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Paris & the refugee crises


I thought I was gonna finish my Budapest posts. But. World today. Suddenly someone decides to make a massacre and focus changes.

World at war. So disheartening. Of course they will strike back. And who says all killing must be done in the middle east?

I wish we  would stop interfering with other countries. I wish bombs were banned. And guns. That people could have their local conflicts “in peace” and get at eachother with spears and swords and find out locally where to draw the imagined red lines in the sand.  Red lines drawn with imagined enemies´  blood.

Human beings are really embarressingly immature. Predators. Growling and howling for territory. And making our own species extinct for the sake of private property.

This is how I feel:

earth hug

And this:

news helpers

And this:

angel protection

I´m not really a christian. But I am. I love the teachings of Jesus. But I resent the church for its desire for power, its twisting of truth and its fear propaganda.

I am a spiritist, relating to Spirit, passed souls, spirit guides, and yes, it seems, angels as well.

Deeply inspired I am by taosim and zen buddhism. Soka Gakkai chanting too.

nature is my temple

I have written many poems about spiritual belonging… versus being a member of a religion…
Here is one from my book “Heart Matters – a round abouts and previous pieces”

About whether to practice a religion

I never practiced no religion. I need to think for myself.
Not take on a package deal of ready made belief.

Since I was 12 I´ve been reading eagerly
about death and parapsychology
about thoughts on the why are we.

Later I joined university, studied social anthropology
and organizational psychology, enjoying the learning of theory.

When I was 20 I met with zen.
Swinging my samurai sword I found my kiai.

My heart tells me my truth.
My feelings show me right and wrong.
My inner compass for conscious conscience.

There are many masters to learn from.
They all point their lights to the same One All:

LKH 2011

(I rewrote it a little here now. Very rare I do that but. My view has changed slightly. To see the original text, you have to buy my book. Hahaha… Or you can find the video version of the piece on my Youtube channel. Lene Kaltwasser Henriksen, is the channel´s name. Look for “Linking” videopoems).

mask falls off

True that. I have lost some masks the last two years. Due to my educating myself into a vocal sound therapist. (There is a whole category on this blog with that title, for more info on the subject and on my process).

Paris. My heartfelt condolances on your loss. It is my loss too. Humanity´s loss.

earth hurts everywhere

From one of the most impressive and forgiving souls I know of:


We are a world at war. I call it the 3. world war in my quiet mind.
Westerners seem to be unable to differentiate between moslems and extremist military “moslems”.
Which is very damaging. And equals looking upon every christian as being in agreement with the Ku Klux Klan, for God´s sake!

unicef wall painting

This is from a house facade in Gozsdu, Budapest:
“1 family torn apart by war is too many”.  – Unicef –
Says the text at the bottom of the beautiful image.

The refugees coming into Europe now, are fleeing from the bombs we are dropping. And fleeing from millitant extremist violent “moslem” cults. Us westerners must be able to understand this and to help our brothers and sisters who stand homeless and countryless, trying desperately to survive.

free to be decent

I can feel that I am not willing to move deeper into words about it. I have watched a documentary on Swedish tv that was made by a group of Syrians, from they decide to leave their home and until they sit in different European countries as asylum seekers. It was a very good documentary. Provided insight. Made me cry a lot. I have always had refugee friends. My first boyfriend age 18-20 was a refugee. I have listened to many stories about being in that situation. Fleeing from terror. A very difficult and painful position to be in.

I will just end this post reminding you of a very soothing, calming, joy inducing sensual impression which I think is universal to every human being on this our planet earth.
I think we all enjoy this; don´t we? Let´s remember to seek for joy and inner peace. No matter what.

smell of earth after rain


Love is the New Religion



So I fell ill with a cold Friday, and now Tuesday I´m better but coughing badly. I´ve spent the days in bed, reading about the refugee crises on Facebook, and feeling sad about the human situation, crying and processing emotions through use of pen and paper. Like I always do when inner turmoil and physical fatigue overwhelms me.

Yesterday I stumbled upon this video, and it really moves me in a profound way, it makes me feel uplifted and less alone.

I hope you like it too.


Strong stuff, huh?     🙂

I love it. With a capital L.


This Facebook-poster has been one of the most popular ones on my wall these last few days. I post a lot about the refugee crises. In-depth explanations of the conflict in Syria. And appreciative posts, showing the compassionate caring shown the walking refugees by Danish police and citizens. Also some criticism on the Danish ministers, who really behave quite racist and generally unintelligent about all of this, creating an international reputation of Denmark as a rightwing, unfriendly country… big sigh… I don´t post more negative criticism than I find necessary,  though. My aim with what I publish, is to help build hope, and trust, help us all find ways of loving co existence.

(Read my last post for more on my understanding of the Syrian refugee crises)

I have shared this song before, but it is one of my alltime favourites, and it fits so perfectly with the title of this post and of that inspirational video. So here you are again. Bob Marley´s son Ziggy. Enjoy this!

“I dont condemn I don´t convert. This is the calling, ain´t you heard? Bring all the lovers to unfold. Coz no one´s gonna lose their soul. (…) Hey you can take it or leave it. You don´t have to believe it. (…) Well I´m done searching now. Found out what this life is worth. Not in the books did I find. But by searching my mind. So don´t let nobody stop us. Free spirits have to soar. With you I share the gift. The gift that we now know. Love is my religion. All we need is Love.”

Wonderful lyrics.

miljøpartiet valgvake 15

Now, this poster on Facebook last night, made me very very relieved and happy. It is from the election which was in Norway yesterday. It is the relatively new Norwegian party; “The environmental party the green”. Look at those faces!! They are watching the vote results as they roll in, realizing they have a lot of support in the Norwegian population. It gives me goosebumps, actually, watching them here.

So grateful that there are political parties that really NOW want to focus on our Mother Earth. Because in my understanding, if we don´t move environmental care to the top of our agenda, we will soon not be able to live on this planet. No air and water clean enough, no fish to eat, and our soil destroyed by gmo experiments. So without falling into doomsday mood here, I just want to say CON GRATULATIONS, Green Ones in Norway. Good luck with your work, I am sooo happy about this positive development in Norwegian politics! Hurray!!!

We have soon had enough of this kind of “sharing” of our world´s resources, seen below here, haven´t we?


And to me, this is the kind of revolution we need. (Revolution means “quick turn-around”, in the dictionary):
We need to turn our mindsets and actions in the direction of Love. Love of the nature, love of the human race, behaving as One, seeing that we are all connected, we are the extensions of eachother, and our happiness depends on us treating Earth and all of its Lifeforms with respect and compassion.



The wave that is a drizzle


Last few days, Facebook and tv news has been just all about the “wave” of Syrian refugees coming to Denmark from Germany and Hungary… and especially about how many of the refugees choose to run away from registering with the police as asylum seekers, and instead they walk towards Sweden. Yes, walk. With their children sleeping on their shoulders. They´ve dropped their luggage somewhere along the way, so they can keep carrying their children…

And the police won´t allow Danes to come bring the refugees food on the train station as they wait to catch a lift to Sweden. And there are disgusting racist idiots spitting down on the walking refugees from bridges, pictured in Danish newspapers!
Many Danes on the other hand, go out in their cars and pick up refugees and drive them to Sweden, or to a ferry, or give them money for train tickets. This is against the law. But people don´t care. “How can we sit and watch this happen without reaching out to help them?” Is the attitude of most Danish citizens. Thank Goodness for that!

Experts say that the politicians talking about this being a wave, a flood of people entering… that they are just wrong. We saw the same numbers of refugees in the Balkan crises, the war in Kosovo. And the 360.000 people coming up into the continent of Europe, equals 0.068 % of Europe´s population…
In earlier times, countries have co operated, giving asylum for a short amount of time, let the refugees stay and work until they could go back to their homelands again. Which people want to do! We all want to live where we come from! Where people understand our thinking, our language, people behave in ways we are used to and agree with…


rumi love is the bridge


I shared this image today. Rumi, the Persian poet. One of our greatest in the history of mankind.

I shared it with a friend of mine who is a refugee from Syria, now living in Denmark. He has been here a month or two. I met him and his friends, his fellow asylum seekers, at a most wonderful party in Åbenrå 2-3 weeks ago;

I´ve become facebook friends with some of the people I met there. A great honour for me. I deeply appreciate building friendships with people from far away lands. Always have done. I have quite a few Kurdistani friends who now live scattered around Norway…

In 1988 there was an asylum centre built on the isle of Karmøy where I lived with my parents and went to college. (Gymnasium). A bunch of us local teenagers started Sos Racism. I was the leader, age 18-20. We would arrange evenings at the asylum centre for cooking with the ladies… we took the guys who wanted to, with us as volunteers to paint an old people´s home… we made sure the local newspaper came and took a picture and interviewed us, smiling, with paintbrushes, helping the old people for free…

sos racisme


We danced eachother´s folk dances at a xmas party in the local school hall… I made friends with people from Romania, Kosova, Macedonia, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Palestina, West Sahara, Marocco, Eritrea, Somalia, Angola… I learnt a lot from them. From each one of the people I met.

Very interesting conversations. And nice to be able to help them get used to what Norway was all about. But more than anything, I appreciated the opening of hearts. To hear their life stories. Their pain about having left family behind. How they worried, for their mothers, children, brothers, wives. And for themselves, how they feared the police would come one night and just put them on a plane back to the torture they escaped from, back to death threats and a government who gladly let opponents of the system disappear, vanish, without a trace…

I wish Denmark´s refugee policy was the same as Sweden´s. That an asylum seeker is granted to stay, on arrival. Not after waiting for a year or so, and then maybe get a “No. Leave.” Also, in Sweden, family reunification is done quickly. No long wait before you can be reunited with your toddlers whome you left in that war zone.

I so understand why the refugees want to walk to Sweden, and not stay in Denmark. Danish politicians have even made an advert campaign in eastern European newspapers, saying “Hey refugees, you don´t want to come to Denmark, coz we have just made a law that will make sure you only get an income that you really can´t survive on.”

How embarressing. How low. Unempathic. Compassionless.

As if seeking asylum is a crime! It´s not; it´s a human right!!

And we know that Europe actually needs the working hands these foreigners can contribute with. Check out reports from professors, people who come from education, who know what they are talking about. I would link to a facebook article or two here, if I knew how to. “Informationen” is a good Danish newspaper to check out.

Sorry I can´t find out how to copy the URL for the good articles.  Also a very wise professor called Hans Rosling, is working very hard to help Scandinavia understand the crises in Syria and why the refugees are forced by our rules to go on the deadly journeys to seek asylum…


I found this refreshing voice on a good friend´s facebook wall today… Totally agree with his viewpoints here:



If I had lived closer to where the Syrian families are walking right now towards Sweden, I would for sure be driving some of them to their destination. How can we stand by and watch children, hungry, thirsty, too tired to walk anylonger… and not give them a bus?!

Many people have brought drinks and food to give them. The decent Danes, which, believe it or not, are in majority still in this politically fucked-up country… the decent Danes are ASHAMED of this treatment the refugees are getting here now. Please believe me. The Danish people are actually warm hearted and caring people.

Yes, the Danish government is taken by surprise, and they don´t know how to deal with all these people coming into the country suddenly. But come on. Refugees have been drowning in the Mediterranian ocean since spring! And whatever the deal is, I thought that christians would help fellow humans in need. Isn´t that what Jesus was all about?!

I feel so tired. Disappointed. At the same time I´m also positively surprised by the kindness coming from individuals, insisting on helpíng the refugees, even though they risk prison for doing so.

But I really have overestimated the intelligence of the Danish government. The politicians are not wise leaders. They are selfish, greedy, compassionless ignorants. It´s, sadly, what I believe to be true.

why war

Denmark went with big brother dictator Usa to war. They helped bomb Syria back to the stone age. And when the victims come crawling out from the ruins that once was their home…. they are not welcome to Denmark for shelter? In what universe does this make sense?

Well. I guess I will have to write a poster and put in the back window of my car: “Refugees are welcome in my world”.

dear refugees

And I will for sure get to know the refugees I meet on my way, some I will get along with, others I will not get along with, just like with all people from everywhere.

But the ones that  I can connect with, with a smile and an open heart, I very much look forward to building friendships with them. Such bonds make my life richer, stronger and happier.


Heal the world. He sang.


We are the world. We are the children. We are the ones to make a better day, so let´s start giving. Remember that song?

Check out this beautiful art piece on the wall of the archeological museum in Stavanger, Norway.

world heart

Bottom line is:

money to help




UN´s International Day of Indigenous peoples


indigenous Peoples

Just fell over this poster in my Facebook scroll. (modern slang for a virtual stroll… 🙂 …)

Indigenous poeples. Having studied social anthropology, I know a bit about the gifts and the struggles of indigenous peoples. Also, I have ancestors who were Kven. Finnish sami / lapps / raindeer nomads.
Apparently they were not ranking very high in the social hierarchy. But they were famous for their psychic abilities… I am proud to have Kven in my blood. I am proud of any blood. I don´t believe some peoples are better than other peoples. To me, every “group” or “nation” is equal. Every being is.

I have just sat outside in my ListeningHut (see blogpost with same title for more info), playing an old minidisc copied from the library, titled “voices of a forgotten world”. So I searched on Youtube now, hoping to find something under that title. Well, the only thing sounding like my minidisc, is this one:

Found this too… 6 minutes of information about the indigenous people of Taiwan…
I find it a good way of spreading information.

Here´s a Nuer, telling his story… I feel it is silly how they have put the Spanish voice-over so loud that I can not hear the English he speaks, properly. But it is beautifully filmed, this. Very poetic, visual language. And watched by over 4 million people!

This is my favourite people that I “met” during my studying anthropological ethnographic reports in uni in the 90s.
The !Kung San people in the Kalahari desert, Namibia, south west coast of Africa.
I remember reading about how a lady of the tribe had several lovers if she wanted to, and her main man would perhaps hit her out of jealousy, but then she would just leave him. Also, if a child had conflicts with its parents, he or she would go and live with someone else in the village if he/she felt like it…
Something about individual freedom, eh?

Also, I read that when the !Kung San members are angry, they sing out their frustration, making a song about why they are angry… singing it to the others… how very civilized…

This seems like a good, equal documentary piece of film… ?

Here is one wise woman. The video is a mix of her talking and her singing. She is the spokeswoman of Norwegian Saami culture, and the most famous saami musician I know of. Very conscious. Imagine, the priests teaching the indigenous people their traditional music is “from the devil”…! How evil the church has behaved, so many times in history. Also in recent history.

I have been to concerts with her 3-4 times. And I will go again when I get the chance. In her band she has Africans, Latin Americans… she is a wonderful front person for the understanding of indigenous cultures´ rights.

So many tribes, group, nations. American Indians, Australian aboriginals, Yanomamö in the Amazon, Kwaio in Polynesia… Naskapi escimos in Alaska… You know, they are our roots… for all of us… we all descend from indigenous nations… How come we don´t listen to them, preserve what we can of their artifacts and know-hows, protect them so they keep their land and customs in the meeting with our ever expanding destructive “civilization”…?

Because private companies are allowed to do whatever they want, for the gain of private profit.
In retrospect, we will ask ourselves how this was ever allowed to be that way.
Dragging Indians out of the rain forests to cut down their trees to make money for a company.
Why is this not a crime?? It is!!

Here is a song by my hero number one in my life. The musician that woke me up to political consciousness when I was 12 years old. This is a very moving and strong song about the struggles and injustice done to the natives of the continent of North America. Listen to this. The story of this man Leonard Peltier.

This is how our messages of native indigenous fights should be communicated.
In my humble view.
Little Steven in general, he has so many good songs. Called “Solidarity”, ” I am a patriot”, “Checkpoint Charlie”, “Bitter fruit”, “Sun City”… He is one of the main human rights spokesmen of our time.





Not the worst advice I have heard in my life TIME… 🙂

Just sifting through my collected Facebook posters tonight, seeing if I can gather some that will all fit under the title “Goodness”… Let me see…

saudi street fridge for needy

This for sure is goodness. Some moslems really know how to take care of the not so lucky ones in their community. I remember when I lived in Bahrain, I realized that the mosques were places that served soup for the poor people several times a week… Much like some churches do in Norway… But not all churches… I don´t know if all mosques do, either. But this idea of this man, to put a fridge up outside, for people to put their leftovers, so others can help themselves to some food if they want… Big heart, innovative mind. I salute you.

be a good person

Moving image. Could we not all do a bit more of this? We could, couldn´t we, most of us…

children catch your inconsistency

Hahaha, I LOVE posters like this one, pointing the finger right back at the parents… Such a tremendous challenge, parenting. A task full of opportunities to realize how much you have yet to learn! 🙂

like cat and dog, peaceful sleep

Inter-species goodness. Love is love. Heart melting.

a good relationship

So much can be said about what makes a relationship a good one or a not so good one. These words say a lot in a small space. An artform in itself. Crystallized messages.

what is poor

Oh. A political leader like that. Wouldn´t we all want one? I admire him. Big heart, innovative mind.

your light lights the world

This goes for each and every single one of us. We just tend to forget.

money cant buy

Goodness is not primarily about material surplus.

train your mind to see the  good in everything

Yup. Train your mind. “Free your miiiind…..and the rest will follow!”

Which makes me HAVE TO finish up with this ace song from my younger years… 🙂

“Be colourblind….don´t be so shallow!”

“Before you can read me you must learn how to see me!”

I have danced wildly and self-liberatingly on many a dancefloor to that tune.
Pure Goodness. Amen. 🙂


Empowered Women Rise and Shine :)


Found this video “What if I knew I´m beautiful?” floating past in my facebook-stream this morning, so I want to share it with you. I like what she has to say. Why do we pretend that we don´t know we are beautiful, girls? To be polite? To be nice girls, that boys can come and save from our weak and helpless inconfident selves?! 🙂

What If I Knew I Was Beautiful

Posted by SOML on 20. juli 2015

A couple of minutes later, I found this article. I still haven´t figured out how to copy articles from Facebook directly onto my site here, so I have copy pasted it. Please note my utter respect for the writer KATE ROSE, who created this (to me) eye-opening, spirit-uplifting text for us to enjoy:

Kate Rose Via Kate Rose on Jul 29, 2015

*warning: f-bombs dropped below!

For the Women With Balls Who Do Give a F*ck.

This one is for you.

For the dream seekers and the rebels, the ones who not only don’t fit into the mold—they fucking break it as well.

This is for the women who do give a fuck.

We give a fuck about ourselves, our lives and those that matter most to us—but mostly we give a fuck about making a difference in this one amazing life.

We know that we weren’t born to play life small, and while life has tried to smack us down at times, we stand right back up asking—is that all you’ve got?

This is for the women with the balls to be themselves—unapologetically.

Yes, the balls.

Because having balls isn’t about what’s hanging between the legs of a man—but what we are willing to risk, to go after what we love.

This is for the women who stay up late chasing dreams, and are up early with the sun making them a reality.

This is for those women with thirsty hearts and messy hair—the ones who march to the beat of our hearts and often find ourselves alone because of our choices.

This one is for you, for me, and for all the women who often wonder if they are alone in their individuality.

You’re not.

And although we are as unique as they come, we all are linked because of the desire to break free from the expectation that we need to be well-behaved women in order to be loved.

We can’t follow the rules for the life of us. When given the choice we always choose the most difficult road, because that is where we often learn the most.

This is for the women who take care of themselves. We are masters at keeping our shit together, even when it seems we can’t take one more step.

This is for the women who tuck themselves into bed each night. It’s not because we don’t want a lover with us, but because we know that, unless it’s genuine, solitude is so much sweeter than putting on an act.

This is for the women who just won’t conform no matter how many times people shake their heads at us.

These are the women who drink moonshine underneath the stars with their bare feet dirty, and their eyes wild dreaming of their next adventure.

The women who prefer to be untamed. We don’t care about letting our crazy show because we know it’s just as seductive as the pull of our eyes.

This is for all the women who’ve had people ask why we can’t just be like everyone else. Why can’t we stay in unhappy relationships? Why can’t we just stay with the secure job? Why can’t we just suck it up because we are adults? That is what adults are supposed to do.

But we were born differently. Where others see stability, we see stifling.

We dream of a life that fills us with inspiration, and we dream of a love that even time will lie down and be still for.

We don’t know how to give up on the desires of our hearts.

And while we may seem to wander aimlessly at times, it’s all part of our un-plan. Because some are just born to be the movers and shakers in this life—to rattle and shake things up a bit.

And while we may drive you crazy at times, and scare the shit out of you at others, life would be boring without us.

For we are the wild ones—the ones who make life worth living.

The End

Isn´t that just awesome?! I dig it!

“This one is for you, for me, and for all the women who often wonder if they are alone in their individuality.

You’re not.

And although we are as unique as they come, we all are linked because of the desire to break free from the expectation that we need to be well-behaved women in order to be loved.”



I finish this post with a slogan poster, which also will become the face illustration of my post, if I know WordPress well enough:

no validation woman powerful

Not that we want to be feared, do we. I don´t. But it just says a lot about society, that a woman who does not need others to validate her, a woman who claims she has the right to feel plenty good enough without anyone else agreeing with her that she is… why would such a person be feared?

Because she is free?
Outspoken and independent?
Is that not a good thing?

If you have an answer to these questions, please do send me a comment.


Moore-ish Movies


michael moore and oscar

I watched a dvd last night, that I found in the library the other day. “Sicko”, it´s called. A documentary by American Michael Moore, about the health care system in the Usa.

Here´s a clip where he is in France, and the Americans living there say they love France for being such a family friendly country….:

And here is a clip where he is in Canada, comparing the health care system there to the one in the Usa:

And here he is in London, to learn about the Nhs there (national health system):

I can only recommend you watch the film Sicko in full. Excellent film.
I have always loved Michael Moore´s films. I learned about his work while I was in university, and he was a great inspiration to me, when I went into documnetary film making. I also love how he discloses power structures and directly questions to their face the people responsible for what is unfair in this world.

Here is a former employee in an American insurance company, admitting in court how she regrets the work procedures she has been a tool for; where the aim was not to help people, but to avoid paying out money.
Quite shocking:

Now, I know Moore is not news. And I´m not a news blog. So. Not guilty.
To me, it´s about introducing Michael Moore´s work to more people, I have a lot of readers in China, Ukraine, Russia, France, Germany, as well as the Scandinavina countries. Probably not everyone knows who Michael Moore is. And in my opinion, everyone should. He is one of the best documentary makers of our time.

He received an Oscar for this film, about the massacre at Columbine High School.
I love the way he uses both an everyday language and humour in his storytelling. Satirical.
To us in Scandinavia, the gunlaws in the States are… completely non understandable. Guns are dangerous! They should not be easy to get one´s hands on. Of course not!

Then there is this film. Fahrenheit 9/11.
In which he…:
“Examines America in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks, particularly the record of the Bush administration and alleged links between the families of George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden.

Fahrenheit was awarded the Palme d’Or,[28] the top honor at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival; it was the first documentary film to win the prize since 1956.

The title of the film alludes to the classic book Fahrenheit 451 about a future totalitarian state in which books are banned; according to the book, paper begins to burn at 451 °F (233 °C). The pre-release subtitle of the film confirms the allusion: “The temperature at which freedom burns.”

As of August 2012, Fahrenheit 9/11 is the highest-grossing documentary of all time, taking in over US$200 million worldwide, including United States box office revenue of almost US$120 million.[2] ”

I watched this film in the cinema in Bergen whilst pregnant, in 2004. I cried my eyes out, I actually sobbed loudly, haha, pregnant and sensitive as I was, I felt quite sorry afterwards, for the people sitting next to me… A very, very strong movie. I am delighted to read it received that honorary prize from the Cannes Festival.

Here Michael Moore gives an interview, about his 9/11 movie, about how the media worked for the Bush administration in the lead-up to the Iraq war;
“Media, we, the people, we need you! Don´t ever send us to war without asking questions!
Demand the evidence!”
“You listen to the ones in power, and repeat their lines as truth!”

“They´re not patriots, they are hate-riots…(the people against gay marriage)”

“If we can´t believe what comes out of the mouth of our president, what are we left with?!”

He is in my view a great speaker. Very engaging. When heartfelt truth is expressed, it can be felt by the audience, like chills down the spine, or goose bumps, or a feeling of warmth in the abdomen. Truth sets hearts on fire. At least that´s how I experience it.

And then I found this today! A film by him that I never heard about!
I can only say to my defense, that I have spent the last 11 years at home caring for small children. So I am out of touch with a lot of things. I´m definitely looking forward to watching this one. Maybe I can get it done tonight, if I´m awake enough when the tinytots are sound asleep…
Talking of which, I must go downstairs now and brunch with my four favourite people, with whome I share my home and my everything.
Happy Sundays to each one of you readers out there! 🙂


Survival of the Fittest to What?


we think too much feel too little chaplin

Or is it rather the opposite that is our problem? Too much feeling, and too little thinking, in our political decisions these days??
Maybe so.
Or maybe it is fear-inducing thoughts that create the great anxiety that steers the aggression in our current political / religious relations…
If we as individuals were better at taking notice and to respect our feelings, then there would probably not be that many soldiers in the world…
And the political leaders would distribute the economical resources more just, and not give tax relief to the wealthies whilst knowing that there are many children starving to death every day…

It would be a really good thing if we all started to both think rationally, and to pay attention to and respect our emotions, that these two aspects worked together, towards common goals as One Human Nation living on One Planet Only, which we need to save from our own exploitation before it goes under.

Survival of the fittest.
Means the ones who fit in with nature, who preserves the soil and trees and oceans, so us animals in the eco system can have water, food and air.
This moment, us humans are not fit to survive.

It seems we believe that our existence is a competition between individuals. The one with the sharpest elbows and the most money, wins, is the best survivor. But we are actually in this together! When the few are allowed to take all the money, then we collectively go under. Trees are cut, so they can print out more money for themselves. As if they could take it with them into the afterworld.
I find it unintelligent. Both their behaviour, and that we collectively legally accept their greed. in the end paying for their greed with humanity´s / our own existence!!

I read yesterday that we have destroyed 50% of the earth´s species, the last decades. Half of the species, gone. And that we are moving very quickly into the 6. round of extinction, I think it was called. Bees are threatened. Pesticides. Well if they go, so do we. Easy equation. It is happening NOW. Not in a thousand years from now. When will we start to take this seriously? If we don´t soon, it will be too late!

erradicate poverty

Just saying. As a further comment to my post from yesterday, straight underneath this one, called Political Problems & Solutions…

And this one, too, I found on facebook this morning. A comment to the same post from yesterday:

rainwater collecting is illegal

How can they punish people for collecting rain water? It is insane. INSANE is what it is.

I heard on tv this morning that the new government elected here in Denmark has started deciding to save money on the stately support to handicapped citizens, and daycare and schools. AGAIN.
Why is it always the ones who have too little, that have to make do with even less?
Why do we never hear the politicians say that they can reduce their own, very high wages, or the monthly pay that children of ministers receive for the rest of their lives (!), or the free train rides that they get for life time, or their amazingly luxurious pensions….

How are we supposed to trust these people?
With what legitimacy do they get to steal from the poor and give to the rich?
Because we voted for them, in their monkey system?!!
Democracy. Means people´s rule. Give us direct voting on issues. Like in Switzerland.
The way our country is governed now, is ridiculous and harmful and against the will of the public.
It systematically gives more to the ones who have a lot already,
whilst giving less and less to the ill, the unemployed, elders and children.
How can this feel right to them???

In earlier times, there was a king who had all the power. And once a year he rode around the country and people were to applaud as he rode by. Today we have politicians, and at elections we get to applaud for the one we like the best. But the system remains the same, and there are a lot of officials staying put in their offices, where the real decisions are made. We are fools. It is a puppet show.

choose to be optimistic

Yes. Be optimistic. I do try.

note to self enjoy each moment

True, that. We will not get out of this alive.
So I guess whether we go under from atomic waste or a lack of food and clean water, doesn´t matter.
I was hoping to die smiling in my own bed age 99, and I was hoping that my children would have seafood and health and their own children one day. But I guess it´s just out of my hands and I have to accept the state of affairs as they are, and that´s it. I am powerless. Aren´t I.

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dutch sued for climate

Fancy that. A nation suing its country´s government. I LIKE IT A LOT !!! Con gratulations, Holland.
I believe many more cases like this will follow. Thank you for showing the way forward.

poverty is man made

This shatters my heart. The rulers of this planet choose to keep people in poverty. It is simply a question of priorities. War machines are more important. Tax freedom for multi billionaire corporations, is more important. Than children dying of hunger. And families having to flee their homelands in order to survive. How saddening a truth is this, about the people in power on our globe.

fears under communism truth under capitalism

Can´t argue with that. Can you? Please give me your view in the comments section if you want.

no arts why war, chruchill

I like that man. If only he was still in charge over there… Where they are making it illegal, actually jailing people now, for collecting rain water in their own gardens!!!
And for giving food to the homeless!!!
If that´s not crazy, signs of a mentally ill society, I don´t know what is. What are they thinking???

And this war on terror…. that only creates more terror….. and creates a LOT of refugees…. that we now can watch on tv drowning outside the coasts of Europe…… we bomb their homes to pieces, and then we get angry when they start fleeing in our direction??? Come on……. !!!!!
(And Usa is not alone in this, Denmark and many other European countries are co instigators of this war).


Yes. Simple as that.

earth is my country

One Humanity. One Home, Earth.

Let these two wise men have the last word.
Peace, you my brothers and sisters. Let´s work together towards it.



Dalai hard or soft

Oh… look at this gold nugget I just found on Youtube….
The dear, great leader and brave civil disobediant peace maker Mahatma Gandhi.
We owe him such a lot. All of us.


A brave poet; Arnulf Øverland


Arnulf Øverland, the Norwegian poet. His maybe most powerful poem. “You must not sleep!”
In this video, he reads out the poem himself.
His voice and the soulfulness in it…….. it gives me goose bumps.
Together with the words, he makes me cry. Time and time again.
Such clarity of thought. Communicated with such depth of feeling.
He has my total respect and admiration.

This video has English sub titles.
The visual side of it is…. okay, but lacking in my view. Too monotonous. A bit lazy.

Here is an other version of the visual side. Which has some good ideas and some ideas I don´t get.
The music set to it is emotionally fitting in my view. And we get the poem in writing. Which I always appreciate in videos of things where the words carry important meaning.

Here is an English translation of the poem.
Written by Lars-Toralf Storstrand

Dare not to sleep!

I was awakened one morning, by the quaintest of dreams
‘twas like a voice, spoken to me
It sounded afar – like an underground stream,
I rose and said: Why do you call me?

Dare not to slumber! Dare not to sleep!
Dare not believe, it was merely a dream!
Yore I was judged.
The gallows were built in the court this evening,
They’ll come for me — 5’ in the morning

This dungeon is teeming,
And barracks stand dungeon by dungeon
we lie here, awaiting, in cold cells of stone,
We lie here, we rot, in these murky holes.

We know not ourselves, what does lie ahead
Who will be the next one they’ll reach for.
We moan and we shriek: But do you take heed?
Is there none among you who’ll hearken?

No one can see us,
None know what befalls us.
Yet more:
None will believe – what the day will bring us!

And then You defy: This dare not be true!
That men can be utterly evil.
There has to be some one with merits pure
Oh, brother, you still have a great deal to learn

They said: You will give your life, if commanded
We’ve given it now, for naught it was handed
The world has forgotten, we’ve all been deceived
Dare not to sleep in this hour – this eve.

You oughtn’t go to your business hence,
Or think: What’s your loss – or what is your gain?
You oughtn’t attribute your fields and your kine,
Nor say you’ve enough – with all that is thine.

You oughn’t abide, sitting calm in your home
Saying: Dismal it is, poor they are, and alone
You cannot permit it! You dare not, at all.
Accepting that outrage on all else may fall!
I cry with the final gasps of my breath:
You dare not repose, nor stand and forget

Pardon them not – they know what they do!
They breathe on hate-glows, and evil pursue,
They fancy to slay, they revel with cries,
Their desire is to gloat, when our world is at fire!
In blood they are yearning to drown one and all!
Don’t you believe it? You’ve heard the call!

You know how infants will soldiers remain,
While dashing through streets, fields, chanting ‘bout pain
Aroused by their mothers‘ assurance of glory
They’ll shelter their land – and they’ll never worry

You know the fatality of the lies,
that glory and faith and honor abides
You discern the dauntless dreams of a child,
A saber, a banner, he’ll flaunt them so wild,

And then they’ll leave home for a rainfall of steel,
‘Till last they hang ragged on barbed wire will,
Decaying for Hitler’s Aryan call,
That is what a man’s for – after all…

I couldn’t imagine – too late now it is
My sentence is just: The verdict’s no miss
I believed in prosperity, dreamt about peace
In labor and fellowship; love’s fragrant kiss
Yet those who don’t die on the battlefield,
Their heads for the axeman, will certainly yield

I cry in the gloom – if only you’d knew
There is but one thing – befitting to do
Defend yourself, while your hands are still yearning,
Protect your offspring – Europe is burning.


I shook from the chill. To dress, up I rose
Without stars were shining, so far, yet so close
‘twere simply a brilliant ray in the east,
Admonishing warning from the dream that just ceased

The day that soared up from earths furthermost strand
Augmenting with blood — and with firebrand
It grew with terror – like a breath that was lost
It seemed like the starlight – was slain by the frost.

I weighed: Something is imminent – and it’s dire
Our era is over — Europe’s on fire!

Arnulf Øverland, «Den Røde Front», Tiden Norsk Forlag 1937.

Translated by Lars-Toralf Storstrand.

I finish this post with one last videoclip, of the man himself, Arnulf Øverland.
Being interviewed by a Danish journalist.
No English sub titles here.
But it gives you an impression of this brave poet.
Remember he published his poem first time in 1936, while Hitler´s fascism was on the rise.

In the interview he talks about how, when he was young, poetry was all about “feeling the spring, being one with the nature”, the subject matter was flowers and love, but he felt at that time that poetry should be about things people had a need, a craving, to hear about.

He thought it was a poets task to bring the public and litterature closer to eachother, to connect with the reader, and touch on important social issues, such as f.ex. the poverty which was a big part of Norwegian´s lives at that time.

He also talks about the tendency of modernist poets to drop rhymes and rhythm, and says it can have its use, but rhythm has such a strong effect, that it´s strange to him they choose to drop it to the extent they do.

And he thinks that once the meaning of a poem becomes cloudy and the reader has to guess what the writer has meant, and even the writer may not himself have a clear vision of the meaning in his words… then he cries off, he says.

But he says he is an old man now, one becomes milder with age, soon he will go to heaven, so he is practicing being good, and does therefore not want to critisize the young people but allow them to continue their own path until they themselves discover it can be a good thing to write so that the reader can understand what they mean.
And there are already signs, he says, that some of the young ones are trying to work with rhyme and rhythm again, with good outcome…

One of the greatest Norwegian poets. Arnulf Øverland.