Championships and Powerlessness


lottery or go for run same odds

I have now heard from two sources lately (One Norwegian and one Danish), that they think my posts are a bit long. Maybe they are right, or maybe it´s because I write in English. I don´t know. But I do try to vary the length of my posts, so they aren´t always long. The short ones are just maybe in a huge minority so far. 🙂

So today I will just talk about two of the poems from my book. Here is the first one, that I wrote during the Winter Olympics on Lillehammer in 1994:


Best, best, best!
Number two becomes depressed!
And they´ve all been madly training,
all losing, none gaining,

The reason I wrote it, was that I watched the news on Norwegian tv, and the sports section anchor was all upset and sad and confused because Norway had not won the gold medal in skiing today! He was so sad and confused, looking for the explanations to how it could be Norway only came in second, that he FORGOT TO MENTION WHO WON THE RACE! We did NOT get to know who actually DID get the gold medal of the day!!!

How embarressing is that. It was one of those moments where I was extremely glad that Norwegian is a language not many foreigners understand. We were hosting this world wide event. We took 90% of the gold medals or something like that. (Not very polite from a host, hahaha…) And then this.
It made me feel.
And so I wrote.
The above piece.

(Ps, I played soccer from age 8-16, I did ballett and jazz and hip hop dancing, I play badminton and still love to dance until I´m exhausted. So I´m not an anti athletics chick. I just don´t like to go for a run. Just wanted to specify that, so the funny top poster doesn´t make you think I´m non movable or allergic to sweating or something. Media has this great big mission going on these days, judging anyone who doesn´t go to a gym at least 3 times a week. Well sod them. Bullies).

Moving swiftly on, keeping this short keeping this short… 🙂

One more poem from my book:

Feeling Powerless

Please don´t rock my boat.
I´m off to never-never-land
enjoying never-never-mind
the bloody bombs of battle.
Please let me keep dozing;
I´m happy being cattle!
Nothing I can do or say
will make things better anyway,
just wake me on a better day,
I´ll help by clapping hands…

Passified population
allowing greed for oil to rule the nation
beieving what they tell us on tv:
“We are the lucky land of pure and free!”

(These four lines were created in the herenow, inspired by typing this post).

I end this blogpost with a very funny facebook poster I found in my stream yesterday.
Humour is the best tool when you want to say something sensitive and serious.
I hope it won´t get my blog hacked. Telling the truth puts people in jail these days.
Let´s hope one is still allowed to tell a joke.

oil on sarturns moon



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