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We are Nature.


Indian woman breastfeeding

“This photo is revolutionary. It is revolutionary because I breastfeed, in a society where the milk formula is normal and fully accepted, where the ability of women to breastfeed is discredited, where our more instinctive and mammal side is supressed.
It is revolutionary because I show my body, which is banned for breastfeeding, but not that of a bikini model.
It is revolutionary because we dance and we restore our ancient Aymara and Quechua roots, because we believe that is in mourning pacha, under the cement behind the logging of forests, dams, genetically modified foods.

This photo is revolutionary, because I also am.”

Photo via Cata Contreras RisitadeArdilla in Chile


Saw this on Facebook this morning. I always share pictures of women breastfeeding. A matter of principles. A matter of children´s human rights for crying out loud. They need food! And it can´t just wait until the source is in a “socially acceptable place”.

Why is breastfeeding in public not socially acceptable?! When topless sunbathing is. And front pages of magazines picturing naked women? One should think the female body´s natural function was a holy one. She carried a new human being into life! And now she should hide when the baby is hungry? Feel ashamed for… what?

I just don´t get it.

Or could it have to do with the female body primarily being seen as a sexual object for men? And the breastfeeding makes them jealous, that a baby is getting what the men think belongs to them? No, surely people can´t be that stupid.

Anyways. Moving swiftly on.


Oh. I did not see atheist. I am no atheist. I am a spiritual person.
Liberal is a toxic label too. In this political era.

I am a reincarnated French revolutionary.
“Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood / Solidarity”.
That is my parole.

And of course I am a feminist. Someone should rename that word.
Into “common sense” or something like that.

If you don´t believe women are equal to men… it´s the same as believing black people are less good than white ones. Or that gay people´s sexuality is less glorious than hetero sexuality.
Or that Jews or Moslems are inferior. To the fascists.
Because that is the ideology of inequality, man. It is fascism.
The idea of “Das Übermensch”. The Superhuman.
Stupid translation. Superhero, superhuman…. confusing.

But. Its meaning is
that some humans are better than other humans.
And these better ones (mainly defined by themselves, the white caucasion males, WASPs; white anglo saxon protestants) …
Yeah, these better humans, the super ones. They get to ethnically cleanse other specimens of our human species, to their free liking.

Fucking charming.

(Actually. I need to add that not all fascists are white. There are a lot of them in religious / political cults all over the world. Moslem groups. Chinese politics towards Tibet. So. Sorry, wasps. We need a new little label, to include the rest of the  antisocial assholes. Greedy, Egoistic, Violent, Uncompassionate Fascist Men… GEVUFM. For example).

Sorry, my blood is simmering. It´s this refugee crises. All the ugly fascist reactions popping up all over Europe now. Scary.

Of course I´m a feminist. Was my point. I am PRO EQUALITY.
It is the only compassionate way to be. The only decent idea. Anything else lacks humbleness. Lacks respect. Lacks intelligence, actually, I will claim.
United we stand. Parted we fall.
Separation is an illusion.
We are all interdependently connected, we are one.
Including the rest of nature.
We are NATURE!
That´s why I can´t understand when the natural is frowned upon. Like breastfeeding. It is stupidity. Ignorance. Non reflection.
“Socially acceptable.” Us humans in groups we behave as fools!

If we don´t accept and respect we are nature, we will end up destroying our planet and living in fear of our fellow humans.
Oh. Yeah. That is what we are currently moving eagerly towards.

Aaaanyways. Rambling a bit now.

Found a third image on Facebook this morning, that I agree with:

different things empower women


If we could just treat other people the way we would like them to treat us if we were in their shoes.
Like each and every spiritual master has always taught as a golden rule.  Actually.
We would not need many more rules than that one,
if we could follow it. Think about it.

I will round up. No. Not that Monsanto product, are you crazy?!

Sigh…. so many issues to fight for these days…
Here is a video.

We used to be hunters and gatherers, all of us.
I think that lifestyle suited me a lot better
than the one we have now.

dont destroy earths lungs

Again. We are one, and interdependent.

We are nature.

No trees, no air.
No bees, no food.
No compassion, no care.
No giving, no good.

Be one, be all
Be equal, be free
Be united, stand tall
Be Love and dignity

LKH @ now

earth hug


Inspired by Joni M.


“Oh me oh my there’s a light in the sky….” (Steve Hillage, on the album Green)…

I just saw a hell of a great documentary. Made by Susan…Lacy, was it? About Joni Mitchell. Interviewing her, and all those closest to her, through all the different, oh so varied steps in her life / career… Enormously inspiring.

You may be thinking; Goodness gracious, you didn´t discover her genious until today?!
But yes, of course I have known of her, and listened to the occasional song by her.
But not in depth. Not really her poetry either. Didn´t know she was such a revolutionary.

I know my way around the music of the 60s and 70s okay well. Not very well. I was born in 72 after all. But I have always loved the classics, the Beatles, Lennon, Kinks, Stones, Incredible String Band, Syd Barret, Bolan, all the hippy hits, Mamas and the Papas…. many. Many.

But not really Joni. Until tonight.

Just Ice. Governed by greed and lust.

Effin fantastic.

The film made me cry several times tonight. Got to get hold of that film. Doesn´t seem to be on Youtube.
Graham Nash, who lived with her for a while, described how, when she was writing, it was like she was a medium, he couldn´t reach her, she sat right there but she could not hear him, she was not present…

She said her songs take a lot of meditation. And she paints in between the albums; without painting she doesn´t think she could write…

Genderless, classless music… Refusing boundaries. No boxes. Inclusion, not exclusion, as a fellow musician expressed it…

She had a nervous breakdown, “or, as they call it in some cultures, she said; “a shamanic rising”. ” She turned to nature. Fame turned her off.

Such strength.

Wow. Just.
There´s a whole bunch of albums I need to get hold of. Quickly!

I feel… inspired by her. And a bit sad, in a strange way. To realize that talent can have the size of hers. That old thought comes back to me. The one I have learnt, through hard work, should not steer me or limit me, should be calmed down or talked against. The thought that “why should I write, when someone like her has already done it so well?”

That old fear again. Not being good enough. At least when one can identify it, it has lost most of its power.

I have a manuscript in English that´s been lying in my drawer for years. Unseen. I have a collection of poems in Norwegian, also unseen. Which I was planning to send to a publisher’s, but I haven´t gotten it done yet. Had this plan for over a year. I have a third project, a story about a girl whose mother dies… that story is hard to continue writing…

But okay. To my defense or excuse, I have young children. I don´t get the priviledge of going within for extended time periods, to create, or even focus. I will get there.

success not what u see

That human mind. Endlessly comparing. I know it is silly. So I don´t really take it seriously. But it is how i deal with fear. I give it air, I voice it and listen to it. Accept it, comfort it, then watch it let go of me. Like a child, who gets through something that hurt comforted in its mother´s arms, then lets go and runs off to play again, relieved and happy, one experience wiser. Swiftly moving on to new learnings…

I wrote a poem about this. In my book. I wrote it in 2007.

About How I Deal with Fear


To be allowed passage.
To be faced.
To be taken seriously.

To be reasoned with, talked to,
analyzed, to understand its cause.
To be cried.
To be accepted.

To try and change my inner dialogue.
If unsuccesful, to get help
from NLP or other specialist.

This is the song I knew from before. Masterpiece. As, honestly, it seems, all her work is. Master´s pieces. And the moving between genres, writing such personal, psychological lyrics long before others did… She´s something else. Outstanding. Un comparable.

I guess she received yet another fan tonight, huh.      🙂

I just become so grateful when someone expresses the universal so well. Form and content not just mastered, but invented! The immensely special way that she uses her voice… Yeah. I could go on.

Thank you Joni.
I shall enjoy your work and be inspired by it.
And work on not faling into the pit of fear.
I am good enough too. My work has its place, just like anyone else´s.
Let this be the year where I send my finished stuff to publishers.
And let my story about the girl, keep moving forward.

So to speak.



Love & Happiness


life is love

Fear, sin and guilt is the language of the ego.
But we are spiritual beings. Come from Light,
and to return home to Light again we will, once this life experience is finished.

a good life is when


Love her face.
And there is truth in that statement. Food for thought.


hap comes from your own actions

Isn´t he lovely. I feel so close to him. So grateful that he is around, and that he shares his insights the way he does.


thoughts cause unhappiness tolle


I love Eckhart Tolle too. Read  his books “The Power of Now” and “A New Earth”, if you haven´t already. He also gives talks on Youtube.


Hahahaha, Al Green my SuperGrooveHero… I just realized that the title of this post would be Love & Happiness, and bam! Al´s song smoothed itself into my mind…. He is just one of a kind…

love is endless

Remember that.


negativity brings down immunesystem


So let´s enhance that gratitude-attitude. Cultivate it. Make it grow.

Which reminds me of a poem from my book;


A better view from here

Momentary madness

Rushes of sadness

Both joy and pain

are to our gain.

In retrospect

all is perfect!

Let go and flow;

Life loves us so…


In hindsight

I realize

that I have met

nothing but angels

giving me knowledge.

Dark or bright,

heavy or light;

always a widening insight.




Love is the New Religion



So I fell ill with a cold Friday, and now Tuesday I´m better but coughing badly. I´ve spent the days in bed, reading about the refugee crises on Facebook, and feeling sad about the human situation, crying and processing emotions through use of pen and paper. Like I always do when inner turmoil and physical fatigue overwhelms me.

Yesterday I stumbled upon this video, and it really moves me in a profound way, it makes me feel uplifted and less alone.

I hope you like it too.


Strong stuff, huh?     🙂

I love it. With a capital L.


This Facebook-poster has been one of the most popular ones on my wall these last few days. I post a lot about the refugee crises. In-depth explanations of the conflict in Syria. And appreciative posts, showing the compassionate caring shown the walking refugees by Danish police and citizens. Also some criticism on the Danish ministers, who really behave quite racist and generally unintelligent about all of this, creating an international reputation of Denmark as a rightwing, unfriendly country… big sigh… I don´t post more negative criticism than I find necessary,  though. My aim with what I publish, is to help build hope, and trust, help us all find ways of loving co existence.

(Read my last post for more on my understanding of the Syrian refugee crises)

I have shared this song before, but it is one of my alltime favourites, and it fits so perfectly with the title of this post and of that inspirational video. So here you are again. Bob Marley´s son Ziggy. Enjoy this!

“I dont condemn I don´t convert. This is the calling, ain´t you heard? Bring all the lovers to unfold. Coz no one´s gonna lose their soul. (…) Hey you can take it or leave it. You don´t have to believe it. (…) Well I´m done searching now. Found out what this life is worth. Not in the books did I find. But by searching my mind. So don´t let nobody stop us. Free spirits have to soar. With you I share the gift. The gift that we now know. Love is my religion. All we need is Love.”

Wonderful lyrics.

miljøpartiet valgvake 15

Now, this poster on Facebook last night, made me very very relieved and happy. It is from the election which was in Norway yesterday. It is the relatively new Norwegian party; “The environmental party the green”. Look at those faces!! They are watching the vote results as they roll in, realizing they have a lot of support in the Norwegian population. It gives me goosebumps, actually, watching them here.

So grateful that there are political parties that really NOW want to focus on our Mother Earth. Because in my understanding, if we don´t move environmental care to the top of our agenda, we will soon not be able to live on this planet. No air and water clean enough, no fish to eat, and our soil destroyed by gmo experiments. So without falling into doomsday mood here, I just want to say CON GRATULATIONS, Green Ones in Norway. Good luck with your work, I am sooo happy about this positive development in Norwegian politics! Hurray!!!

We have soon had enough of this kind of “sharing” of our world´s resources, seen below here, haven´t we?


And to me, this is the kind of revolution we need. (Revolution means “quick turn-around”, in the dictionary):
We need to turn our mindsets and actions in the direction of Love. Love of the nature, love of the human race, behaving as One, seeing that we are all connected, we are the extensions of eachother, and our happiness depends on us treating Earth and all of its Lifeforms with respect and compassion.



4 songs 4 u 2 enjoy


Just feel to share some ace music with you. This group is called L.E.J. They are from France.
Amazing talent!!!!! I LOVE it!!!!! And so it seems people on Facebook do too. 10 mill hits on Youtube so far. Con grats, ladies. Well done!

Then there is this other brilliant song by Danish rapper Per Vers, singing about His FOMO, Fear Of Missing Out, on our net´s “liking action” on social media.  The lyrics are of course only understandable for Scandinavian viewers, but. It is a marvellous piece. So.

Let´s hope he adds English subtitles at some point. Very good thinking in his lyrics in general, and this one is no exception. I also like his style of swinging from talking into half singing and back out into talk mode again… By the way, the video is shot in Sønderho, the village at the southern tip of Fanø, the island where I live. It was voted to be Denmark´s quaintest village, the other year. Beautiful there.

I also want to give you this one, by Roger Waters, from one of the biggest albums of my life, I have listened to his “Amused to Death” album hundreds of times. Literally. This track, “Watching tv” is so moving. And a perfect comment on the issue of media´s use of images in crises. Such as the one of little Alan on the beach in Turkey, a handful days ago. The 3yearold Syrian refugee who drowned.

“Half victim, half superstar, she´s a victorstar; conceptually new. (…) She´s different from the Aztecs, and from the Cherokee. She´s everybody´s sister, she´s symbolic of our failure. She´s the one in fifty million who can help us to be free. Because she died on tv.”

He wrote it about a famous photographed victim on Tienanman Square. This is a beautiful song.

Okay, I want to leave on a happier note than this one. Though an incredibly important song, it also makes me feel sad that such songs are necessary to feel grateful for…

Oh yeah. Of course. Zita Swoon.

Who jumped into my life one sunny afternoon in a festival in Rotterdam, Holland, Summer 2001 or 2002. My mind was blown, my heart so happy, my soul a-sailing a-zick-zacky bliss…
Catch this!


Recommended Album


lars og githa

At the bottom of this post is an interview with my sound healing teacher Githa Ben-David and her husband, former popstar (and present author of spiritual books) Lars Muhl. They will release their new cd September 22., and I am so very much looking forward to that.

I have listened a LOT to their last album from 2012 (I think); “To heal the space between us”.  Amazing songs. Which all have catchy melodies and beautiful lyrics, many of them functioning as affirmations and prayers to me… I sing these songs very loud in my car when I have emotions that want to be expressed.

“Any wrong condition, in my body, mind and life, is dissolved and crushed by Divine Love…” Is just one example of affirmations…


Here is a medley:

Beneath is the interview from Vimeo, with the two wonderful people. And in between them talking, are ten clips from the songs on the upcoming album. Their two sons, age 18 and 10, are also singing on the album. And one of the songs, “A message from Dennis”, came through as Lars was sitting playing the grand piano at their friend´s place, Al Jardine from Beach Boys…

Yeah. That´s all I want to write here and now about this. I just got so excited seeing this vimeo video, that I needed to immediately share it with you!

You can see many videos with both Githa and Lars on their site Cosmoporta. Also in English. This interview alas has no English subtitles (yet?).
They explain why they have chosen to record this album using analogue, old school equipment… very interesting. So at least Scandinavian blogreaders, do enjoy their talk! The rest of you, who don´t understand Danish, enjoy the clips from the songs, and check them out on Cosmoporta, Youtube, books, cds… these two are very special people, and I love them very dearly. Maybe you will too.

Like I said, she is my teacher, so you can read about the education she´s giving in my blog category “Vocal Sound Therapy”. There is also a blogpost called


a State of Grace


cohen 60s Hydra

Leonard Cohen on Hydra in the 60s.


I Just found this old documentary about my favourite poet Leonard Cohen. Here he is in his younger years, interviewed and followed around. A really lovely film.

Here´s what´s written about it by the publisher on Youtube:

Publisert 17. jul. 2014
This informal black-and-white portrait of Leonard Cohen shows him at age 30 on a visit to his hometown of Montreal, where the poet, novelist and songwriter comes “to renew his neurotic affiliations.” He reads his poetry to an enthusiastic crowd, strolls the streets of the city, relaxes in this three-dollar-a-night hotel room and even takes a bath.

Directed by Donald Brittain & Don Owen – 1965

Cohen says in the film;

“A state of grace is that kind of balance with which you write (or right?) the chaos you find around you. It´s not a matter of resolving the chaos, because there´s something arrogant and war-like about putting the world in order. But having that kind of a… like an escape ski… run over a hill… just, going through the contours of”

And here he is interrupted by the journalist. Saying “You have lost ME…” Yeah… okay… it would still have been nice for the rest of us to get the chance to hear him out.

Oh well.

A state of grace. Balance. An angle to watch from?
A detached, non judging cruising on the surface of chaos?

Just a guess. But the concept intrigues me. A state of grace…

You can read more about my love for Leonard Cohen in my blogpost

The only other connotation I have to “a state of grace” is from my teacher in vocal sound therapy, Githa Ben-David. She has a song on her album “To heal the space between us” which goes:

“Gratitude is a grace,

it´s a phase,

that can appear,

when you sing a lullaby,

and all fears go to sleep,

disappear into a dream,

the voice of the soul sings…”


Sadly I can´t find the song on Youtube. It is a beautiful one indeed.

Now. I better go cook dinner. Just got so excited to find this documentary, I had to share it with you. 🙂

A state of grace.  Hmmm. Watch that space.



International Day of Forgiveness part 3/3


forgiveness is an attribute of the strong

So now it´s today. August the second. International Day of Forgiveness. Which I have talked about twice before recently. Because I think it is such a universal and central issue, to each one of us humans.

To forgive the wrongdoer, for one´s own sake. For peace of mind. Stopping the weighing down of oneself, through grinding over and over in one´s mind, what someone did wrong.
Forgiving does not mean that what was done is acceptable. Nor that we forget what was done.
Forgiving means to stop giving energy to what has happened in the past. To let go, stop thinking about it, stop feeling angry and hurt, bitter, sad about it.

I´m not sure I understand the concept of forgiveness very well. As I find it so hard to do.
But I use the formula, “fake it ´till you make it”. So I say out loudly that I forget the person, and try to believe that I really do…hmmmm…

I don´t spend a lot of energy thinking about the wrong deeds, though. When it fills my head, I write it out. Write all thoughts that come, let them through and let them out. Then, when on paper, I can read through it instead of thinking about things in loop mode, over and over. It really helps me when I get emotionally disturbed. Write it out and leave it to be on the paper instead of inside of me.

I just read the other day that this is called scriptotherapy. Never heard the word. But I have been doing it since a very tender age, and yes it does help.

Here is a poem I wrote some years ago (It´s in my book as well):

A better view from here

Momentary madness
Rushes of sadness
Both joy and pain
are to our gain.
In retrospect
all is perfect!
Let go and flow;
life loves us so…

In hindsight
I realize
that I have met
nothing but angels
giving me knowledge.
Dark or bright,
heavy or light,
always a widening insight.

Lene Kaltwasser

Here is an article I have copied from the Facebook page of UNIFY:

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you. -Lewis B. Smedes

Usually when we hurt another person or ourselves it is unconscious, the act of forgiveness is always a conscious decision. The act of forgiveness allows unconscious actions to come into the light of awareness. Forgiving others does not fix their mistakes, we forgive them to release ourselves from the heavy burden of holding grudges and carrying bitterness in our heart. It accomplishes something even greater than that, it allows us each the space to let go of past mistakes while helping to cultivate a deeper sense of compassion for ourselves (and others).

Take The Forgiveness Challenge initiated by Desmond Tutu, and start by picking one person or incident and offering forgiveness. World Forgiveness Day is the first Sunday of August each year. This year it falls on August 2 and you can learn more here

“With each act of forgiveness, whether small or great, we move toward wholeness.” -Desmond & Mpho Tutu, The Book of Forgiving

Spiritual traditions around the world embrace the concept of forgiveness as a trait of virtue. Consider how many times your parents may have forgiven you in the time you were growing up? Making mistakes is part of our human journey, forgiveness allows the growing process to continue lovingly. It also alleviates guilt when we forgive ourself or others which allows us to open up and feel emotionally free of our past.

Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian forgiveness practice. Similar forgiveness practices were performed on islands throughout the South Pacific, including Samoa, Tahiti and New Zealand. The ceremony allows for everyone’s feelings to be acknowledged and ends with a feast that allows for a releasing of the past. The prayer is very simple, it consists of saying these words, “I’m sorry, I love you, please forgive me, I thank you.” How much could we heal just by taking the time to speak these words to our loved ones? is well known for their popular Facebook Page with inspiring quotes and articles, but their strength is in organizing globally synchronized initiatives. Globally synchronized meditations focusing on different themes throughout the year as well as community actions are central to Unify’s mission. For International Forgiveness Day, Unify is inviting a global wave of forgiveness actions at 2pm in your timezone.

Post your stories of forgiveness here. You can also post to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook using the hashtag #forgive.

“Forgiveness is an inherent virtue of being human, a prerequisite for a healthy human society and a central component to every religion. To forgive is to liberate ones self from the bondage of blame and recrimination. When we forgive, the trauma heals. Forgiveness transmutes poison into medicine. We lament the wars and conflicts across the globe yet what about the battles in our own lives? The battles inside each of us?” -Jonathan Human

forgiveness martin luther king

The world is so divided right now. If each person took the initiative to clear old wounds through forgiveness, perhaps it would open larger doors of healing? I was deeply inspire to spend some time reading other peoples forgiveness stories (submitted anonymously at I think you will be too! Hopefully you will be inspired to share your own forgiveness story and tell your friends. Join us this coming Sunday, August 2 for International Forgiveness Day at 2pm in your timezone as we make a wave of healing around the world.”

the end

unify aug 2.

It´s probably past 2 pm many places on our planet now… But.
It is lovely to be part of a wave, a global happening like this.
I will try to take more formal and correct part of the event next year.
And I did submit a story on their website, so. I´m in a process of moving on, less burdened by
others´ misdeeds. One thing is when people hurt you unintentionally. That´s pretty easy to forgive. It´s when they manipulate and lie to try to harm you, that I find it hard to let go.

mark twain forgiveness

We owe such a lot to a handful peace making men.

Martin Luther King
Dalai Lama
Desmond Tutu
Mahatma Gandhi
Nelson Mandela

(Sorry about the ones I did not mention. Many more, I´m sure. Also women of course. These five just sprang to mind this moment).

forgiveness gandhi


Inspiring Female Rockstars


Last night, when I finished blogging, I switched on the tv and that very instant a film started, called The Runaways, a film about the band Joan Jett had before she went solo. Great film.
I remember Joan Jett´s number one hit, the first song she made after going solo.
I was 10 years old and was on a school trip, and our whole class stood in one big circle in a room there and heard Joan Jett´s superhit over and over again, while we sang along and made the first attempts of “discodancing”. Her song is a raw one, so energetic, brilliant stuff. This one:

(Strange they haven´t adjusted so that visuals and sound is in sync, but there you go…)

Two years later, in 6.grade, age 12, we did a performance for our parents before Summerholiday.
Cindy Lauper, Girls just wanna have fun.
You might argue she is more a popstar than a rockstar. But I think of rockstar as someone who rocks, is independent and dares to stand out. Cindy rocks. In my mind there is no doubt about that. 🙂
Let me share with you not the one we danced to, but my favourite Lauper tune:

“Don´t be afraid to let them show, you true colours, true colours are beautiful like a rainbow…”

Same time periode as Cindy, an other special lady appealed to my sense of free female singers.
Madonna of course. With her provocative look, contrasted with her crucifix and her artist name…And of course her very catchy songs. Papa don´t preach, Like a virgin, La isla bonita, later on, the lyrics of her song Frozen…
The one that spoke to me the loudest, is Like a Prayer. The video where she finds a black Jesus statue behind bars and brings him to life… the burning crosses after he is falsely accused of murder there, and the scene with the gospel quoir… I love it. Strong symbolism all the way through.

Some years later, I had a crush on this lady´s album, where especially this song, I simply listened to it over and over and over, lifting the pickup arm on my record player to hear it again, this was long before the handy Repeat-button of cd players…:

Hehehe…. “and your protection is minimal, so minimal… I´m gonna….”
A bit of a stalker´s song that one…
I was never dangerous like that. I was a shy teenager, fell in love often, and the chosen one never knew a thing about it. Safest that way. 🙂
But I do remember one boy, who was in my high school, and I knew his full timetable, so I would always walk past his classroom where he was standing, on the way to my own classroom… just for the rush of seeing his long dark hair… But yeah. He never noticed, I don´t think.

A handful years later again, I listened a LOT to this powerful woman. What a voice, and passion.

“I´m gonna show you baby, that a woman can be tough…”

We have Joni Mitchell, Tina turner, Dolly Parton… all rocking / strong women whose work I respect a lot, yet it didn´t stay with me or touch me as deeply as other music did…

But Nina. Yeah. She… I´m shaking my head with a smile on my face. Lost for words to describe her.

My first child was born to this song, it was in the room when she took her first breath of air.
Look at the pictures of Nina Simone in this “video”. Such a character. Wish I could meet her.

There´s Annie Lennox from Eurithmics, great energetic tunes and good lyrics as well…
There´s all those soul and r&b singers I don´t relate to that much…

Oh and this one song by Natasha Beddingfield.
I had a severe crush on it for months. Still dig those lyrics:

“I´m having trouble saying what I mean, with dead poets and a drum machine…” 🙂

Oh, I simply HAVE to include one more by her. She talks so well about writing. “Today is where your book begins, the rest is still unwritten…” Again gospel…

Reminds me a bit about Walking on sunshine, with Katarina and the waves, excellent song…

Must not forget Tracey Chapman. One of my favourites.
Fast car, baby can I hold you, talkin bout a revolution…
I love this one maybe most of all, shame I can´t find a version of it that includes imagery but.
I guess it can be a nice thing to just close one´s eyes and listen, as well.
The way she uses her voice here… she rocks. 🙂

Then of course there is also Suzanne Vega. Her legendary song Luka. She has many really good ones.

Okay. I could have gone into Marianne Faithful now.
With her songs Marathon kiss. File me under fun from the past…
So many fascinating, brilliant female singer songwriters out there.

But this post is quickly becoming a long one now, and I also need to go to sleep soon.

So. This lady. Has touched me maybe deeper than anyone else with her music and her courage.
Here is a whole concert with her. I have it on dvd. Mtv Unplugged.
Shame they haven´t published it including the visual side.
But again. Her lyrics, and her words between the songs. So worth listening to.
Totally truely amazingly talented stuff. Inspired stuff. Coming through her, inspiring the listening.
She rocks.

I did find a piece where we get to see her and not just hear her voice. Enjoy this! 🙂
And get hold of that dvd. That must be today´s hottest tip from me.

That´s all, folks!
Have a sweet dreamy sleep when you get that far!
I´m gonna go to bed and unplug. It´s freedom time now. 🙂


A brave poet; Arnulf Øverland


Arnulf Øverland, the Norwegian poet. His maybe most powerful poem. “You must not sleep!”
In this video, he reads out the poem himself.
His voice and the soulfulness in it…….. it gives me goose bumps.
Together with the words, he makes me cry. Time and time again.
Such clarity of thought. Communicated with such depth of feeling.
He has my total respect and admiration.

This video has English sub titles.
The visual side of it is…. okay, but lacking in my view. Too monotonous. A bit lazy.

Here is an other version of the visual side. Which has some good ideas and some ideas I don´t get.
The music set to it is emotionally fitting in my view. And we get the poem in writing. Which I always appreciate in videos of things where the words carry important meaning.

Here is an English translation of the poem.
Written by Lars-Toralf Storstrand

Dare not to sleep!

I was awakened one morning, by the quaintest of dreams
‘twas like a voice, spoken to me
It sounded afar – like an underground stream,
I rose and said: Why do you call me?

Dare not to slumber! Dare not to sleep!
Dare not believe, it was merely a dream!
Yore I was judged.
The gallows were built in the court this evening,
They’ll come for me — 5’ in the morning

This dungeon is teeming,
And barracks stand dungeon by dungeon
we lie here, awaiting, in cold cells of stone,
We lie here, we rot, in these murky holes.

We know not ourselves, what does lie ahead
Who will be the next one they’ll reach for.
We moan and we shriek: But do you take heed?
Is there none among you who’ll hearken?

No one can see us,
None know what befalls us.
Yet more:
None will believe – what the day will bring us!

And then You defy: This dare not be true!
That men can be utterly evil.
There has to be some one with merits pure
Oh, brother, you still have a great deal to learn

They said: You will give your life, if commanded
We’ve given it now, for naught it was handed
The world has forgotten, we’ve all been deceived
Dare not to sleep in this hour – this eve.

You oughtn’t go to your business hence,
Or think: What’s your loss – or what is your gain?
You oughtn’t attribute your fields and your kine,
Nor say you’ve enough – with all that is thine.

You oughn’t abide, sitting calm in your home
Saying: Dismal it is, poor they are, and alone
You cannot permit it! You dare not, at all.
Accepting that outrage on all else may fall!
I cry with the final gasps of my breath:
You dare not repose, nor stand and forget

Pardon them not – they know what they do!
They breathe on hate-glows, and evil pursue,
They fancy to slay, they revel with cries,
Their desire is to gloat, when our world is at fire!
In blood they are yearning to drown one and all!
Don’t you believe it? You’ve heard the call!

You know how infants will soldiers remain,
While dashing through streets, fields, chanting ‘bout pain
Aroused by their mothers‘ assurance of glory
They’ll shelter their land – and they’ll never worry

You know the fatality of the lies,
that glory and faith and honor abides
You discern the dauntless dreams of a child,
A saber, a banner, he’ll flaunt them so wild,

And then they’ll leave home for a rainfall of steel,
‘Till last they hang ragged on barbed wire will,
Decaying for Hitler’s Aryan call,
That is what a man’s for – after all…

I couldn’t imagine – too late now it is
My sentence is just: The verdict’s no miss
I believed in prosperity, dreamt about peace
In labor and fellowship; love’s fragrant kiss
Yet those who don’t die on the battlefield,
Their heads for the axeman, will certainly yield

I cry in the gloom – if only you’d knew
There is but one thing – befitting to do
Defend yourself, while your hands are still yearning,
Protect your offspring – Europe is burning.


I shook from the chill. To dress, up I rose
Without stars were shining, so far, yet so close
‘twere simply a brilliant ray in the east,
Admonishing warning from the dream that just ceased

The day that soared up from earths furthermost strand
Augmenting with blood — and with firebrand
It grew with terror – like a breath that was lost
It seemed like the starlight – was slain by the frost.

I weighed: Something is imminent – and it’s dire
Our era is over — Europe’s on fire!

Arnulf Øverland, «Den Røde Front», Tiden Norsk Forlag 1937.

Translated by Lars-Toralf Storstrand.

I finish this post with one last videoclip, of the man himself, Arnulf Øverland.
Being interviewed by a Danish journalist.
No English sub titles here.
But it gives you an impression of this brave poet.
Remember he published his poem first time in 1936, while Hitler´s fascism was on the rise.

In the interview he talks about how, when he was young, poetry was all about “feeling the spring, being one with the nature”, the subject matter was flowers and love, but he felt at that time that poetry should be about things people had a need, a craving, to hear about.

He thought it was a poets task to bring the public and litterature closer to eachother, to connect with the reader, and touch on important social issues, such as f.ex. the poverty which was a big part of Norwegian´s lives at that time.

He also talks about the tendency of modernist poets to drop rhymes and rhythm, and says it can have its use, but rhythm has such a strong effect, that it´s strange to him they choose to drop it to the extent they do.

And he thinks that once the meaning of a poem becomes cloudy and the reader has to guess what the writer has meant, and even the writer may not himself have a clear vision of the meaning in his words… then he cries off, he says.

But he says he is an old man now, one becomes milder with age, soon he will go to heaven, so he is practicing being good, and does therefore not want to critisize the young people but allow them to continue their own path until they themselves discover it can be a good thing to write so that the reader can understand what they mean.
And there are already signs, he says, that some of the young ones are trying to work with rhyme and rhythm again, with good outcome…

One of the greatest Norwegian poets. Arnulf Øverland.