the other hand, busy in unexpected ways.

I have helped a newly arrived Syrian refugee fill in his “family reunion” papers, for one. 84 pages of questions. In Danish. Quite a task. But interesting. Tomorrow we are finally ready so he can send it. It takes 3 months before the right office looks at it in Copenhagen. They are very busy. So many Syrians in Denmark suddenly. You know.

He is a lovely person, and I am sure his wife and two little daughters are lovely as well. I hope they can come soon. Knowing they are left behind in that war zone makes me stressed. Even though I don´t know them. Just the thought of children living in a war zone…

eye for eye whole world blind

Well. I am just counting on his reunification going through and they come and we get to know eachother. Any other thought is unwelcome. It does not help to worry.

I want to see all children happy and at peace. Like these:


baby and puppies

garden bath tub

Other than helping him fill in all those papers, I am preparing to go to Copenhagen on Friday for my last course weekend in my 2 year long education as vocal sound therapist under the eminent leadership of Githa Ben-David. We will practice on Friday and then we´ve invited family and friends to come attend our ceremony / concert on Saturday. I know it will feel overwhelming, moving, sad and solemn and proud and empowering to me. Us students will all be dressed in white. We will be singing our long tones standing in a circle around the audience. We will show them different things that we have learnt. We will receive our diplomas.

It has been such a life changing journey, this course. Never have I felt part of a group like this one, either. Like I have talked about in my other blogposts in the category Vocal Sound Therapy.


This photo is from one of the two places we have been meeting for course weekends. What a place. Audonicon, is the building´s name.The other place is where we will meet for our final meeting on Friday. An old church in Copenhagen. Very special place too. God I´m gonna really miss our gatherings!

“The only constant in life is change.” Said the Greek philosopher Heraklit. Which is true.

It is nice to finish something. Full circle. Step up onto the new level.

There has been a couple of other first time things / people too, coming into my life, this week. Not things I feel to tell the whole world. But just to say that… there is a time for everything, also for new beginnings. And many times, the new emerges in groups… several incidents of the same kind of change, happening simultaneously… Fascinates me.

A friend of mine also received her Gohonzon actually, this week.


I don´t know if you know about the buddhist group Soka Gakkai? I have been chanting with them sporadically for a good handful years now. I really love it. The chanting, the meaning, the people, their purpose. Being present at my friend´s receival of Gohonzon, made me feel for the first time that I too might actually want one in my own home. To make it be a more regular practice.

I don´t have a religion to convert from. Nor do I enjoy being a member in exclusive clubs. But Soka Gakkai is not excluding anything in any way. It is very open for individual interpretation. Of course I agree with the Lotus Sutra; that we create our own consequences in life. Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo means something to the extent that “I take full responsibility for my thoughts, words and actions, and I believe in the Law of cause and effect.”

Sorry if I sound… too loose… I could google this and paste some serious sentences from Wikipedia or better, from Soka Gakkai´s homepage.

I don´t allow myself this informal description to say that I am casual about it. On the contrary I have the uttermost respect for this peace building and empowering spiritual movement. I just value so deeply their generosity for people to form their own meaning around the practicing. And my informal description symbolizes the joy I feel for being given this freedom. I´m allergic to dogma. Soka Gakkai is non dogmatic. I am grateful for their ways.


Chanting feels immensely good to me. And I agree with the Soka Gakkai buddhism. And zen. And taoism. And esoteric christendom. And don´t forget I am a spiritist, deeply into communication with the loved ones who have crossed over. Like I have said many times:

Love is My Religion.



nature is my temple


New beginnings. New relationships. New ways of doing things.

Time will tell what will be. All I can do is follow the flow and grow.


Jane Winther & Tibetan Singingbowls


There is this lady in Denmark who has gathered a lot of knowledge about Tibetan singingbowls. Jane uses them in her therapy, she teaches people about them in workshops, and she imports and sells singingbowls.

Jane has made quite a lot of cds using Tibetan singing bowls, throughout the last decade or two…

I don´t know very much about her, to be honest. Nor do I know a lot about the singingbowls. But I am deeply fascinated, both by the bowls, and Jane´s music. So if I´m lucky, one day I will go to one of her workshops and learn, and maybe I can use bowls in my own sound therapy sessions…

I just want to give you her name, and you can find out more about her and her work for yourself on Facebook and Youtube.

Here is a video she posted today, about how they make the singing bowls in Himalaya:



Here she makes an introduction to how to play the bowls… in Danish. But still informative just to watch what she does,  if you don´t understand her words, it doesn´t matter that much…



And here is another clip where she talks about the different sizes of bowls, and the different uses they have… Also in Danish. I wish she would make subtitles. Maybe she will one day. You never know, you know.   🙂


I finish this post with a selection of 23 of her music videos….. Enjoy….. Namaste…… May Peace and Joy be with All One of Us.


Mother-Daughter Day in Budapest


vores stuekøkken

This is a picture from the sofa in our rented flat in the Gouzdo pedestrian shopping street tunnel in Budapest. It´s located in the middle of the city, and still it´s quiet. And not expensive. Two bedrooms, big bathroom with washing machine and bath tub, and then this kitchen – living room. Perfect for a family with three kids.

Just outside our place, was this sculpture…:

statue in da hood

A signpost said it was put there to honour those who helped victims of the war… helped save jews and others who were threatened by the authorities, I guess… Throwing them a line… a life line… for them to pull themselves back up onto their feet…

Just outside our place was also this wall painting, measuring maybe 4 x 3 metres…. huge…. :

street art refugee child

“One family torn apart by war Is too many. UNICEF ”

I like it a lot. I want more facades everywhere to look like that.

Well. This morning, my eldest daughter (10) and I were going shopping. To have a browse in the shopping street for some clothes for her. We had also heard about a very famous bakery, and since my daughter loves to bake, of course we had to visit that place and have a treat. Sadly, I can´t remember the name of the place, but. It was situated on the biggest shopping street: Vaci Utca. Here is a picture of the bakery:


It looks like a castle! 🙂 And it does on the inside as well. Chandeliers… and many waitors, attending to any detail in your anticipated need. Very friendly and not pushy. A trip to the bathroom was a joy in itself, walking through room after room of these old chairs and tables, details in red and gold…

lava med strawberry dream

Lava ordered a cake called Strawberry Dream. White chocolate lid. Mouse inside… GOODNESS…

strawberry dream utenpå


I had a cheesecake. Which wasn´t really… well it was nice. But not spectacular like hers.
We shared a glass of hot chocolate. Which was so rich that we could not finish it between us!! For two dedicated chocolate lovers like us… quite amazing… We spent a truely lovely hour in that bakery. And left feeling very full and that we would not be craving for chocolate for a year or so!

arkitektur in da hood


Just a couple of photos I took as we walked along… amazingly beautiful architecture everywhere…

We found some shops, and she got a good load of new clothing items which she needed, for a lot less than it would cost at home in Denmark. So that was great.

Further down the street of Vaci Utca, a man stopped us to give us a small piece of bright red, free soap. He approached us by saying “Here, would you like some nice soap? Don´t eat it! It looks like candy, but it´s soap!” Hahaha…. he was a really nice person, from the Dead Sea, as he put it. Working for a shop called Seacret. Which I had never heard of, but it´s got shops all over the world. Denmark as well. Copenhagen and Kolding only. (So far).

He showed us some mindblowing products. First a nail polishing system, which in two minutes without any varnish involved, made my nail shine like never before!! Just polishing it with a magical, square thing, followed by one drop of oil from a tiny bottle… I was shocked, actually. And my daughter was too. He gave us an offer we could not resist, and so, some of the lucky people on our christmas gift list will receive some magical nail equipment this year… 🙂

After I bought that, he sat me down in a chair and demonstrated a facemask on a bad rash I have underneath my right eye, which I have had for about a year and don´t know what to do with.

He gently put on a dark gray mud like mass, and after 3-4 minutes removed it with… A MAGNET !!!
Hokus pokus, rash looking a lot better!!!
I think I must have sat there with my mouth open, I was just so surprised…

He sold me four products to care for my skin. Telling me that yes, it was not cheap, but much cheaper than in Denmark, and he also could give me a special campaign price. So I got it for under half of normal Hungarian price.

I felt very grateful. Finally something that could reduce the glowing red blisters on my face. It cost me a sum I would not normally spend on such things, but. One´s face after all, is quite an important item to look after properly. And I really needed help. So I took it as a gift and an investment. And have not regretted it. I use the products daily, and the mask weekly. And my rash stays down, and seems to even be disappearing, slowly…

The name of the wonderfully friendly and competent dermatologist, is Ran Mizrachi. If you go to his shop in Budapest on Vaci Utca, say hello from me. I will definitely go back and see him next time I am in Budapest. He even speaks a little Danish, AND Norwegian!! Hahaha…. and English… sweet as an angel. I ended up telling him to bring his wife and come visit me and my family on Fanø. Truely such a nice person. Warm hearted, and funny. I hereby recommend you all to go see his shop and let him sell you some very good products for your skin.


world of seacret

They have an amazing body scrub. Minerals from the Dead Sea. I tried it on my hands. And the hand cream afterwards…. But the containers were to big for my hand luggage. (Ryan Air). And my purse was empty as well, after those face products. But next time! 🙂

Before we left, Ran gave us a voucher to try their fish spa for free!! Which we did in the morning a couple of days later, I will make a separate post for that.

fish spa budapest

We said goodbye to Ran and strolled home happily. On the way, on a side street to Vaci Utca, we stumbled upon Pest´s oldest restaurant, and received a coupon that would give us 10% off if we decided to eat there! They had live gipsy music. Which was just what we were looking for.

We met up with dad and the two tinytots in our flat, chilled for an hours, then went back and found the restaurant.

pests eldste restaurant

Just outside was parked a bike with a side… what´s-it-called? Like a motorbike… I fell in love with the look of it, so I had to take a photo:

sykkel med sidevogn

Inside the restaurant, food was lovely, service relaxed and humoristic, and the musicians were very talented. They played “Solveig´s Sang” for me, by Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg, and I had to keep myself from starting to cry! Very moving.

Live strings at the table… two violins and a base. There was a strange kind of “piano” as well. But they didn´t bring that round to the tables, for obvious weight reasons…


Linus-Ferdinand dunked his bread in the gulash soup… where did he learn this?! Certainly not in his current home. Must be a habit he´s brought with him from previous life times… 🙂

LF gulasj dunker

After the big meal, the two tinytots decided to have their own party under our table:

to små under bordet

It was yet another lovely day in Budapest.
I finish this post with a couple of video clips I made in the restaurant.

And then this, our exit, passed the wonderful strange string intrument there…..


Why Sound Heals


Good morning… Autumn holiday here now. I just read this on Facebook, and decided it should be a part of my info bank in my category of Vocal Sound Therapy. Now I must find out about the Sri Yantra. And find apt frequency meditation on Youtube. Wishing you a restful and smiling Sun-day.    🙂

Why Sound Heals

By UPLIFT on Saturday October 10th, 2015

What Produces the Healing Power of Sound?


We can feel it when we turn on the radio and our favorite song happens to be playing, or when we sit quietly and listen to the rain. There is a palpable peace when we are absorbed in quiet and a different kind of rejuvenation when we hear the wind in the trees. There is no doubt that sound has subtle, but profound effects on our body, minds and spirits. How exactly does sound work, though, to heal us?

Just Like an Orchestra, You Can Tune Your Body

Have you ever listened to an orchestra prepare to play an invigorating symphony? There is a cacophony first with the woodwinds and strings, horns, and timpani making quite a ruckus, but when they tune their instruments precisely, the sound that washes over you like a wave, can bring peace and excitement that surpasses some of the most invigorating practices on earth – like sky diving, or dropping 45 feet into a hidden cave.

Sound healing session
Sound is not unorganized chaos. It is a dynamic but ordered pattern. – Dr. Hans Jenny

The body works in much the same way. If a single instrument (organ, or organ system) is playing its own tune, and not in harmony with the rest of the body, disease is more likely to happen. As sound therapist, Dr. John Beaulieu, ND, PhD explains:

The fundamental principle of Energy Medicine is that an underlying energy field generates physical, emotional, and mental behaviors or symptoms. If we change the energy field, the physical, emotional, and mental behaviors will also change.


One of the most effective ways to change the energy field is through a science named cymatics. Though he was not the first to discover that sound could heal, Dr. Hans Jenny, M.D. of Basel Switzerland put together some fascinating experiments where we could literally ‘see’ how sound works.
Jenny created ‘cymatics’ when he put sand, fluid or some other powder on a metal plate that was attached to an oscillator. An oscillator is essentially a vibrator, but his oscillator was controlled by a generator that was able to produce many thousands of types of frequencies. Some of these can be found in nature, and others are created by man.

Cymatics pattern
Powder on a metal plate, attached to an oscillator

By changing the frequencies on the oscillator, Jenny found that sand, or water or whatever substance he was using to create a visible medium for his sound, would morph into some very interesting shapes. These shapes mimicked the properties of divine geometry, and the higher the frequency, the more complex the shapes would appear to be. He wrote:

Since the various aspects of these phenomena are due to vibration, we are confronted with a spectrum which reveals a patterned, figurative formation at one pole and kinetic-dynamic processes at the other, the whole being generated and sustained by its essential periodicity.

What Jenny was observing was really a simple way of observing matter come to life. Since we now understand, through the emerging field of quantum physics, that patterns emerge via waves of energy, the plates were showing the scientist a similar phenomenon. In ancient Sumerian society, this was a known fact. This is why practices like mantra were held in high esteem. The seed syllable, OM, for example, causes a certain frequency to imprint upon the ‘matter’ around it, and thus changes the energetic field.

Monastery of Christ In The Desert
Abbot Philip Lawrence from Monastery of Christ In The Desert

“The kind of singing that we do calms the spirit and helps us live in peace with our world and with one another,” says Abbot Philip Lawrence, a scholar of chant who also leads the Monastery of Christ In The Desert – home to an American order of Benedictine monks from Abiquiu, New Mexico. “Chanting has some strange effect on the brain waves according to various studies,” continues Abbot Philip, but this effect is certainly not the Monks of the Desert’s objective; rather their goal, and that of Gregorian chant, notes Abbot Philip, is “to focus on the words rather than the challenge of voice production or sight reading. It is always our hope that our singing will bring others to peace, inner tranquility and an appreciation of beauty. These values can help create a world in which peace and tranquility prevail.”

Since all matter is just different frequencies of the collapsed wave, or quantum field, then we have the ability to create a different reality with sound.

Sound and the Golden Number

The possibility for great healing can be seen in the science of sound. The picture of the Sri Yantra, a mandala created by sound, and said to be imagined by a yogi in deep meditation, is a representation of one of the oldest sounds in the world. Some call it a manifestation of divine sound. The triangles that appear in the Sri Yantra are perfectly integrated based on the divine number, Pi, which is also the basis for the golden mean, Phi. The Greek philosopher, Pythagorus understood sound and divein geometry, and it was written about by Euclid in “Elements” around 300 B.C., by Luca Pacioli, a contemporary of Leonardo Da Vinci, in “De Divina Proportione” in 1509, by Johannes Kepler around 1600. Many others knew of this ‘cosmic’ mathematics, and its power to heal throughout the ages.

Sound healing with singing bowls
The harmonics of sound work to create order out of chaos

The harmonics of sound work to create order out of chaos. Disease, you might say, is a form of chaos in the body. According to Dr. Robert Friedman, the connection between the Golden Ratio and ideal health was a no-brainer. During his medial residency in the 1980s, Dr. Friedman began observing the Golden Ratio throughout the human body—on the anatomical, physiological, and molecular levels. “The deeper I looked,” said Friedman, “the more deeply I discovered this incredible and ubiquitous Code to be embedded throughout the structure and function of the body…it only followed that the more one could harmonize with this grand principle, the more efficient and effortless life could be.”

Healing Frequencies

What is illness?

Emotional issues that are unresolved block the healing vibrations or cause the disease state to return.
– R Gordon

Over millennia, those who have studied the science of sound, have come to understand that certain frequencies are very healing for the human body. Overall, however, you are trying to create resonance – “When two systems are oscillating at different frequencies, there is an impelling force called resonance that causes the two to transfer energy from one to another. When two similarly tuned systems vibrate at different frequencies, there is another aspect of this energy transfer called entrainment, which causes them to line up and to vibrate at the same frequency.” (Richard Gordon)

Crystal bowls
Certain frequencies are very healing for the human body

When we ‘entrain’ with healing frequencies, our bodies and minds vibrate in harmony. These include:

285 Hz – Signals cells and tissues to heal. Leaves the body feeling rejuvenated.
396 Hz – Liberates guilt and fear to make way for higher vibrating emotions.
417 Hz – Allows the ‘undoing’ of challenging situations.
528 Hz – Said to heal DNA, repair cells, and awaken consciousness
639 Hz – This is the vibration associated to the heart. It allows feelings of love for self and ‘other’ until there is no longer a distinction. To balance relationships, listen to this frequency.
741 Hz – Said to clean the cells and heal them from exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Helps shift someone into empowerment so they can create the reality they wish to see.
852 Hz – Awakens intuition.
963 Hz – Activates the pineal gland, and aligns the body to its perfect, original state. Of course, there are further frequencies, many of which that are not even within the human range of hearing, but they are healing nonetheless. George Lakhovsky, a Russian engineer understood the power of sound as well. He understood that certain frequencies would make a living being grow stronger. I hope you are able to find healing in the frequencies I’ve described, and that this introduction to why sound heals will spur you to learn more.

At the root of all power and motion, there is music and rhythm, the play of patterned frequencies against the matrix of time. We know that every particle in the physical universe takes its characteristics from the pitch and pattern and overtones of its particular frequencies, its singing. Before we make music, music makes us.
– Joachim-Ernst Berendt, The World is Sound



A bit about meditation & trust


It´s 01.30 AM here now. House is quiet. The island is quiet. Only sound is my pc and the keys as I type. I slept for a few hours early this evening. And now I can´t fall asleep again, so I get some computer work done. Rather enjoyable, alone undisturbed in the silent night.

And about what will I write?

I wonder. But refuse to ponder, let me skip into the  library and find something  to inspire me… :


einstein imagination takes u anywhere

Okayyyy…. hmmmm yeah…. or as I tend to put it; Imagination is the only limitation….

One more lucky dip:


love does not hurt

I read somewhere that everything can be divided into stemming from either love of fear. All the issues mentioned in this poster, stem from fear.


åæease do not feed the fears

Hehehehe…. Don´t  feed the monkeymind in general…. How do we avoid feeding our fears? By being able to silence our minds. Thoughts come floating by but are dismissed without us getting caught up in them…

Yes, meditation. Many ways to practice. Here is one:


inhale love exhale gratitude


Inhale while you count to four, hold your breath ’till four, breathe out ’till four, wait ´till four before you inhale again. This is a very anxiety reducing method of breathing. Used by soldiers suffering from PTSD, for example, to help oneself function in daily life, to go shopping and travel by bus, basically be around other people…

There are many guided meditations about as well. More and more of them popping up on Youtube. This is one I have used a couple of times:


It may sound corny when you are not used to it. I have used guided medtiations for many years. Mainly some I have bought on cd from my mediumship teachers, Dortea Berg jensen and Val Williams.

It´s just such a treat to lie down dead comfy under a thick blanket, and just listen and follow the speaker´s voice and feel more and more relaxed, hence able to see certain things to the inner eye… very strengthening to me. Confirming my connection to Higher Self.


trust the journey

Yeah… I´ve been rehearsing this skill a lot this lifetime. Very interesting. Quite unnerving. Motivating me to keep working at my inner… beliefsystem… trusting the following of my heart one step at a time on a path hidden in mist, mystified…


trust your intuition and be guided by love

I finish up with this pretty clever little model of what to do in life. How to fill our dealt hands of living days with meaningful content. To feel content.

life skema


Love & Happiness


life is love

Fear, sin and guilt is the language of the ego.
But we are spiritual beings. Come from Light,
and to return home to Light again we will, once this life experience is finished.

a good life is when


Love her face.
And there is truth in that statement. Food for thought.


hap comes from your own actions

Isn´t he lovely. I feel so close to him. So grateful that he is around, and that he shares his insights the way he does.


thoughts cause unhappiness tolle


I love Eckhart Tolle too. Read  his books “The Power of Now” and “A New Earth”, if you haven´t already. He also gives talks on Youtube.


Hahahaha, Al Green my SuperGrooveHero… I just realized that the title of this post would be Love & Happiness, and bam! Al´s song smoothed itself into my mind…. He is just one of a kind…

love is endless

Remember that.


negativity brings down immunesystem


So let´s enhance that gratitude-attitude. Cultivate it. Make it grow.

Which reminds me of a poem from my book;


A better view from here

Momentary madness

Rushes of sadness

Both joy and pain

are to our gain.

In retrospect

all is perfect!

Let go and flow;

Life loves us so…


In hindsight

I realize

that I have met

nothing but angels

giving me knowledge.

Dark or bright,

heavy or light;

always a widening insight.




Our individual and social selves


first 40 years of childhood

Hahaha….we all know dudes like this guy, don´t we? Many of us can identify with aspects of him as well. The Peter Pan syndrome; wanting to never grow up. Just live a care-free life, no worries, no obligations. Play and laugh. Party as if there was no tomorrow.

I honestly have no clue what this blogpost today will be about. But I will try to put together a small collage of images and slogans, and comment on them, and hopefully a red thread will show through the text. Worth an experiment. Let´s see what else I´ve got gathered in my library…:

forget who they told u to be

That´s right. Forget who they told you to be. Your parents, other family, neighbours, teachers, peers…
It is your life to live. And you will also leave this life alone. So try and look inwards when you search for self understanding, not outwards. Each and every one of us is unique. Shine bright, you light! 🙂

eyes rainbow from tears

A beautiful Hopi saying there…  No amazing colourfulness of soul without having lived through painful experiences… Reminds me of the concept of the wounded healer. Who has, through his-her own suffering learnt things that makes her-him able to help others in their healing. Without the suffering, helping others would not be possible.  I see myself too as a wounded healer.

talk about joys

Sure. Talk about joys too. Yet. To talk about one´s problems and pains, has a healing effect, I find. I distinguish between that and the complaining babbling about everyday challenges that people seem to have as a hobby. I welcome the exchange of how we really feel, how we are, our sorrows, fears. As well as sharing one´s gratitude for the gifts life has to offer.

There is a difference between stating facts and complaining. Moaning about annoying issues, like what the neighbours didn´t do and stuff like that, I have no patience for listening to that. But when someone opens up and talks about fears and important problems, then I honour their honesty and confidence in sharing that with me.

manifest wisely

Yeah… this statement deserves its own blogpost really… Our thoughts, emotions and convictions shape our reality. No doubt about that. So do focus on the positive, do talk back at your mind when it tells you everything is hopeless and stupid. Or you might actually manifest such a reality for yourself. This doesn´t mean you can´t share your problems. But once it´s shared, try to see solutions or at least things that can be of comfort in your process. End your evaluations on a positive note.

rather sit alone than with judgers

Indeed I would too. I would also rather sit alone in silence than with people who do mental masturbation together whenever they meet. Such as tell eachother how many movies they know the name of, or directors´ names or… My goodness, how it bores me. I don´t really end up in circles like that anylonger, but I still remember how restless it made me feel, like I was wasting chunks of my life on sitting with them when I could be at home meditating or cuddling with my kittens… So I just decided one day that I´d walk away whenever I got stuck in those groups. And so that´s what I did.

wayne dyer2

I finish with this piece of truth, as an inspiring reminder of a positive focus for all of us.
Live, Love and Let Live.


Celebrate your Struggle


I feel… funny today. As in funny peculiar. Definitely not as in funny haha.

I feel displaced. Sad. Annoyed. Restless. Why? I ask myself. Possibly a bit because I think I´m catching a cold. Slept a long night last night and woke up groggy, sore throat, sneezing. But that can´t be the whole reason, I don´t think.

Maybe it´s a little bit because of the Syrians. The wave of refugees washing over Europe, being welcomed with flags and singing in Germany… some have fled from the police here in Denmark, and they seem to be walking to Sweden! According to Danish law one is not allowed to give them a lift. That feels stupid. Why not give them a busride? If private persons help them, they could go to jail for 6 months. Braindead rule.

But I don´t think that news is what´s weighing me down either, coz there are actually so many positive stories now, about the citizens standing up to welcome and help the refugees… They are proving that the people are not the same as their governments. The people have warm caring hearts. Solidarity.

Maybe it´s just a lack of alone-time last 5-6 days, bothering me. Could be that. A need to meditate, sit and write or draw, and go for a drive with some loud music on, singing as loud as I can…

Either way, it´ll have to wait now. Kids are off to bed soon, and I guess so am I. Sleep is the best medicine, someone wise once said.

green lightbeing

This is how I would like to feel. All the time.

Only interrupted by feeling like this, kundalini rising, energy glowing.


Working with spirit is so enthusing. Amazing and amusing.
When I come out of a particularly intense meeting, then a few days later I feel lonely and cold, or how to describe it. It´s normal. It´s just the way it is. I know. But it still throws me off balance when I notice.

einstein other dimensions are

No doubt about that. I don´t struggle with doubt anylonger. A healthy grain of salt is still ready at the back of my mind if I need it, but. Haven´t needed it yet. Suspect I never will.

lou reed not alone

Yes, Lou. I agree. Both refugees and people like me. I love to spend time alone. But to feel alone, or lonely, is not nice.

celebrate struggle

Yeah. So celebrate your struggle. That must be the title of the challenge I´m facing today, maybe, ey?

Struggling means expansion, growth, progress.  Nice positive angle.

As always, when I have these off times, I listen to my emotions, pay attention to them, accept them, and express them. After that they loosen their grip on me and I can start to let them go and move on.

I finish this post with encouraging support from Osho.