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Introducing: Githa Ben-David


Here is my teacher, Githa Ben-David.
This is an episode from a documentary series about spirituality, made by Christian Leth, a Danish musician and journalist.
I am attending her two year long course in vocal sound therapy.
It´s my second year this year.
To read more about it, see the post “My SoundHealer Inauguration”
and the post I will write after sharing this wonderful and inspiring documentary.
I will call that new post “Vocal Sound Therapy”.

(She has also written a trilogy about the healing effects of sound. It is being translated into English these days. Great books. Also, check her out on YouTube)!


My SoundHealer Inauguration


Dear Reader.

I want to share with you a course weekend that has forever changed my life. It was last weekend, just a handful days ago, 16.+17. of January. It was in Skanderborg, small Danish town, inside a beautiful Steiner school building, with colourful stained glass windows and a small cute library and a book store, kitchens serving ecological buffet with for example beetroot soaked in liqourice and orange… not a single wall is straight, none of the rooms are square, it is built in Steiner’s architectural spirit, and painted in wonderful, light, friendly colours. Oh I just love to go there.

We are about 30 in the course, and we have just finished our first year, now entering our second and final year. We are training to become Vocal Sound Therapists. Under the eminent leadership of a true pioneer in the field, ms. Githa Ben-David. (Check her out on Youtube!)

This particular weekend we were to be “initialized”, maybe an incorrect translation but… I googled the Danish word “initialisering”, and found inauguration, consecration… We were basically to have a ceremony where we through rituals helped our hearts embrace the role of being a sound healer.

We met at five pm in our usual, beautiful classroom. (There is a photo on my facebook of it. If I could, I would paste it in this blog. Well. I will learn these techniques).

We had been told to wear light coloured clothes, as a symbol of our wish to be at service to the Light. We were to bring a candelabra and a candle, a small personal item which would carry the energy of our ceremony into the future, and a fruit which we would all share between us as a symbol of us wanting to share from  ourselves for the benefit of others or…. well. Use our energy to give others energy. Not so easy to word, this.

We sat on chairs in a big circle as usual. In the middle of the circle there was as always a low table draped in white cloth, on it a big silver cup of water, candles, and for the occasion silver trays for all our fruits. We put the fruits on the trays, and our little personal items on the low table and the white cloth. We placed our candlabras on a blue cloth that flowed down from a table on the little stage behind our circle. It symbolized a river, flowing water, the earth axis. Whilst our candles symbolized the vertical axis, connection to “the higher realm”, the light. We placed our objects and sat down in silence, a whole circle of white clad people, lovely sight.

Githa walked through the room with burning, cleansing  twigs of sage. Then she blended two essential oils which I don’t remember the names of at the moment. She told us what she wanted us to do, and then started. She came to each of us, and gave us a kind of bindi circulating our third eyes with the oil on her finger. A surprisingly soothing sensation. She held a sacre ceur which she let briefly touch our hearts. It is an object showing a heart on fire, often depicted with Jesus and Maria Magdalena in paintings, to us symbolizing the opening of the heart chakra. After she finished these two gestures, she said the person’s name out loud, saying “Lene is now blessed by the Light” (Or similar words)… and then the person went to his/her candlabra and lit her/his candle, before sitting down again. We all sent energy to the person being blessed. When all the candles were lit, Githa played a song on the piano, singing a kind of prayer, asking for us to be shown how to best serve our brothers and sisters. Who the prayer went out to, is up to our own individual definition. I love that freedom. Whether we call it Higher Self,  Tao, God, Spirit, Light, The Force, Love… any name and no name, to me it is the Same.

We sang the song for a while. Then sat in silent meditation. Then did sound healing singing, everyone singing long tones, listening to the circle, weaving a sound together out of 30 waving voice threads, the sound growing louder then softer, going into higher notes, then into lower notes spontanously, creating this together…it is such a beautiful experience, always very moving to me.

After a while the sound just … fades out and stops. As if we planned when. Bewildering.

We decided we wanted to go for dinner before we shared the fruit. When we returned, we simply sat on the floor eating fruit together, in the light from all the candles. It felt like being gathered around a bon fire. Lovely.

After a while, we all went to bed. I shared a room with four other ladies from the course. Feels so good to go to sleep there after our course days. One of my fellow students played a tune on her flute and sang an old celtic song for us before we switched the lights off. I was sound asleep (pun intended) by ten pm!


So that was the ceremony. Of helping the heart say yes. It will always be a precious treasure of a memory to me. Rituals carry meaning. Language of soul. Strengthens inner knowing. Verifies. I don’t know quite how to explain it. Rituals touch a dimension wordly unexplainable, perhaps. Beyond the grasp of mind.


Now I want to tell you about how my Saturday went. We met in the morning in our circle, and Githa showed us some more techniques. Afterwards, as usual, we went out in groups of two to practice what we had just learnt. I first gave my fellow student a session. After the agreed twenty minutes had passed, I was shocked because I was only half way through what I wanted to do! We swapped places and I lay down, and was covered by the blanket. Closed my eyes. She started. I heard her breathing change. I know she works as a trance medium, I have seen her in trance before, so I guessed she was giving access to spirits coming through her. First she tried to give undertones to my legs as we always do to give grounding. She couldn’t. It sounded like she was a wolf. Sorry, I know it sounds strange.  But that’s what it sounded like to me. After a while she made a vibrating sound, as if she was playing on a seesaw, mixed with a harp! I can’t really describe it, coz I have never heard anything similar. After a while she moved on to my crown chakra and I heard what I can only describe as angelic tones. Such is my connotation, from I don’t know, movies or… I don’t know. They were angelic tones.

I lay there, in awe. Gratitude, receiving these completely new sounds to me… I felt peaceful, at times I couldn’t believe my ears, I lay there and took it in, every tiny wave of it, totally mindblown. In grateful awe. And then suddenly she just stopped! I had not heard the alarm clock go off. I got quite annoyed, actually. Thought she would soon realize only five minutes had passed, she must have heard an sms coming into the phone or something. But she just sat there, silent. My body felt weightless and paralyzed at the same time.Very strange. I just wanted to remain as I was. After a while she asked if I was ok? I thought ok, I guess I will have to move now, then… I wondered how to, then decided to move my toes and fingertips, like I always do to return from deep meditation. So I did, then stretched, and sat up.

“You were in a trance there, weren’t you?

“Yes, I did move out of the way a bit. It’s so easy for me to step aside. But was it any good? I didn’t quite get it all as it was happening…”

I told her my experience, as I have just described it to you, dear reader. Her session was unique, and I felt so uplifted! Very happy, and… like my energy’s focal point had been shifted, from hara chakra to the crown. I had been so tired, and burdened by the shocking death of my beloved motherinlaw this fall. I simply felt… changed at core… Big words, I know. I mean them.


We returned to the circle. She told Githa that she had been unable to make undertones on me. Githa asked me to come up on her massage table in the middle of the circle, and to my own surprise I jumped eagerly from my chair and ran up to it. (Normally I used to be reluctant to be the centre of attention). Githa found a “donkey sounding sound” in my solar plexus, and gave it sound until there came a “clean, unbroken tone” replacing the other sound. “This is the sound of trauma,” she told me and the class. “Probably the shock of your motherinlaw’s sudden death.” I nodded.


The rest of the day we experimented with remote healing, sending across the room, and between different rooms. At one point I went into a meditation much deeper than usual. Complete quiet within, I felt like a solid Buddha statue. Wonderful. We gave eachother feedback, and came to the realization that our healing had been received as it was intended. Great to get that reassurance. When the receiver describes becoming warm on the exact bodyparts I sent energy to, it becomes hard to doubt there is effect.


Yes. This was my story. I am not the same as I was last Friday morning. I am now ready to start giving sound healing treatments. This is not what I think, it is what I know to be true.

I would love if I could paste a link here to the song “Caravan of Love” by the Housemartins.

Allow me to quote:

“Every woman every man, join the caravan of Love. Stand up, stand up, stand up.

Everybody take a stand, join the caravan of Love.

She’s my sister… she’s my sister don’t you know?

He’s my brother…he’s my brother don’t you know?

We’ll be livin’ in a world of peace…

It’s a better place for us to be…

So bring the young and the old,

why don’t you let your love flow…

from your heart… ”


Thank you for reading this post.