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Why Sound Heals


Good morning… Autumn holiday here now. I just read this on Facebook, and decided it should be a part of my info bank in my category of Vocal Sound Therapy. Now I must find out about the Sri Yantra. And find apt frequency meditation on Youtube. Wishing you a restful and smiling Sun-day.    🙂

Why Sound Heals

By UPLIFT on Saturday October 10th, 2015

What Produces the Healing Power of Sound?


We can feel it when we turn on the radio and our favorite song happens to be playing, or when we sit quietly and listen to the rain. There is a palpable peace when we are absorbed in quiet and a different kind of rejuvenation when we hear the wind in the trees. There is no doubt that sound has subtle, but profound effects on our body, minds and spirits. How exactly does sound work, though, to heal us?

Just Like an Orchestra, You Can Tune Your Body

Have you ever listened to an orchestra prepare to play an invigorating symphony? There is a cacophony first with the woodwinds and strings, horns, and timpani making quite a ruckus, but when they tune their instruments precisely, the sound that washes over you like a wave, can bring peace and excitement that surpasses some of the most invigorating practices on earth – like sky diving, or dropping 45 feet into a hidden cave.

Sound healing session
Sound is not unorganized chaos. It is a dynamic but ordered pattern. – Dr. Hans Jenny

The body works in much the same way. If a single instrument (organ, or organ system) is playing its own tune, and not in harmony with the rest of the body, disease is more likely to happen. As sound therapist, Dr. John Beaulieu, ND, PhD explains:

The fundamental principle of Energy Medicine is that an underlying energy field generates physical, emotional, and mental behaviors or symptoms. If we change the energy field, the physical, emotional, and mental behaviors will also change.


One of the most effective ways to change the energy field is through a science named cymatics. Though he was not the first to discover that sound could heal, Dr. Hans Jenny, M.D. of Basel Switzerland put together some fascinating experiments where we could literally ‘see’ how sound works.
Jenny created ‘cymatics’ when he put sand, fluid or some other powder on a metal plate that was attached to an oscillator. An oscillator is essentially a vibrator, but his oscillator was controlled by a generator that was able to produce many thousands of types of frequencies. Some of these can be found in nature, and others are created by man.

Cymatics pattern
Powder on a metal plate, attached to an oscillator

By changing the frequencies on the oscillator, Jenny found that sand, or water or whatever substance he was using to create a visible medium for his sound, would morph into some very interesting shapes. These shapes mimicked the properties of divine geometry, and the higher the frequency, the more complex the shapes would appear to be. He wrote:

Since the various aspects of these phenomena are due to vibration, we are confronted with a spectrum which reveals a patterned, figurative formation at one pole and kinetic-dynamic processes at the other, the whole being generated and sustained by its essential periodicity.

What Jenny was observing was really a simple way of observing matter come to life. Since we now understand, through the emerging field of quantum physics, that patterns emerge via waves of energy, the plates were showing the scientist a similar phenomenon. In ancient Sumerian society, this was a known fact. This is why practices like mantra were held in high esteem. The seed syllable, OM, for example, causes a certain frequency to imprint upon the ‘matter’ around it, and thus changes the energetic field.

Monastery of Christ In The Desert
Abbot Philip Lawrence from Monastery of Christ In The Desert

“The kind of singing that we do calms the spirit and helps us live in peace with our world and with one another,” says Abbot Philip Lawrence, a scholar of chant who also leads the Monastery of Christ In The Desert – home to an American order of Benedictine monks from Abiquiu, New Mexico. “Chanting has some strange effect on the brain waves according to various studies,” continues Abbot Philip, but this effect is certainly not the Monks of the Desert’s objective; rather their goal, and that of Gregorian chant, notes Abbot Philip, is “to focus on the words rather than the challenge of voice production or sight reading. It is always our hope that our singing will bring others to peace, inner tranquility and an appreciation of beauty. These values can help create a world in which peace and tranquility prevail.”

Since all matter is just different frequencies of the collapsed wave, or quantum field, then we have the ability to create a different reality with sound.

Sound and the Golden Number

The possibility for great healing can be seen in the science of sound. The picture of the Sri Yantra, a mandala created by sound, and said to be imagined by a yogi in deep meditation, is a representation of one of the oldest sounds in the world. Some call it a manifestation of divine sound. The triangles that appear in the Sri Yantra are perfectly integrated based on the divine number, Pi, which is also the basis for the golden mean, Phi. The Greek philosopher, Pythagorus understood sound and divein geometry, and it was written about by Euclid in “Elements” around 300 B.C., by Luca Pacioli, a contemporary of Leonardo Da Vinci, in “De Divina Proportione” in 1509, by Johannes Kepler around 1600. Many others knew of this ‘cosmic’ mathematics, and its power to heal throughout the ages.

Sound healing with singing bowls
The harmonics of sound work to create order out of chaos

The harmonics of sound work to create order out of chaos. Disease, you might say, is a form of chaos in the body. According to Dr. Robert Friedman, the connection between the Golden Ratio and ideal health was a no-brainer. During his medial residency in the 1980s, Dr. Friedman began observing the Golden Ratio throughout the human body—on the anatomical, physiological, and molecular levels. “The deeper I looked,” said Friedman, “the more deeply I discovered this incredible and ubiquitous Code to be embedded throughout the structure and function of the body…it only followed that the more one could harmonize with this grand principle, the more efficient and effortless life could be.”

Healing Frequencies

What is illness?

Emotional issues that are unresolved block the healing vibrations or cause the disease state to return.
– R Gordon

Over millennia, those who have studied the science of sound, have come to understand that certain frequencies are very healing for the human body. Overall, however, you are trying to create resonance – “When two systems are oscillating at different frequencies, there is an impelling force called resonance that causes the two to transfer energy from one to another. When two similarly tuned systems vibrate at different frequencies, there is another aspect of this energy transfer called entrainment, which causes them to line up and to vibrate at the same frequency.” (Richard Gordon)

Crystal bowls
Certain frequencies are very healing for the human body

When we ‘entrain’ with healing frequencies, our bodies and minds vibrate in harmony. These include:

285 Hz – Signals cells and tissues to heal. Leaves the body feeling rejuvenated.
396 Hz – Liberates guilt and fear to make way for higher vibrating emotions.
417 Hz – Allows the ‘undoing’ of challenging situations.
528 Hz – Said to heal DNA, repair cells, and awaken consciousness
639 Hz – This is the vibration associated to the heart. It allows feelings of love for self and ‘other’ until there is no longer a distinction. To balance relationships, listen to this frequency.
741 Hz – Said to clean the cells and heal them from exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Helps shift someone into empowerment so they can create the reality they wish to see.
852 Hz – Awakens intuition.
963 Hz – Activates the pineal gland, and aligns the body to its perfect, original state. Of course, there are further frequencies, many of which that are not even within the human range of hearing, but they are healing nonetheless. George Lakhovsky, a Russian engineer understood the power of sound as well. He understood that certain frequencies would make a living being grow stronger. I hope you are able to find healing in the frequencies I’ve described, and that this introduction to why sound heals will spur you to learn more.

At the root of all power and motion, there is music and rhythm, the play of patterned frequencies against the matrix of time. We know that every particle in the physical universe takes its characteristics from the pitch and pattern and overtones of its particular frequencies, its singing. Before we make music, music makes us.
– Joachim-Ernst Berendt, The World is Sound



Recommended Album


lars og githa

At the bottom of this post is an interview with my sound healing teacher Githa Ben-David and her husband, former popstar (and present author of spiritual books) Lars Muhl. They will release their new cd September 22., and I am so very much looking forward to that.

I have listened a LOT to their last album from 2012 (I think); “To heal the space between us”.  Amazing songs. Which all have catchy melodies and beautiful lyrics, many of them functioning as affirmations and prayers to me… I sing these songs very loud in my car when I have emotions that want to be expressed.

“Any wrong condition, in my body, mind and life, is dissolved and crushed by Divine Love…” Is just one example of affirmations…


Here is a medley:

Beneath is the interview from Vimeo, with the two wonderful people. And in between them talking, are ten clips from the songs on the upcoming album. Their two sons, age 18 and 10, are also singing on the album. And one of the songs, “A message from Dennis”, came through as Lars was sitting playing the grand piano at their friend´s place, Al Jardine from Beach Boys…

Yeah. That´s all I want to write here and now about this. I just got so excited seeing this vimeo video, that I needed to immediately share it with you!

You can see many videos with both Githa and Lars on their site Cosmoporta. Also in English. This interview alas has no English subtitles (yet?).
They explain why they have chosen to record this album using analogue, old school equipment… very interesting. So at least Scandinavian blogreaders, do enjoy their talk! The rest of you, who don´t understand Danish, enjoy the clips from the songs, and check them out on Cosmoporta, Youtube, books, cds… these two are very special people, and I love them very dearly. Maybe you will too.

Like I said, she is my teacher, so you can read about the education she´s giving in my blog category “Vocal Sound Therapy”. There is also a blogpost called


Vocal Sound Therapy #10


So. Last weekend I went to one of my courses again. In a church in Copenhagen, 22 of us and our teacher. Friday she taught us how to use castor oil to purify the liver. Saturday we had our exam. 132 questions in 3 hours. Yet she said that if we couldn´t finish in that time, then we could take the paper home and send it to her once finished. Which luckily I didn´t have to do. I was well prepared, and it paid off. Nice to feel I had made an effort big enough to feel pleased about myself. And a nice feeling to see that I actually know and remember many central questions now, from our curriculum. I love to study. To learn.


silent and listen are spelt same letters

To listen. Is the major part of the education I´m doing. To listen for the resonance between a tone I make, and the body I´m “singing on”. And, apart from voicing the tone, be silent. Within, I mean. Empty of thoughts, focused on just listening, listening. And when the sound is right, to keep giving that sound to that particular place for a while. Very, very fascinating stuff.

(See my blogpost for an impression of my teacher and the method that she teaches).

We also show people how to use their own voice to work through their emotions, and release old emotional wounds. During a treatment Saturday, suddenly more and more of us started to resonate with one of us, who was dealing with a trauma. I did too. So I found myself standing in the middle of the circle, together with 7 others, “cryingsinging”, expressing stuck emotions. Whilst each of us had a fellow student supporting us. And the rest of the group stood all around us and sang long tones together…
It lasted quite a while. It was mindblowing. I almost don´t have words for it. I feel like a different person after that. Liberated, uplifted. And with a whole group covering my back, so to speak.
Fills me with gratitude. This is such a big deal in my life.

openminded vibing along

At one point during the weekend, we sat in our usual circle and our teacher asked us to share our experiences with practicing vocal sound therapy, how we think it is going. One of us is having an amazingly high success rate treating tinnitus patients. An other is helping people be able to sleep better.
Yet an other gets all these women who want to “sing themselves free” from low self esteem and low self worth… Very interesting how patterns seem to develope.

When it became my turn, I told them how I still mainly treat people I know. (To grow into the role of therapist. My friends I can ask for feedback on all the aspects of a treatment). And that the only complete stranger I have had on my massage table until now, was a dying cancer patient, and how that meeting moved me deeply. (I described it in the blogpost

My teacher said that maybe I can use the therapy method to help dying people with their crossing over. That really got me thinking.

I have always read a lot about death and dying. It is a subject so close to my heart. (See my blogpost for more on that) …

A fellow student approached me in the break, saying she had been thinking along the same lines, and let´s talk about it, maybe we could do something together. That to me, is very exciting. Everything new is so much easier to break into when one has a person to co operate with.

I just read on Facebook this morning that Wayne Dyer crossed over Saturday night. Age 75, just. I have many of his books, and a dvd or two as well. A very inspiring man. Who was looking forward to dying with excitement. I wish him a happy journey. Have a glimpse of him here:

Yeah…that weekend. So grateful.


Things I Would Like to Have


vegan sushi

Look at this! Vegan sushi!
Made by Johanne Mosgaard, who is about to publish a vegan cookbook here in Denmark, she has a facebook page called Englerod (loosely traslated into…Angel´s mess…?).

I used to eat mainly vegetarian until I got pregnant first time age 32. Then came a craving for meat.
But I still prefer vegetables, and eat as vegetarian as is practical…

When we were in Bergen a couple of weeks ago, my friend Katarina actually invented some kind of new way to have sushi! Basically it was salad, sprinkled with sesamy oil, then there was prawns, wasabi and ginger, different sauces to dip in, and lumps of sushi rice, some with raw fish on top others with avocado and cucumber… Wow. Delicious.
I want more tasty, healthy, energizing food!

librarian´s wish chair

Love this chair! Just need it to be a bit wider and longer, so I can stretch my legs and have 2-3 children next to me! 🙂 I want to spend more time reading to my kids!

palm reflexology

I want more knowledge of the meridians, to learn more about acupressure.
Also other alternative methods, such as light-therapy, scriptotherapy…
So much I would like to look into and understand about tools for bettering health.

I have an exam 28.of August, in vocal sound therapy. So first and foremost, I need to read up to prepare myself for that. My course ends in December, where I must have ready 30 journaled cases from my massage table, as well as a home made film from one of my therapy sessions.
So a bit of vegetarian sushi here and there, a bit of reading to kids here and there, but my main focus now needs to be on the three books my exam will revolve around.

I have sat many exams before. 5 years of uni studies, in social sciences.
But the last exam I had was 15 years ago! Wow… it flies…
And I did not have children. That is a huge difference.
My time was my own. I owned it.

But I will make it. Just need to organize time to read. Instead of spending spare time on Facebook or playing with WordPress.


Which reminds me.
See you later!


What am I?


vibe attracts tribe

I just got back home from a big birthdayparty in Faxe outside of Copenhagen. A three and a half hours’ drive from home. Dorte turned 60, she is the wife of one of my husband’s best mates from childhood. It was lovely to meet her friends and family. All such lovely individuals. Artists, musicians, writers, architects and healers. Every conversation I entered into, was about something interesting and exciting! Ofcourse as in all parties, one introduces oneself and ask eachother “who are you?” And since I got myself a big wad of business cards a week ago, I used them, telling people about my educating myself into becoming a vocal sound therapist, and telling them about my blog. And it turned out that everybody I talked to, knew about my teacher Githa Ben-David and the work she does! One had used her cd for her singing practice, another had been to a course learning Indian style singing from her, a third had a recording studio where one of Githa’s students has recorded a cd of self made songs which she uses in her therapy… One conversation after the other, and each one so relevant to me, inspiring…!

One lady, she told me she had had many different jobs, from “spiritual editor” at a publisher’s, to her current job, which is to coach composers… I asked her, “but what would you then call yourself, as a gathering label of all these tasks you do?” She laughed and said, “I’m spiritual. So I just go where I get directed to go, and help people there in the way it’s needed.”

Something actually fell into place for me in that moment.
I have written so many poems and songs about not feeling at home in labeled boxes, how no profession title seems to fit me.
(Last time in the blogpost Being a poet).

The business card helps me to frame what I do. It says Kaltwasser Heart Matters on it, vocal sound therapy, educated by Githa Ben-David, and then my contact details plus the blog’s address. On the back side of it, I have written a line in the middle that I’m really quite proud of, because it manages to pinpoint all my passions at once.
It says:
Vocal Sound Therapy & Maker of Video, Songs & Poetry

And it rhymes! 🙂
I dig it.

I exchanged cards with 3-4 people yesterday. One of the ladies was an artist, doing graphics, and helping others with web design, and then she also makes jewellery out of old typewriter keys, and sells lettere, physical letters… All this was told efficiently on her business card, helping potential customers see what it is she does… a way of packaging and presenting information…that really works, and really is a helpful tool in this era where we move into a new paradigme and into the age of communication, and things are fragmented…

In the car on the way home today, it suddenly hit me.
I am a medium!
That’s what I am. That’s a label I can identify with and that covers me fully. I let stuff through from sender to receiver.
I’m a channel. For words, and sounds, and light and love from Source, or Spirit.

Often, when I write a poem, I write very fast. And only afterwards, when I read it, do I discover rhymings and rhytms in the text. Often words are used that I don’t normally use. Old fashioned ways of putting things.
Not automatic writing. But inspired writing. As it’s called.

I have after all taken 8 weekend courses at the School of Clairvoyance here on Fanø. (Described in the blogpost by the same title). Studied mediumship.
I did not feel I was to do platform work, giving messages from Spirit to an audience. I liked the one to one sittings more. But something told me to take a break. Then Githa’s books reached me, and I was ignited by them into applying for her two year long course. (Vocal sound therapy has its own category on my blog, if you want to know more about it).

So yes. A bridge, a link not missing, a connector, transmittor.
A channel. A medium. I can actually feel at home in that label.

Some use the word lightworker. But I’m not 100% sure what of the meaning of that word. I definately work for the Light, to increase consciousness, both my own and others’.
(As was also confirmed in my soundhealer inauguration, see the post with that title for more info)…

It is…. a great relief to me actually. To be able to define “what I am”, or the title of my profession.
I’m in the healing business. Using sound. And silent, written words. Connecting video images to my poems turned into songs.

Your vibe attracts your tribe.
Imagine, I too belong somewhere!
Among other communicators, transmitting strengthening energy from Source. Aiming to uplift.

It is all coming together now. Integrating within, giving me clear impressions, to express to empower.

I’m a lucky lady.


Let me finish this talk with a song that comes to mind. She’s a mystery to me. Because I am a mystery to myself. Hahaha…
The lyrics aren’t that apt, just that one line. And I like the melody a lot. It is an optimistic one, somehow.
Happy go lucky vibe. Central to my tribe.


Crossed Over



The photo is from my sound healer inauguration (read more about it in the blogpost with that title).
Each of us lit a candle, to symbolize our wish to work for the light.
A lovely and powerful ceremony.

Last night, 01.00 am, one of my sound clients died.
The one I talked about in the post called Sound healing course no.9 (out of 12).

Her husband wrote me last Friday and cancelled the appointment we had scheduled. As she had been hospitalized. He said she was very satisfied with the treatment I had given her, and she wanted to come again once she was better.
I wrote them an email. A very openhearted one. And apologized if it was too openhearted in the difficult situation they were standing in, but that it is my humble conviction that when facing such an overwhelming goodbye, it is better to say things directly when one feels to express something, than to be too careful…

He sent me an sms today.
Saying she crossed over peacefully last night.


Her candle on earth has been blown out.
Freed from her broken body she now flies.
One with the Light of Home.
Life between lives.
Birthed into beyond.

Welcomed by her family and friends on the other side.
Dwelling by her grieving loved ones left behind.
Great relief, overjoyous to see clearly now the rain has gone….



Sound healing course no. 9 (out of 12)


same mission as u

Myself, I´m a kind of lone wolf, or wolverine… moving solo, mixing into many different set groups and cliques, yet not belonging to any of them, never felt the probably comfortable inclusion of identifying with a set group… Which suits me fine, it´s who I am. I prefer to move freely, swiftly, going with my feelings rather than with obligation.

Well, now I am part of this education group. In vocal sound therapy under the eminent leadership of Githa Ben-David. We are about 30 people. All strong personalities, distinct individuals. No one is asked to conform, and surely none of us would be willing nor able if we were asked to, I suspect, hehehe…
But we share these intense experiences. As we are taught how to help people free themselves from trauma, using sound. through the human voice. And we are shown the methods using ourselves. So most of us have been in the middle of the circle on a massage table of chair, being led through the release of old stuck memories, expressed in sound. Blockages in our systems, hindering energy flow. Removed.

It is so interesting, fascinating and wonderful to see, and to experience. Yet very intense as well.
Unique bonds develope. Between all of us, collectively. We are all in this together. We all stand there vulnerable and shaky, in turn, and feel the loving quiet support from all the others. A circle.
I don´t know what else to call it.

It is….I feel so grateful to be part of it. To experience this unity. This sheltered warmth…
I find it hard to believe in, some times. But every time when I meet the group again, the feeling is there. Acceptance. Belonging. Support and understanding. We are in this together.

I dread when the course if over. December. It´s been two years.
We are planning to meet up again next April/May, for a weekend, to share our experiences as fresh vocal sound therapists. I hope we can make that meeting a reality.

Once the education is finished…I lose that group belonging. It is going to feel… empty… I have lived without it all my life until now, but now knowing what a group belonging feels like, it will feel empty in a way I don´t know yet.

Yes, I will keep in touch with the ones I feel closest to. And hopefully we can all meet again once or twice, maybe more. But it will not continue like it is now. I´m going to have to let go.
I´m not always so good at letting go. I attach and hold on. I´m good at that. Grow intimacy. Share personal views and emotions. To let go of something I appreciate and value, though… A challenge and a half, that. Not something I choose freely.

But now I´m all into the future, worrying. No good that. The future is an illusion, it only exists in my mind. Better be present in the presence.

Wrote a short piece about that after the lunch break at our course last Saturday. I told the two fellow students I sat with, that I was getting impatient with the process of receiving a source of income. It is actually not easy to remain calm and feel certain that things (read: Money!) will come to me.

One of my fellow students replied that there was no use in worrying, and she asked me, what is actually the worst that can happen?
She advised me to choose to be in the present tense only, so that I could see the signs and receive the inputs from the universe clearly, not be fogged by worries of the future…

After lunch, I ran to my notebook and scribbled down these lines, I think they are quite charming… 🙂

The Unknown

moving into and through
moment by moment
here and here
now and now
then what will be

What is the worst that can happen?

Immortal Soul
Non damagable Spirit
Have No Fear
Just Be Here
is One with You

Through and through and through
more and more and more All You

This song just appeared in my head, so. Let´s go along with that. It´s a kind of meditation song. Lyrics repeated. Important lines of truth. Which have touched me deeply. Connected me to old memories of hurtful situations in my younger years. Allowed release of tears. Cleansing.

And while that one seemed pretty mushy-hearted, I just fell in love with this next video made to another song by Shaina Noll…! All these photos of happy children from around the planet… irresistable. They just make me feel happy. Isn´t it strange how impressionable we are, us humans…? (Or at least I am)!

I do feel a bit mushy-hearted today, you see. More than usual.
As I had a client on my massage table today, who introduced herself by saying:
“I am dying. I know you can not fix me. Also I am ready to leave this lifetime. But if I could just get some soothing for my lungs, so I can breathe a bit better… I saw a video of Githa doing sound therapy, I contacted her and she sent me to you… will you please try to help me?”

That´s when everything is put into perspective. No space for jokes or critical discussions. Just an open enquiry. Can we just try and see if this hopefully can have an effect?

I felt so humble. Moved.

Tones came through. And the overtones were softer, somehow dimmer… intuitively I did less of the high tones and spent more time giving deep ones… I spent a lot of time sending rather deep, mellow tones onto her lungs… She fell asleep a couple of times during that hour, which is a good sign.

Afterwards we both felt it had been a good session. She will hopefully notice an effect in the coming days. We talked about how the resonnance sounded different, weaker or kind of dimmer, than usual, and agreed that maybe it has to do with her life energy being low…her departing… She scheduled another appointment in about two weeks time, and casually said that if she was dead, her husband would give me a call and let me know she would not be coming…

I asked her if she has heard about Elizabeth Kübler-Ross (See my post dealing with death). She had. She knew as much as myself. She had her convictions and she was resolved. She would like to stay, but with the condition her body was in, she just felt like sleeping.

She touched my heart. I hope I see her again. On this side, I mean.

Special day today for me. So grateful to have met her in this way.

garden path

I end this post with this beautiful image. The path.



The Clairvoyance School on Fanoe



This little island where I live. What has it NOT got? It has beautiful nature, artists and volunteers that create heaps of interesting cultural events, and of course it also has its own clairvoyance school. 🙂

When I first came here in 2007, I had just lost my beloved cat, Pyjamas. He was supposed to come with us to Denmark but he walked happily, straight-tailed outside in the rain three days before departure, which he never usually did. So I called for him after half an hour, and continued to search for him every hour until we went to the airport! He was gone.
It was a great loss. He was born in my flat, he was almost 4 years old, and we were very close. It saddened me, and worried me that he may be out in the woods where we lived, not finding food or shelter.

I talked about the loss of my cat to people I met on Fanoe. And three times, the person would say to me: “Have you talked to Dortea? The medium. She lives here. She connects with animals as well, you know.”

After the third time, I decided, fine. Dortea it is. And booked myself an appointment.
When the time arrived, I went to her tiny old house and sat in the hallway waiting for my turn. Soon a person came down the stairs, and passed me and left. Five minutes later, a woman came out from a door upstairs, greeted me with a big smile and asked me to come on up.

We sat down, and she asked me what my errand was. I told her I wanted to know if my cat was on the other side. She closed her eyes, we sat in silence for a couple of minutes, and then she said:
“But you have two cats!”
“Well…yes I guess I do…two brothers…the other one disappeared 5-6 months earlier…”
“Yes, because I get this other cat, telling me they were two. He´s a bit funny this one, there´s something strange about his tail…”
“Yes, he was a bit brain damaged or something. His tail was difficult to bend, for example if it was straight up and he walked under a table…” We laughed.
“This one is one the other side. Does your other cat have a big head?”
“The cat shows me a big head… but his ears were not so big, he says…”
“Hahahaha…. well…from Dizzy´s view, he would say that. Because his own head was small, and his ears very big! So yes, compared with him, one could say my other cat could be described that way. Much bigger head. And little ears. hahaha, yes…”
“He says that his brother is not on the other side. I get a feeling that he is fine, enhoying the woods. What´s the name of the cat your are searching for? Pyyyyhhhh…. Pyyyyyyssshhh…. I can´t get it….”

Yes. That was my first meeting with Dortea. I have since used her also for an alternative view on how to heal my pollen allergy. (She is a Steiner heilpraktiker too, wholistic Rudolf Steiner practitioner).

At the end of our sitting, I told her a little about myself, and said that I for many years had wanted to do an education in alternative medicine. “Well, you have come to the right place,” she said. “I hold courses, and I´m starting up a new class in January!” I felt a jolt inside. I took the leaflet she gave me, and told her I thought maybe I would be on that course, actually.

And yes I was. I have done five weekend courses with Dortea in all. (And three weekend courses with her teacher Val Williams from the U.K. as well, Dortea invites her over and shares her with her students once a year. But I´ll tell you about the courses with Val some other time).

The five courses… “Psychic abilities? 1-2-3” was the name of the first three. Then the fourth was called “Strengthening the contact” and the fifth course was called “Inspired creativity”.

The school at that time was built up of modules, and after eight modules one would have an exam where members of the Medium´s Union would be present, and after you showed them platform work and a private sitting, if you passed, you would be formally accepted as a qualified member of the union. Which is an important stamp of qualification in the field of Danish mediumship.

But I didn´t do 8 modules. Or I did actually. But the last 3 were with Val. Her teacher. So. No exam.
Because I felt that platform work was not my thing. To stand on a stage…deliver messages to people in the audience, from their belated relatives… A lot of pressure.
I was a lot more comfortable with the one to one sittings. Tuning into a person´s aura, and getting messages from the other side, nice and easy, sitting down, just the two of us.
But I felt that I was to stop. After those 8 times. Time for a change, or to digest the learnings for a while… yes, I just felt I was to stop. So I did.

But that does not mean the courses were not worth while to me. They were. Immensely. I learnt a lot about meditation, and Spirit, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairknowing… intuition, aura… Ethics, how to communicate messages with care, always uplifting, rephrase if it came across from Spirit negative sounding, never give a devastating message…
And to be in a group was a lecture in its own right for me, I´m not normally a “group person”, but this was a group of people as quirky and weird as myself, what a relief it was to all of us to be together and feel normal for a change!
The most important thing I learnt, was to express freely. To say out loud what I felt to say, without filtering first.
“I see this old woman, she is like a cartoon character. She is sitting in a rocking chair. Now she gets up. She points with her walking stick on something up on a shelf, high high up on the wall. She says that just because it´s on the highest shelf, doesn´t mean that it´s something good!” ….eeeeehhh….does this make sense to you?!”
I asked my fellow student, we were practicing giving sittings. He nodded eagerly, big smile on his face. “That´s my aunt Wilma. Yes, it makes perfect sense!! Thank you!!”
We worked with personal belongings as well, holding it in our hand, writing down what came through. Then we read it out loud, and the person who owned the item verified and falsified the things we said about the item. (Like a ring or stone or…) Very exciting. And amazing how much of what came through was correct!
We did a special method of painting, and lots of different meditations and exercises. It was an oasis.
I learnt so much about both mediumship, and about myself. The group gave a wonderful mirror, and Dortea was a teacher full or humour, and very direct and honest, qualities I cherish.

When I started my education in vocal sound therapy, January 2014, I could really feel that the clairvoyance school had prepared me for it. If I had not had that schooling first, I am not sure I would have been able to cope with the sound course, in that big group, doing all those very challenging excercises and singing out in front of everybody…
Vocal sound therapy is about working with Spirit too. Letting light through, listening for resonnance, some practitioners use degrees of trance mediumship in their therapy… So I am being educated. And the clairvoyance school on Fanoe was a part of it. Or IS a part of it. Lately I have been feeling that I should join a course with Val and Dortea again. Last year there was no money. If there is money for it, I think I will join the course in August. I have developed a lot the last year, through my vocal sound therapy. It would be nice to approach Spirit through them two again, and really get an impression of where I stand now.

I have always been open minded. When I became a teenager, I started reading all the local library books about reincarnation, near death experiences, parapsychological phenomena… I have always felt a strong connection with Spirit. It is very…liberating…for me to go into these things and learn from others who have the same interests and abilities. I don´t regret my years of university studies at all, though. They were right for me too.
All knowledge aquired, is valuable. Shaping who I am, increasing my width and depth of understanding. Carl Gustav Jung talked about “the individuation proces”, the individual´s development of character, the creation of an integrated, whole human being. I love C.G.Jung. Very very wise man. Who also introduced the concept of synchronicity. The father of psycho analysis. Wrote about archetypes. Spoke about the meaning of death. He should be on the curriculum of every high school kid.

But okay. Curriculum. Another blogpost maybe. 🙂

Here is a video from Dortea´s Youtube channel. It´s in Danish, but I just want to give you an impression of her energy. She talks about her new education, called “Spiritual Consultant” or advisor…
I definitely recommend her. Both as a teacher in clairvoyance, and as a medium delivering messages.

Her slogan underneath her webpage photo on the top of this blogpost, says “Be authentic. Be you.”
To find out more or to contact her, go to www.Dortea.Dk


Confidence & the lack of it


Yesterday I felt stressed. I thought, what AM I going to write about on my blog next? And will I be able to keep up this pace, and keep writing things, and interesting things?

I have a few ideas about what I want to write about.
I want to show you my children´s kindergarten. Words and visuals. And I want to talk about my year in Bahrain, maybe some more about my years in Wales, my half a year in Lysoysund in Norway… There will be more posts about Servas, and about the process of building a blog. And I want to talk about my three experiences with natural birth giving.
But all these could be written in a week. And after that?

In my post “In trust I trust”, I wrote about having trust in fellow humans´ innocence and good intentions. And trusting in my intuition. I guess confidence has a lot to do with trusting in one´s own abilities.

What governs the level of confidence?
To an extent, our upbringing. Whether our parents gave enough praise, and apologized when they hurt our feelings so we didn´t grow a habit of thinking there´s something wrong with us.
“Am I good enough?” Is a question that many of us have with us from childhood, and work at moving beyond, throughout adulthood.
There are three more such “base feelings”, says Githa, my teacher in vocal sound therapy. (See the category “vocal sound therapy” for more info).

The four base feelings are:
I am not good enough
I am different
I don´t want to be here
I´m not welcome here

Some of these will resonnate more than the others, in each of us. But almost everyone has inner work to do with one or more of these questions. When we do the work, old traumas can loosen from our nervous systems and vanish. It is a great relief when it happens. It´s one of the things we work towards with our therapy method.

Confidence. Today I feel confident. Though yesterday I was doubtful. Why like this?!

Is it the moon?
Or biorhythms?
(Biorhythms was a very popular concept in the 80s, I haven´t heard them mentioned for a decade or two, don´t know if the concept is still in use…)

I feel certain it has something to do with me going to bed early last night, and gaining a good night´s sleep. Alfa.
The Omega, then would be food, physical nutrition. Which we generally take good care of in my home.

And then there is the issue of trust. In my abilities.
Plus trust in getting help from Life. The UniVerse. Higher forces. God, if that´s your preferred name for it. The Light. Trusting in Inspiration.

I am not a religios person, but I am a spiritual one.
I see myself as a spiritual being, having a human experience.
(Which is a line in my exit song, in my videopoetry installation blogpost “Linking”).

I trust that Life will help me find issues to write about.
I do. Like this morning, walking home from the kindergarten, I thought to myself that I feel better today than yesterday, it´s like I´m more confident… and BOOFF. “Confidence”, I thought. “Good blog title”.

Some days I´m confident to a strong degree. Other days I´m not. Maybe it´s the same for everyone? I don´t know.
All the blog comments gave me heaps of confidence that I can make money on this activity. That there is a real audience out there, who appreciate the content of this blog.
Then I installed a spam filter. BAM. No more comments!!

But my blog HAS been shared on Bloglovin and on Delicious.
It has doubled and tripled every month as I´ve typed along. And March has been the wildest month so far. 13.000 visitors now. About 10.000 of them have been in March!!

I have advertized, and managed to find a person who will come and help me with plugin issues, and help me install an advert or two plus a donation button.
After that, I can get an idea about whether it´s realistic I can be a moneymaking blogger or not. It would be such a tremendously perfect thing for me if I could/can.
Time will tell.
I am grateful I have now found a person who knows my technical systems and can straighten things out so everything works, and I get a better understanding of the frameworks of blogging.
It is an important investment. I don´t really have the money to invest, but. I´m trusting it will be a survivable expense, and give payback.

It´s about our convictions as well, isn´t it. What we believe to be true. Consciously or subconsciously. Our theories about how the world works. Our perceptions of reality.
One of my convictions, for example, which I am trying to stop believing in, is:

“I can´t do that, because I don´t have the official qualification for it. I´m not educated.”

or these ones:

“One shouldn´t help oneself to things, it is rude and greedy.”

“To be quiet and modest is the best behaviour.”

“There are so many other great writers, and books, blogs, films and music albums out there, there is no need for me to publish things as well. What can I possibly add that isn´t already covered by someone else.”

It´s a good thing I can spot these convictions. And that I don´t believe fully in them. They get me down from time to time, but they haven´t stopped me. I have published a book, and a film where I also sing in public, I´ve made videowork for an app and edited tv programmes, and now I´m crafting this blog. (And yes, I do have plans for making an album slowly but surely, with the 5 songs from my videopoem installation plus 5-7 more songs, most of which I have yet to create).

I work at my inner dialogue, talking against my convictions, and changing them, so my convictions become a support for my vision of a financially fulfilling future.

I also spend energy on healing old wounds, rewriting my history, my understanding of events in my past, to focus on the positive consequences instead of the wounds they gave me.
For example, things have happened to me, that have given me a greater understanding about some kinds of pain, so I have more empathy for others in similar situations.
And I have gained humbleness, I have learnt there are limits, that I have to look after the needs of my body, and the needs of my self image. To draw the line for how far I allow people to treat me badly, for example…
Deal breakers, as Dr.Phil calls them. The points that mean a relationship is over. The point where I stop trying and walk away.
For example violence. Not just physical, but also emotional violence. I have taken too much of that in my past relationships. I won´t again. Ever.

I work on my convictions, and on healing myself, freeing myself from old hurt feelings.
And I try to create myself a source of income through actions. Through practicing sound therapy towards my exam, and through continuing this blogging.

Is there a song that can illustrate it for us, increase the strength of the words, add a feeling?

Mika. I love many of his songs.
These tracks give me a beat I associate with the energy of confidence. Upbeat, positive. Happy, steady pace.
And the lyrics of Relax cling true to me.

One more musicvideo. With Conchita Wurst.
Who won the European Song Contest, wasn´t it last year?
From Austria. I have seldom been so moved.
She really touched the hearts of so many of us. And she received the love she deserved, she won!
It made me feel very… grateful.
She had the confidence to stand up, and her confidence was rewarded. Her talent and beauty was recognized.

(Ps check out more of those song contest videos from 2014 and watch her receive top score after top score. Goosebumpy stuff)!

Rise like a phoenix, everybody!
Let´s all be confident! 🙂


Vocal Sound Therapy


The video shows my teacher demonstrating sound scanning on her son.
I´m half way through a two year long course with her, where she teaches the method of vocal sound therapy.

I just spent the weekend with her and 28 fellow students, in the Unitars´ church in Copenhagen. This time it was a bit different from usual. Because like I told you in my previous post “My SoundHealer Inauguration”, she has just been on breakfast tv, together with a fireman whose tinnitus she cured. The healing session itself was also televised.
So now people from all over the country call her and write her, asking her to please remove their tinnitus! Therefore, this weekend we received 12 people with tinnitus, so she could show us how to treat them.

Saturday morning we put 12 massage tables up, divided into teams of three, where one of us lay down and the other two co operated on the treatment of the patient. It is not necessary to be two therapists of course, but for this experiment it was beneficial.
After practicing on eachother and finding the best way to form the upcoming event, the tinnitus sufferers arrived.
First we sang a song that Githa has made, a song that relaxes the physical body, and lifts the etherical body up, into lightness and rest.
When they had been sung into deep relaxation, we gave them undertones to give grounding to the electrical system that a human body is.
After that they received a soundscan on their torsoes. When a tone resonnated, it was kept steady and strengthened by other voices.
After that we focused on their hearing centres, placed just above their ears, searching for the tone that resembled the sound of each person´s tinnitus. When the tone was found, the person gave a sign and the tone was kept.
Some noticed no effect. Some had a buzzing of energy in the area around the ears. Others noticed the tone changed or turned into a toneless buzzing. And 2-3 of them said their tinnitus disappeared.

Most often it will take 3-6 treatments to permanently remove a tinnitus with vocal sound therapy. (And it may return again with time). The best results are found in cases where the tinnitus was caused by a sudden noise. Stress related tinnitus can be more difficult to move, because it is then a symptom of something else, the cause is not a damage to the ear system as such. Githa gives no guarantees. And she openly also says that one can read about the technique in the third book in her triolgy about sound (being translated into English as we speak), so everyone can actually do what she does, learn how to work at removing a tinnitus.

Just the thought that it can be possible to get rid of a tinnitus, is brand new, and gives a lot of hope. Conventional medicine is still unable to remove tinnitus.

One of my fellow students is actually having success with removing tinnitus already.
And I influenced one of my fellow students´ tinnitus yesterday when we p+acticed!
Oh what a feeling, dancing on the ceiling!
It disappeared! But only for half a second. 🙂
Twice. That´s one second of tinnitus-freedom I caused.
Hahaha…. It is a start, isn´t it. It´s very exciting.

The tinnitus person on my massage table? Well… she got a buzzing feeling around her left ear… And she very much appreciated the soundscan that my fellow student did on her torso. We will call her in a couple of weeks and see if she has noticed any bettering. Often it takes a while before the effect becomes clear. I did find the tone that matched the beep inside her head. After that I just deliver the sound and it is up to greater powers to cause a healing or not. I just let light through. Vocal Light.

After the tinnitus session, we were to assist Githa in one of her concerts. She is doing a tour in Denmark now, called Sound in Silence after her new cd. On the cd is the “lullaby”, the song to relax the body which I just told you about. Plus a chakra meditation where one sings along with her, making the tones for the different chakras, and connecting each tone to the colour of the chakra.

The old church was full of people who came for this happening.
She did the chakra meditation with us all. Which means we all sat on our chairs, eyes closed, singing long tones, saaaaaa (do)…. reeeeeee (re)…… ghaaaaaa (mi)…….
whilst visualizing each tone´s colour as we sang. It is the tone names they use in India. She studied the art of singing there.
Root-hara-solar plexus-heart-throat-third eye-crown-soul flower.
Very simple. A great way of accessing deep breathing and going into meditation.
Plus it is so beautiful to listen to, when we sing it many people together.

After the chakra meditation, us students were asked to come up to her, and once we were gathered, she gave us the microphone one by one, so we could say our names and tell the audience where we live. All our phone numbers and addresses are listed on Githa´s homepage. So that people who want a treatment, can contact us. They get it for a low price now whilst we are in training. Githa does not give treatments at the moment. She is busy spreading the knowledge of the method, teaching us, making cds, touring, getting her books translated, co operating with scientists who want to try and measure the effects of the sound healing…

After we introduced ourselves, the audience were told they could take the mats they brought with them and lie down on the church floor. Many did, there were people lying everywhere! 🙂 Never saw a church floor used that way. Quite a moving sight, actually.

And us students surrounded them, we formed a circle around the audience on their mats and their chairs, us lining the walls. Then we sang the lullaby to them. Some of us gently touching the ones on the floor that were within reach.

After the song, we gave the audience a group sound healing, which means we sing long tones, blend into eachother´s sounds and together weave a soundscape, where the tones intuitively change into louder then softer, and from high tones into low tones, and back again, harmonizing, occasionally moving into disonnance for a little trembling piece of time… we all listen to eachother and come into the tapestry carefully. It always moves me to be part of that. At some point, we quietly come to a hault. Quite strange how it can stop in such a way, without a prior agreement.

After the collective soundhealing, Githa sang two songs from her amazing album “To heal the space between us”. I love her songs so much. The lyrics are affirmations. Simply. Perfect for affirmation work. And the melodies are just wonderful.
She actually played my two favourite songs from the whole album! “Gratitude is a grace” and “Any wrong condition”. (I don´t remember if that´s the proper titles, but it´s the first line of each song).
You should really check that album out. She made it together with her musician husband Lars Muhl. They are both so skilled. And together… I will share a song underneath here, so you can get an impression.

You know, the album is actually how I first got to know of Githa. I loved the music so much that I read her trilogy. One book just after the other. I was mezmerized by what she explained in those books, and it made me feel that I wanted to take her 2 year long course. But her methods were quite… intense… she uses regression therapy as well, and she deals with people in a very special, loving way…
so I decided to go to one of her and Lars´s concerts so I could meet her in person, get an impression of whether I would dare to trust her enough to go into that training. I wrote her an email and asked if it was okay if me and my husband brought our baby boy to one of their concerts. Coz he was only a few months old at that time. She wrote me back and said ofcourse, just bring your baby, no problem!
And so we did. We drove all the way to Odense, and on the chairs in the concert place lay lyrics from their cd, the audience was welcome to sing along!!
My husband and I and our tiny Linus-Ferdinand settled in the back row where it would be easy to leave the roon if he started making disturbing noises.

And they went on stage, and Githa laughed and giggled a lot like she always does, full of humour and just radiating warm heartedness.
She made funny, loving remarks about the baby concert guest, and the atmosphere both between her and Lars and between them and the audience, was just…. something else. Unlike anything I ever experienced. Yes I know those are big words. I have been to a lot of concerts in my life. But the audience participating in the singing, given the lyrics… first time I ever experienced that. It created something quite special.
A feeling of being in the music together, allowed to participate as equals…it made me feel so happy.
Githa played her saxophone, which she hadn´t done in years, she said, and she laughed and laughed when she made a false sound on the sax, she was so funny.
I could clearly sense that I would be able to trust her. Go into that training with her.
Where I knew my limits would be pushed.

So then, when her course was about to start up again, second group of students, I applied to join. And was accepted.
We were 42 at first. Now we are 29. The first year has been very intense, her showing us regression therapy, us going into moments of trauma from previous lifetimes.
And “singing ourselves free”, giving sound to inner tensions, releasing old blockages in our nervous system.
It sounds strange, I know. It is new ways. She is a pioneer. Groundbreaker.

It works, though. I can feel the effect on myself, and so can my fellow students.
Her books also describe many cases.
They describe her methods and experiences in great detail. Very openly.
Not making it sound secretive or difficult, and again and again emphasiszing that to be a good sound therapist, one needs to be good at being nothing. That we are only channels, letting power come through us.
It is not the healer that performs the effect, creates the healing.
It is the vocal light, used in the way that was described to her by Dr.Karl through the help of a trance medium.


Read her books. She tells the whole, fascinating story there.
She works in close connection with Spirit. And she is not afraid to say it out loud.
To me, that is just… such a relief.
She´s got the courage.
And she just shines.

I feel very honoured to be a student of hers. To see the field take form. Watch her work.
I have had many good teachers in my life, and I am deeply grateful to each one of them. This time it´s in a field that is only beginning to find its feet in the world.
It is so extremely exciting to follow the research
into what sound can do for human health!

And when I get old, I can tell my great grandchildren that I was amongst her first students. “I dared believe in the radical stuff she taught,” I will say. “And look now how her perspective on Sound Medicine has spread around the world, and led to the discovery of new links between different fields of knowledge. Integrating spirituality, art and science. She was at the forefront of the shift in paradigme which took place in so many fields of thinking, on earth there in the early two thousands… we couldn´t see the full picture back then, everyone just kept on questioning the old ways and exploring alternative solutions, and the world view slowly but surely changed into what we see today…”

Yes. Consider me sold on this. 🙂 I´m in. All the way.
Vocal sound therapy suits me perfectly.

Like I once wrote, in my twenties:

I want to live my life amused, amazed and enthused.

I want to feel at peace, and joyful.

So thank you, Uni-Verse.
For giving us Vocal Sound Therapy.
I Love It.
I Truely Do.

Here is one of the great songs from Githa and Lars´album “To Heal The Space Between Us”.