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School´s out



It´s … Tuesday. Soon 11 pm. Just had a nap in my ListeningHut behind the apple tree. So I feel fresh, fresh, exciting…. (Kool & the gang)

School holiday started last Friday. My middle-kid Viola (7) is away on summercamp with the sfo (where they go after school every day to be looked after until parents come home from work)… First time she is away from home for that long. 4 nights! She was not worried at all. She´s my rock star. Or something else kool, calm and collected. (Maybe that´s not the foremost connotations to the concept of a rock star, now I think about it but. Anyways).

There are a lot of things happening in my life now. We had great success with Diversity-day on the 17. of June. Must remember to write a post about that sometime soon. Lots of children and their families came, and the atmosphere was so warm and friendly. Really moved me. Musicians, Syrian food… games for adults and kids together… yeah… must tell that story in full later.

And I have finished the intro course of my soul midwife education. I shall do the rest of the course this autumn, is the plan. Together with one of my dear fellow students from Githa Ben-David´s vocal sound therapy course. I will go be a volunteer at the local hospice, as part of this education. I have contacted a lady I know vaguely, and asked her to help me join the hospice, because I know she works there now. She said yes! It will really help me, to have her support. We have a date set for meeting in August. Well chuffed about that.

Also, one late night, suddenly I could see that my mother had called me! I sent her an sms saying I could see she´d called, and I hoped it wasn´t bad news… she doesn´t normally call me late unless something is seriously urgent… she replied to my sms saying no, no bad news, she just wanted to tell me she had decided to give me and my two sisters a big wad of money each! As a part of our inheritance after our father who died some years ago…

I have lived on a very small economy these last 5 years. So…. YEEEAAAAHHHHHH….. !!!!!! The thought of all that money in my account just…. aaaaaahhhhh…… what a relief and a joy, man…… I immediately decided to start the soul midwife course, and I found out that I want to get myself a proper bicycle. I have made do with a second hand, uncomfortable one for years. I miss my old cruiser that died on me in… 2011? So I went to town. Found out what brand has the best rep when it comes to cruiser bikes. Electra! Oh me oh my (there´s a light in the sky…” Steve Hillage, on the Green album…)

Yup. This morning the Electra helmet that I ordered from Germany, arrived on my very doorstep, delivered by two handsome young men, actually. Hah. It is a black helmet with a white no.8 on the side. Also, there are white race track squares at the back of it. They did not show on my computer screen! But ok. Can I live with it? Yes I can live with it. No sweat. Hahahahaha…..


The number 8 is my favourite number, and it´s the mathematical sign for endlessness / infinity. It can also symbolize balance, I read. Taking the good with the bad. So. A Straight8 it is. As Electra have named this helmet. 🙂

I think I will post the photo of the bike as the top illustration. Then it can also symbolize movement, moving into the new, as the tarot deck position no. 6 is, in the Celtic cross…

(I have done 3 tarot readings this last week or so! Out of the blue. For two of my closest friends here,  who both suggested it themselves, and for my husband. Very interesting indeed. Been quite a while since I I used my decks. Suddenly 3 readings in a week. Wicked).

What else… Oh yes. Around the same time as my mom told me about this …. downpour of dough on my lucky head…. I was watching a free 9 hour long brainathon with John Assaraf on Facebook…. He is a hotshot from the film The Secret…. and with him on the screen stood lots of different brain scientists, neuro-scientists, coaches, all recommending his course…. And I actually decided to invest in it! Which was not cheap. But it is all about changing my money story, with use of self hypnosis, guided meditations, exercises…. supporting my brain change with audios, videos and a facebook community, in changing the way I think about and deal with, money in my life…. I´m in the third week now, and I am absolutely LOVING it. I have worked with self hypnosis about money stories and many other things, by myself, for a couple of years already, using free videos on Youtube. Abraham Hicks… Michael Sealey… many many. But yeah. I feel so empowered that I could choose this for myself! It enthuses me, and I already feel new motivations building up, becoming aware of stuff… As a newly educated hypnotist, it also gives me a lot to hear this programme of top quality hypnosis audios… I realize there is a lot to learn still for me on that score. Great to test this out on my own brain/mind. Looking forward to attracting abundance more and more every waking hour for the rest of my life. Hahaha….. Not a bad affirmation that. Maybe something to add to my anchor.

The rest of the money from my beloved mom, will probably go to my student loan bank. I saw today they have written me a reply to my last application. I will read it tomorrow. But at least I will then be able to pay them off a few months, before the bill is stacked on top of our other household bills… Yes. Moving on up, love´s all that matters… (another theme song, I´m like a radio station tonight…)!

What else is there? Oh yes. Well. Two things. Both a bit secret for now. But I have a great vision developing, together with my good friend here on the island. A social experiment. We are working on a project description and will try to find forces to join us in this process, that could become a great adventure, and a win win for several  central local parties in our community…

The other secret news, is… hmmmm how to tell it without telling it…. No. I think I will actually have to wait with that one. But I will tell you soon. It will be out in the open on Friday. Mindblowing for me. It has happened very suddenly, and it will… be fun, cost a lot of energy but also give me lots of energy, insight and new learnings, new relationships in an exciting teamwork….

Yeah. Friday this thing will be official. And Saturday we jump in the car, my hubby, our 3 kids and I,  and go to Norway for 20 days. First a week at our close friends´ in Bergen, then a week at my mom´s place, then my mom and her man holds a big party at my aunt´s place by the waterfall at the innermost bay of the Åkra fjord… from there we will then drive across the mountain (takes 6 hours, if not 8), down to Oslo, to another close and dear friend of mine and her lovely family, and from there we sail on home…

So this week, I´m just getting ready. Hanging out with the two kids that are still at home. Receiving a sound client tomorrow and a hypnosis client Thursday. Packing. Washing clothes. Buying presents to bring with us. Listening to my money story audios. And waiting for my new fantastic bike to be delivered to my door. I must remember to order those 2 books about soul midwifery, but probably better if I wait ´till we get back from the trip.

Lucky is my middle name. As I always say. I am so right about this!



Straight for a Change


In this Fanø house from the 1760s, is where I spent a couple of hours today, together with my 12yearold, and the kind, sweet lady who lives in the house.

We spent the two hours in her bathroom! As we came to receive her help with making a “relaxer treatment” on Lava´s hair.
I have asked everyone who crossed our path in all these years, for help with her hair. Half Norwegian, fine hair, and half Caribbean.        A eufro, I named it.
Not easy to comb, and it always grows upwards towards the sky, not downwards towards the earth.
But Birthe, as her name is, has lived in several African countries working for Unicef, and she has two daughters with African hair. So she simply went and got us a superb product in an Asian shop in Esbjerg, and today she showed us how it is done when one relaxes hair…!

First, separating areas of hair, so one can do one area at a time…:


15 minutes later….:

Then letting it stay in for 20 minutes…

Rinsing with one type of shampoo that turns the water pink until all the “stuff” is rinsed out…:

Then another bag of stuff, to make it soft and shiny and help it “heal” from the straightening stuff…

And then to just leave that in for 10 minutes…:

Lava´s sister came by and joined us, as she didn´t want to go with dad and her brother to the forest playground (!) … :

Then another rinse…:

And a round of special conditioner as the last step.
Result: One very happy girl. Imagine it can be like this!!!


New Year Thoughts


(The photo here is a Facebook poster, and the words for it goes: “In a world full of princesses, dare to be Batman”).

It´s early morning the 31/12 as I write this. 2016. That year where “all” our greatest musicians departed. Many of my favourite ones.

Bowie. Prince. Cohen. Michael. (Thank Goddess Madonna is still here in the physical with us)!
Many other celebrities died as well. Actors, writers. A whole Russian choir just last week. Princess Leia´s mother died the day after her daughter, she told her son she wanted to join her daughter, and 15 minutes later she had a stroke!!

The human heart is a fascinating “thing”. Phenomenon.
I read in an article which had names and photos in it, about a man who had a heart transplant, and suddenly he started writing love poems to his wife! Totally out of character for him. They then found out that the dead man who had donated his heart to this new man, that he actually indeed used to write a lot of poetry.

Real life is such a mystery.
I love it.

The new is about to arrive. Or. The human beings´ ritual of new cycle, is. Somehow it feels different this year. To me. Coz a few illusions has kind of been removed from my vision. Comfortable illusions that I enjoyed. Like USA not being the ice cold dicatatorship that it now is showing itself to be. The Wikileaks emails of Killary. The probable assassination of Julian Assange. The thought of the Trumpet ringing through our global community in 3 weeks. Him and his nuke button, and his cabinet of retard right wingers.

Yeah. That was a comfortable illusion of mine. Trusting America´s sanity.

I could talk about the world´s political leaders and the children of Syria. But it is too painful.

Shifting focus, or zooming in, to my own personal life, I have had to create a new distance to a person I thought of as a close friend. It feels right, but it also feels sad, or course. Losing what I thought was a friendship… is quite heavy as I live abroad and my friends live in another country.
And my closest friend left here, is suffering from alcohol abuse. So. I need to learn how to distance myself from that as well. Only the suffering person can stop it. No one else can do it for them. Very difficult to accept as a bystanding close friend.

Ok. Gloomy doomy new year´s eve speech here, huh.
Whatever. I´m pro truth. All that plastic fantastic facade stuff…             I don´t have time for it. Life is short.

What I DO want in my life the coming year(s), is:

Real friendships. Where I am seen, heard and understood. As well as holding that space for my friend of course. Reciprocity, equality, generousity. More of that for me. Thanx.

New learnings. I am indeed enrolled in an enormously exciting course the last week of January and February! In Aarhus, at the hands of Human Education Group. I will study to become a certified hypnotherapist!!! How WICKED is that. ???!!!                                             My heart is dancing its happiest happy-dance! I´m reading the curriculum now, and page by page I just feel more and more excited to learn this artform. This tool for helping people in their self help processes. Yes!

In spring I will put a big sign up on my house wall outside. Visible from the main street. It will say something to the extent of:

Vocal Sound Therapy & Hypnotherapy                                                                  by Lene Kaltwasser.                                                                                                   Stress reduction, physical pain relief, tinnitus reduction, better sleep & general wellness.                                                                                              Certified hypnotist by (xxxx), (xxx). And certified vocal sound therapist by Githa Ben-David.                                                                        Booking: sms 55555555, or connect through Facebookpage “Kaltwasser Sound & Hypnosis”

(Facebookpage doesn´t exist yet, and may not get that name).

It´s a lot of words maybe. It´s not finished yet, but work in progress. If you have input, please share in the comments section. It´s important to me to mention I´m certified, authorized. But maybe such info belongs on the wall inside my clinic room instead.  What I do, is not so known, that´s why I want to mention symptoms I have good experience with helping.

Anyways. Yes, this is a thrilling thought, this signpost. I´m leaving some kind of cupboard, coming out. Onto my house wall! Hahaha!!

Parallell to my signposting, I will refurbish a room in my house to become my Sound Space or. Some good title. That is another thrilling project. New flooring, wardrobe, book shelves. Small desk. Room for my massage table for the sound treatments, and a good reclining chair for the hypnosis sessions,  maybe.

So 2017 will be a productive one for me. Materializing my context for the therapy sessions. Until now, I use a room in the house where I each time have to create my space, tidy away other people´s belongings before every session. It is not optimal. I can´t wait to create a whole separate room for the single purpose of twosome quality talks and healing sound vibrations…

Other than work on my source of income, things in my life are good. Healthy happy children, and a kind, creative husband. No one in my innermost circle is dying. Knock on wood. I will appreciate that space. Death has been a central pawn on my life´s chessboard. So I have learnt to appreciate when there is a pause from heavy grieving.

Right. Shall I wrap this up in a song maybe? Something light?

This is the newest discovered song in my universe. It flowed into my ears from my mother´s car radio during the christmas week, while I was  driving around to visit family and friends “back home” in Norway.

I can see on youtube that this video has been watched 205 million 915 thousand times!!! Hahahaha…. So. I guess it´s not that new to most people. But. Hey. I´m way too perfect to be a perfectionist, I don´t mind being behind the slashin´ fashion from time to time. (And that sentence should become the first line in a new song of mine).

Happy 2017, peeps. Make it work for you! Whether it is a year that demands of you to break free from situations or people you hold dear… or death visits your inner circle, or you struggle with illness…. Let´s just try our best to make it work somehow. Be positive. It is the only healthy way to be.

I wish you Love and Light.


(Means: The divine in me honours the divine in you).


Autumn routine is upon us!


Gracious. Hi.

I haven´t updated the blog since 21/7!

It´s because two days after that, I attended the Fanø Free Folk Festival #7, and filmed a lot. Spent the following couple of days editing and uploading gig-vids to Youtube/Facebook. (I will write a separate blogpost or two about the festival). Here´s a picture from one of the outdoor concerts…


Then I had to stop editing gigs to go to Germany and buy tons of beer, wine and soft drinks, snacks and barbecue goods, for my husband’s big birthday party coming up.

Back home same day, and next day, Wednesday, I almost single handedly tore down the kitchen wall! (With a little help from my friends, but. Mostly me. I will indeed claim that fame).



Day after that, I was incredibly smashed. Cleaned up all the fine brick-wall dust. Day after that, Danish family members came and put up a tent in our garden, they were going to a party on the island. Lovely to see them and their two daughters again.


That same evening, the first of my 21 Norwegian family members arrived in their campervan. So I drove out and had a hug and a short chat with them.

Next day was Saturday, and more Norwegian clan members arrived, came by for a hug and left again to settle into their rented summerhouses. My bonus-son and grandson arrived as well, and we spent the day in their splendid company. They stayed the night.

Sunday was my husband Helge´s 60.birthday, and we woke him up with a song and guitarstrings and presents. As is our tradition.


In the afternoon arrived my 21 Norwegians, plus neighbours and friends. Sadly, son and grandson had to go back to Copenhagen as the newborn baby brother wasn´t feeling too well. But Helge´s cousin showed up with her Norwegian cousin, hence representing the Danish side of the family… a very lovely time was had in our garden. My mom had written a song for him, and so had I. Great presents, and laughs, and dancing on the grass, and 7 cousin-kids bouncing on the trampoline…





The next day, my poor husband had to start work again. My family stayed for a week, and every day we met up and went different places all together or in smaller groups, barbecuing in the different summerhouses… It was absolutely ACE.









Well. My grand dad then died during that week. Karl Normann Kaltwasser. Blessed be his Eternal Light.


Luckily one of his daughters was there in Haugesund, with him and my grandma. He had been waiting to be allowed to die. So that was a relief, as well as sad, of course. For once I was not alone whilst receiving the message of someone in the family passing, so that was… nice… And my grandma sent me money for a plane ticket home for the funeral. Which moved me a lot. So I waved good bye to my mom and sisters on the Sunday, saying “See you Wednesday!” instead of “See you at christmas!”….

I have often been abroad when someone close died. And have not prioritized to go to the funeral. Thinking I could light a candle at home and be together with them in Spirit. What I have realized later on, though, is the importance of gathering with the other family members left behind. To be together in the grieving, to remember and honour the departed, and to learn about that persons life, actually, through the stories people tell at a funeral… So I wanted to go to this one. Even before my grandma sent me money. Plane made it a lot easier than my planned journey with train and ferry. (Which would have been much cheaper but taken a lot more time as well).

Tuesday was my youngest daughter´s first day of school! So that was a big day, and she was extremely proud and excited…






Wednesday I flew to my childhood home town, spent a great evening talking with my mom and her fellow.




Thursday was the funeral, in a beautiful chappel, where a woman played “O Mein Papa” on trumpet, which was a song my grand dad´s father actually used to play on his trumpet, hanging from a light pole on his way home from parties, goes the story….. It was very emotional to listen to that. From my seat, holding my sister´s hand, I could see three duos and a trio of family members embracing eachother. I will never forget that picture. Real care. Or how to put it. Seeking comfort from eachother. My pack. Proud to say I´m one of them.



The round window, the cross and the dove are on the ceiling, right above the white, flower covered coffin…


After the funeral we went and had coffee, sandwhiches and cake. Speeches. Lovely. Everyone from the holiday week was there, plus a handful more of us. Around 40 all together, I reckon. Fine hours.





When that was finished, my childhood´s best friend picked me up, and I spent the night at her house. Fantastic to catch up, been way too long. Stayed with her until she took me to the airport next afternoon. (Annoying I didn´t take a selfie of us. Took a picture of her kids, though, to show my kids back home how much they´ve grown since we last saw them)! Brilliant children, I dig these three wonderful characters!


On the airport I sat down at the gate and decided I now had time to check my Facebook messages. There, one of my good old mates said that she was sitting waiting for a plane to Copenhagen. As was I!! Just from a different airport! So of course we overjoyously agreed to meet at the airport in Copenhagen. Hahaaa…!


How wicked is that?! We got an hour and a half together, a beer at the airport, and the train ride into town. Then I jumped off the train one station before her and swoosh, onto an other train back home. Arrived 21.30 (930 pm), and everyone was fast asleep. So I ate and went to bed.

Next day, Saturday, we dropped the kids off at our friends´ place to stay the night, whilst we drove to some other friends to celebrate the couple´s double 40th birthdays! Great food, great people, and great music with my husband´s Not Big Bot Band (I have written about them before on the blog)… Sadly I was so tired, I fell asleep in the middle of conversation on the coach! But hey. Forgivable after the weeks I had just lived through, huh?

Next day we picked the kids up and I just fell asleep most of the day.
Following day, up 0630 for school. And kindergarten. And then. Boom. Time to myself. To relax, be alone, do nada. Meaning doze and doze, until picking the kindergarten kid up again at 1 pm.

Wednesday and Thursday eve I had meetings with people and an ngo… Boy was I glad to see Friday arrive. Switch off that torturing alarm clock!

Today is Saturday and I have actually slept for 3 hours out here in my listening hut in the garden! So right now I´m feeling rather fresh. Just uploaded to Facebook an album of photos from the family week… wish I could share facebook posts straight over to my blog, but it doesn´t seem doable…

But yeah. So I put my 4-yearold to bed reading him a book and singing to him whilst scratching his back. And then I thought, NOW. I can finally update my blog again!!

So here I am now. Finding my feet after the eventful Summerweeks.

Now the blog is brought to the here. So I pause, and an other day soon, I will write that next blogpost, from the fantastic Fanø Free Folk Festival. Yup.



Thankful ms. Doorslammer!


Yesterday I put my new lovely phone/videocamera in the pocket of my coat, and tied the coat around my waist as it was hotter than I thought outside.

Went to the grocery store and picked up some biscuits etc, and jumped back into the car outside where my mate was waiting together with my two tiny tots (4 and 6 years old).

Happily slammed the door. “G-gang”. It would not shut! I looked down. Oh. My coat was in the way. Or…. my phone….
Oh-oooooh…… nooooooooooo……

Fotografi den 23-06-2016 kl. 10.25

The panzer glass had scars. And the whole phone was bent!!

I could not remember if I had been clever enough to say yes to an insurance when I bought it.

So. I felt pretty down the rest of yesterday. It was just … departed. Crossed over. Dead as a dead dodo. A bygone.
The home button was very warm to the touch. That was the only sign of the wonderful life that had filled this little dream thingy, for the last one month, one week and one day of my life. Really. Exactly that long. Did it enthuse me.

So today I sailed on to the mainland and went and found my lovely salesman Anders. “So, what´s up?” He said as I entered. Remembering me. Oh how I just love real offline show with real human beings to talk to. “My phone has a big problem,” I explained. “I believe it is dead.”
I pulled it up from my rucksack and gave it to him.
“Wow.” He said. “Amazing! How did you do this?! Yes. It is very dead. Did you buy an insurance for it?”
“I don´t remembeeer…..”

He smiled empathically (and I braced myself for another one of those moments where I learn the consequences of my actions the hard way). Clicketiclick on his computer keys.

“Yes you are insured. I signed you up for one where the first three months are free of charge.”

Rarely have I felt so ecstatically grateful. I almost threw myself to the floor and kissed his feet! Honestly.

Sweet sweet joyous relief !!

And the simcard was´t broken. So. Yay for that extra plus.
Beneath the panzer glass external protection plastic shielding, the screen was actually undamaged! Bent as hell. Or as a banana. Or as someone extremely gay. But other than that just fine! A curved screen, looking spotless.

I filed an insurance claim, and in 3 days I will hear from them and in another 3-14 days I can go pick up a new copy of my so highly desired good. My price will be 500 kr. (about 50 pounds). Which. Is a pleasure to pay for this accident, compared to what a new phone would cost if I had not had insurance. Ten times more. Meaning I could not afford to replace it, basically.

It is crazy to pay that much for a phone. And then. It´s not. Coz it´s not a phone to me. I hardly ever use it as that. It is my walkman (Yes, I am that old, yes), my check on facebook and email, messenger and sms. My communication device. The spider in my personal network. Centrepoint. It is also my camera, which I use a lot. And upload directly to my Youtube channel. It is my alarm clock, playing my favourite song as I wake up in the morning.

Yeah. You know what I´m talking about. We’re all in love with their niftiness, aren´t we.

It´s gonna be interesting to be without it for a couple of weeks actually. Healthy. To notice how much too much time I spend staring into its “eyes”…

Anyways. I´m so happy.

And today we celebrate midsummer´s night here, on the beach. So I will go join my youngness in their afternoon nap, so we can all stay up late and enjoy the bonfire together, as we hear their father sing and play his guitar in the background.

Life is Good.



Fresh, it´s so fresh!


Fotografi den 19-05-2016 kl. 12.22

This is me. Taken five minutes ago, max. By my brand sizzling new Rolls Royce of personal computers. I have been using a dinosaur pc for years and years. And years. Honestly. And now. This. I am almost drooling. Although I disagree fiercely with the company´s climate policy, and lack of customer service when it comes to repairing their products. The products are still the best. In my humble opinion.

Not to mention names and place support or recommendations. I am merely expressing the immense gratitude I feel for having received this top of the props equipment.

I feel like the groove in this old melody from my high school years:

And like this too:

With a bit of this on top:


Must dash off now, picking´up kiddies in the kindergarten in ten minutes. Just had to update my blog now. Couldn´t wait. New horizons await. Such a pleasure to create with tools that work as they are supposed to. Sweet Relief. Oh the JOY!

Write you again soon.
Have an ACE day!


Moore-ish Movies


michael moore and oscar

I watched a dvd last night, that I found in the library the other day. “Sicko”, it´s called. A documentary by American Michael Moore, about the health care system in the Usa.

Here´s a clip where he is in France, and the Americans living there say they love France for being such a family friendly country….:

And here is a clip where he is in Canada, comparing the health care system there to the one in the Usa:

And here he is in London, to learn about the Nhs there (national health system):

I can only recommend you watch the film Sicko in full. Excellent film.
I have always loved Michael Moore´s films. I learned about his work while I was in university, and he was a great inspiration to me, when I went into documnetary film making. I also love how he discloses power structures and directly questions to their face the people responsible for what is unfair in this world.

Here is a former employee in an American insurance company, admitting in court how she regrets the work procedures she has been a tool for; where the aim was not to help people, but to avoid paying out money.
Quite shocking:

Now, I know Moore is not news. And I´m not a news blog. So. Not guilty.
To me, it´s about introducing Michael Moore´s work to more people, I have a lot of readers in China, Ukraine, Russia, France, Germany, as well as the Scandinavina countries. Probably not everyone knows who Michael Moore is. And in my opinion, everyone should. He is one of the best documentary makers of our time.

He received an Oscar for this film, about the massacre at Columbine High School.
I love the way he uses both an everyday language and humour in his storytelling. Satirical.
To us in Scandinavia, the gunlaws in the States are… completely non understandable. Guns are dangerous! They should not be easy to get one´s hands on. Of course not!

Then there is this film. Fahrenheit 9/11.
In which he…:
“Examines America in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks, particularly the record of the Bush administration and alleged links between the families of George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden.

Fahrenheit was awarded the Palme d’Or,[28] the top honor at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival; it was the first documentary film to win the prize since 1956.

The title of the film alludes to the classic book Fahrenheit 451 about a future totalitarian state in which books are banned; according to the book, paper begins to burn at 451 °F (233 °C). The pre-release subtitle of the film confirms the allusion: “The temperature at which freedom burns.”

As of August 2012, Fahrenheit 9/11 is the highest-grossing documentary of all time, taking in over US$200 million worldwide, including United States box office revenue of almost US$120 million.[2] ”

I watched this film in the cinema in Bergen whilst pregnant, in 2004. I cried my eyes out, I actually sobbed loudly, haha, pregnant and sensitive as I was, I felt quite sorry afterwards, for the people sitting next to me… A very, very strong movie. I am delighted to read it received that honorary prize from the Cannes Festival.

Here Michael Moore gives an interview, about his 9/11 movie, about how the media worked for the Bush administration in the lead-up to the Iraq war;
“Media, we, the people, we need you! Don´t ever send us to war without asking questions!
Demand the evidence!”
“You listen to the ones in power, and repeat their lines as truth!”

“They´re not patriots, they are hate-riots…(the people against gay marriage)”

“If we can´t believe what comes out of the mouth of our president, what are we left with?!”

He is in my view a great speaker. Very engaging. When heartfelt truth is expressed, it can be felt by the audience, like chills down the spine, or goose bumps, or a feeling of warmth in the abdomen. Truth sets hearts on fire. At least that´s how I experience it.

And then I found this today! A film by him that I never heard about!
I can only say to my defense, that I have spent the last 11 years at home caring for small children. So I am out of touch with a lot of things. I´m definitely looking forward to watching this one. Maybe I can get it done tonight, if I´m awake enough when the tinytots are sound asleep…
Talking of which, I must go downstairs now and brunch with my four favourite people, with whome I share my home and my everything.
Happy Sundays to each one of you readers out there! 🙂


Inspiring Female Rockstars


Last night, when I finished blogging, I switched on the tv and that very instant a film started, called The Runaways, a film about the band Joan Jett had before she went solo. Great film.
I remember Joan Jett´s number one hit, the first song she made after going solo.
I was 10 years old and was on a school trip, and our whole class stood in one big circle in a room there and heard Joan Jett´s superhit over and over again, while we sang along and made the first attempts of “discodancing”. Her song is a raw one, so energetic, brilliant stuff. This one:

(Strange they haven´t adjusted so that visuals and sound is in sync, but there you go…)

Two years later, in 6.grade, age 12, we did a performance for our parents before Summerholiday.
Cindy Lauper, Girls just wanna have fun.
You might argue she is more a popstar than a rockstar. But I think of rockstar as someone who rocks, is independent and dares to stand out. Cindy rocks. In my mind there is no doubt about that. 🙂
Let me share with you not the one we danced to, but my favourite Lauper tune:

“Don´t be afraid to let them show, you true colours, true colours are beautiful like a rainbow…”

Same time periode as Cindy, an other special lady appealed to my sense of free female singers.
Madonna of course. With her provocative look, contrasted with her crucifix and her artist name…And of course her very catchy songs. Papa don´t preach, Like a virgin, La isla bonita, later on, the lyrics of her song Frozen…
The one that spoke to me the loudest, is Like a Prayer. The video where she finds a black Jesus statue behind bars and brings him to life… the burning crosses after he is falsely accused of murder there, and the scene with the gospel quoir… I love it. Strong symbolism all the way through.

Some years later, I had a crush on this lady´s album, where especially this song, I simply listened to it over and over and over, lifting the pickup arm on my record player to hear it again, this was long before the handy Repeat-button of cd players…:

Hehehe…. “and your protection is minimal, so minimal… I´m gonna….”
A bit of a stalker´s song that one…
I was never dangerous like that. I was a shy teenager, fell in love often, and the chosen one never knew a thing about it. Safest that way. 🙂
But I do remember one boy, who was in my high school, and I knew his full timetable, so I would always walk past his classroom where he was standing, on the way to my own classroom… just for the rush of seeing his long dark hair… But yeah. He never noticed, I don´t think.

A handful years later again, I listened a LOT to this powerful woman. What a voice, and passion.

“I´m gonna show you baby, that a woman can be tough…”

We have Joni Mitchell, Tina turner, Dolly Parton… all rocking / strong women whose work I respect a lot, yet it didn´t stay with me or touch me as deeply as other music did…

But Nina. Yeah. She… I´m shaking my head with a smile on my face. Lost for words to describe her.

My first child was born to this song, it was in the room when she took her first breath of air.
Look at the pictures of Nina Simone in this “video”. Such a character. Wish I could meet her.

There´s Annie Lennox from Eurithmics, great energetic tunes and good lyrics as well…
There´s all those soul and r&b singers I don´t relate to that much…

Oh and this one song by Natasha Beddingfield.
I had a severe crush on it for months. Still dig those lyrics:

“I´m having trouble saying what I mean, with dead poets and a drum machine…” 🙂

Oh, I simply HAVE to include one more by her. She talks so well about writing. “Today is where your book begins, the rest is still unwritten…” Again gospel…

Reminds me a bit about Walking on sunshine, with Katarina and the waves, excellent song…

Must not forget Tracey Chapman. One of my favourites.
Fast car, baby can I hold you, talkin bout a revolution…
I love this one maybe most of all, shame I can´t find a version of it that includes imagery but.
I guess it can be a nice thing to just close one´s eyes and listen, as well.
The way she uses her voice here… she rocks. 🙂

Then of course there is also Suzanne Vega. Her legendary song Luka. She has many really good ones.

Okay. I could have gone into Marianne Faithful now.
With her songs Marathon kiss. File me under fun from the past…
So many fascinating, brilliant female singer songwriters out there.

But this post is quickly becoming a long one now, and I also need to go to sleep soon.

So. This lady. Has touched me maybe deeper than anyone else with her music and her courage.
Here is a whole concert with her. I have it on dvd. Mtv Unplugged.
Shame they haven´t published it including the visual side.
But again. Her lyrics, and her words between the songs. So worth listening to.
Totally truely amazingly talented stuff. Inspired stuff. Coming through her, inspiring the listening.
She rocks.

I did find a piece where we get to see her and not just hear her voice. Enjoy this! 🙂
And get hold of that dvd. That must be today´s hottest tip from me.

That´s all, folks!
Have a sweet dreamy sleep when you get that far!
I´m gonna go to bed and unplug. It´s freedom time now. 🙂


My Leonard Cohen


Leonard Cohen. My world´s very best singer and poet. Thinker.
Here he is interviewed in Mt.Baldy, the zen monastry where he lived for a few years.

First time I “met” Leonard Cohen, was in a music video for his then new song “I´m your man”.
Hmmm…. I can´t find an official video for the song on Youtube… is my memory failing me?
Has it been a tv programme where they have shown images of him walking whilst we heard his new song?
I don´t know. I think it came out in 1988. Here he is singing it in 2009:

To me back then, at 16 years of age, and still today, it is the ultimate lovesong from a man to a woman.

I bought his album and fell in love with every song on it.
Since then I have bought all his albums, the older ones, and each new one as it arrived.

I have seen him in concert twice in Denmark, 2008 in Århus and 2013 in Odense. Amazing to be in his presence. The energy of the listening audience. The respect he shows his fellow musicians, the warmth in his words between each song. His punctuality, starting every time exactly on the dot as announced, and playing for 3-4 hours, then coming back to gice us more when we can´t stop clapping……. what a man.

One of my very favourite songs of his, is one from his last but one album, Old Ideas (2012).
Called “Going home”.

In this video, he is singing in a hospital in Ireland. Which gives it extra meaning. As I read the lyrics, it´s about going home to the existence after life… The subject changes between God and Leonard, the song is a conversation between the two… “Going home without this costume that I wore… to where it´s better than before… home without my burden, home behind the curtain…”

Here´s my favourite from his newest album, Popular problems. “Born in chains”:

The list of his songs that have moved me deeply and for ever, is so long.
Take this waltz
Dance me to the end of love
In my secret life
Dear Heather
So long Marianne
That´s no way to say goodbye
Famous blue raincoat
Like a bird on a wire
Tower of song
Love itself
The nightingale
A thousand kisses deep

Many more for sure… these are just the ones that come to mind immediately as I try to think of some.

Mostly I have listened to him one album at the time, and listening to the full album through and through.

Like Dear Heather, the album. From 2004. Which was the year I got pregnant for the first time (2.of March) and gave birth to my eldest daughter (22. of November). I listened to this album a LOT throughout the pregnancy and the first year or so of her life.
And when she was born and had nights of unease, unable to sleep, this album would soothe her and make her quiet and relaxed, as she knew it so well from the months inside the womb…

Especially this song, rested deep in my soul in that periode. Also a very difficult time for me, as the relationship with her father was such a complicated one.


Yeah, Leonard Cohen… his music and his words have a special place in my heart, and always will have.
I love his book too, “Book of longing”, with poems and sketches.
And I LOVE the documentary where he has the voice-over; “The Tibetan book of the dead”.
I feel connected to him. Spirit to spirit.

His probably most famous song of all, is this one.

It was to this song, played by a coverband in an Irishbar in Bergen 28/4-07, that I first felt the arms of my now husband, around me. He had asked me to dance during “Living on a prayer” by Bon Jovi, but as we entered the floor, they switched to Hallelujah.
And we smiled and moved closer together and danced the tune. And when they finished playing, we were holding eachother unbelievably close. And we just stood there and did not let go of eachother.
For several minutes, waiting for another song to dance to.
But it was the last song of the night. So we had to let go in the end. Walked outside together and stood talking. Wanted to go to a club, but it was already 03 in the morning and nowhere to go. We agreed he could walk me home. Outside my flat we sat on a park bench for several hours talking and kissing, before I went inside and to bed, and he went back to his hotel room.
We smsed. And he left for Denmark next morning, but returned ten days later to visit me for five days. When he left, my daughter and I jumped on a ferry two days later and came and stayed with him for another ten days.
After that he came to see us as much as he could during that spring and summer, all July for example, joining my Summerholiday of visiting my family and friends around Norway… And in August we went to stay with him in Denmark, not knowing when we would return to Bergen. In January the following year, we decided I would move myself and my daughter, our life to Denmark, to build an everyday life together.

I told him that if Leonard Cohen ever comes to my door and wants to live with me, then he must be allowed to. My husband laughed and said that of course Leonard may stay with us if he wants to, and sleep in our bed with us too, totally fine.
And with that promise secured, I married my beloved.
Whose last name is Leonhardt. And who is a gifted musician with a beautiful, deep voice with which he sings his self made lovesongs to me.

I want my Leonhardt to Dance me to the end of Love.


Being a Poet


Tonight I will read out some texts from my book that I self published in 2011. It´s in English, poems and…reflections…? Not sure if the Norwegian word translates directly. But we use the word “refleksjon” about thinking about something, pondering and reasoning, thinking back, analyzing… I think reflection is a great metaphor for the description of my texts´ form .
If the word doesn´t quite fit in English, then it should, from this moment onwards! 🙂
The reflections in my book are a lot like the ones I write here on the blog.
(In my post “Radio years” I compared the form to radio talks, or “kaaseri” in Norwegian)…

I will read from my book, and then I have made Danish translations to 15 of the in all 78 text peices. So I will read a text in English, and then the Danish translation.

The process of translating the texts has been quite eye opening to me. To reshape a text and keep its form, content and rhtythm… almost impossible. Some easier than others. But languages are musical melodies as well as meaning. What sounds mellow and flowing in English, can sound abrupt and stiff in Danish.
To me this fact just makes it more interesting to read out the translated pieces. Also, in new shape, the meaning behind the words springs to life, becomes visible in a new, fresh way. Lovely feeling to me, I have worked these pieces through and through back then, when I made the book…

I have only read out loud my texts twice before.
First time was in a friend´s home, where there were a quite large group of Soka Gakkai students from Japan visiting. They were the sweetest, warmest audience one can imagine. So that luckily didn´t scare me off. (I used to have stagefright. I wrote about how I got rid of it in the post “a blogger and her blog”).

Then, the second time I read out loud in front of people, was last spring. In this little gallery in the town Esbjerg, which lies just across the water from my home island, a mere 12 minute ferry ride away.
Once a month there is a “Litterature salon” there, where the gallery owner invites people to come and read their creations. There´s also always music students there, sharing their things in between the reads. There´s only room for 30 people, and one has to book a chair in advance. It´s free to get in, and one can buy coffee. It´s a wonderful place with a very charming hostess who herself writes and paints.
It´s at this Henneberghus Gallery I read out again today, for the second time.
I will tell you all about how it went, when I know. 🙂

So today I am an author. Or a writer? A poet? The word “poet” actually means “creating”. So that word fits me well, I love being in the process of creating. Whether it is a song, a poem, a reflection, a film… Not many use that word these days. At least not in Scandinavia. It´s a shame.

I feel it is difficult to call myself an author. I have loved to write since I was 4 years old. I bought myself a desk at the tender age of 6, and my biggest wish for christmas was a typewriter. Which I got.
My texts have been published in magazines and papers every time I´ve gotten round to sending something in.
I have never sent a book script to a publisher´s. Not because I´m afraid they won´t want it. I´d just rather publish it myself, the way I see it should be, undisturbed by critics…
Not that I can´t deal with constructive criticism. I can. But. Somehow I feel the poems are sacred.
Many times I feel they come through me, that I did not invent them, just allowed them passage through my pen. Some times when I write, the words come out very fast so I dot them down in a rush, and only afterwards when I read through it, do I discover rhythms and rhymes… and old fashioned words I don´t normally use… It´s not automatic writing. But it is, I´m convinced, inspired by Spirit. Maybe channeled from time to time. I don´t know enough about these categories to tell for sure.
But many other artists and writers through time have been saying they don´t feel ownership to their creations, they feel they are receivers of messages from the collective consciousness or Spirit or… Yeah. Other dimensions. What to call it.

I wrote a song about the difficulty of identifying with labels. And filmed out the car window in Norway, and connected those images to the words in the song… It is me singing too. (And editing).

As a line in the song says:
“I´m a writer when I write, a reader when I read, a doer and a dreamer and above all I´m just me.”

There are two videopoems in this piece, there are 15 in all so I chose to upload some of them in groups.
The second, short film here is a haiku. (Formula 5 cyllables, 7 cyllables, 5 cyllables).
I filmed the route from my father´s hospits (hospital for dying patients), back to my parents´ home. After the last time I saw him. He died there ten days later. (26.of October 2010).

The haiku isn´t a sad one, though. It was not written at that time. yet it fits.
It REALLY fascinates me how our minds do what we in media science learnt to call “mindgapping”. Which means that the mind searches for meaning, and inserts connections where there may not be any intended.
So that when a poem gets connected to imagery, it widens its meaning, more can be read into it…
(some times imagery can also limit a poem´s meaning. But in my videopoems I feel meaning is added).

Well. Here you are, a song about the bizarrness of work title labels, and a haiku:

Tonight I am a poet. Who reads out her scribblings to an audience.
I remember last spring, it was so enjoyable to stand there and be listened to. Which surprised me a bit, because I used to be very opposed to getting up on a stage. The gallery also has no stage, but still. One stands before a group and is the centre of attention, and entertains, performs, expresses.

Let me share with you a poem about “who the audience is”. I´m reading this one out tonight:

About Who the Audience Is

My own True Self.
My Higher Self.
I am my witness.
Possibly also the
collective consciousness.

What is important is that no one judges
I don´t perform, I express;
presentation of content
coming through me, not made by me,
makes more meaning to me, not less.

I don´t believe in honour and shame
i don´t believe in life as a comparison game
I don´t believe in guilt or judgment either
I don´t believe in God / Satan-divide, neither
the “good” nor the “bad”
gives me value from the outer.
My soul validates me
there´s no need for a shouter.

An audience of listening
wordlessly resting;
the vast yet voidless
silence of within.


Tonight I am a poet reading out my creations.
It just…. sounds so……
It´s like a jacket with far too long sleeves and at the same time it´s too narrow across the back….

“What will you become when you grow up?”
Such a fricking annoying question, that, isn´t it?

Become?? More of myself, of course. What else can I become. A tree? Someone else?
Grow up? When IS that point in time? I´m growing ALL the time, until I die.
And I´m also the same at core as I was age 12.
Senseless babblings.

“So be an artist,” they say. “Just call yourself an artist.” But I never went to art school. I respect professions. I don´t see myself as an artist.

A poet. That´s the closest I get. As it only means to be in the creative process, creating.
Yes, that´s true. I do do that. I be that, then.

Just being. All this thinking. Thinking and labelling can never grasp the width and depth of being alive.
Simple as that.

I do sound therapy as well. Exams in December. I really enjoy singing those long tones on people, as they lay relaxed and drift off supported or guided by their body´s reception of the sound…
I really enjoy the sound giving. But to call myself a therapist….. is hard.
Maybe it will get easier once my exams are passed and I have more experience with clients.

I am a lot of things.
Or I am no
thing, I just do different activities.

A dreamer when I dream, a dancer when I dance, I´m a mother and a lover and a watcher of tv…
(From my song, if you didn´t watch the video above).

Wish me luck!
I´m sure it´s going to be a nice experience tonight.
What ever it is called.