Compassionless, brainless long arm of the law allmighty


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But the link is from “On Parenting from The Washington Post”)
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I read this article on Facebook when I woke up early this morning, and it really shook me.
One thing is that one´s fellow citizens do Stasi like things and report you to police and child care authorities without talking to you first.
But what is even worse, is that the police doesn´t use logic in their thinking! No nuances of grey between the black and white.

This actually scares me a lot. And if I was planning to move to the Usa, this is one issue that would make me reconsider. Isn´t it plain hostility? What else can it be called? Where is the justice, the balanced evaluation, and the appropriate consequences, things being seen in proportion?!

I´m kind of hoping that someone will tell me this article is just fiction. A really great science fiction plot about a scary possible future that might become real if we don´t watch out.
But I´m afraid I believe it is real. Her way of describing the events don´t seem like fiction.
If any of you who read this, know that it´s not a true story, please enlighten me, send me a comment so I can add that to this post.

I never mean to talk badly about a country, or a cultural way or of groups or individuals.

But what happens, happens, and one is allowed to criticize facts. People are responsible for their actions. I will criticize anyone for anything they did or said.
But I will always make a distance between person and issue.
I will never call names. And I can like a person in spite of what he or she did or said. I react against deeds and phrases, not all of the person who did or said what I react against. Anyone can speak or do something before they think, and realize it was wrong.
And people are complex. A grumpy old man can be a great friend to his dog, or… An aggressive teenager may be an abused little boy within, sensitive and kind but a victim of domestic violence…

We must be careful about judging whole human beings, and categorizing them as “bad mothers” etc. The mothers in this article did something that needs looking into, as it could have been dangerous, yes. But when they explain the circumstances, then that action must be looked at related to the circumstances, surely?
And the mother, maybe she should get a fine. Or maybe she should be told that the police can see she is a caring mother who did what she thought was best, and luckily there was no harm done, but please don´t do it again…? What happened to understanding?!
If we judge eachother that harshly, our social climate will soon become a cold and hostile one, where we fear eachother and expect negativity, instead of expecting friendliness and helpful politeness…
One will refrain from offering help, out of fear it will be misunderstood and the police will be called and one could get arrested without being allowed to explain, or worse, one´s explanation will be listened to and IGNORED… !!!

This article really shook me. If that happened to me, I think I would have a breakdown. What good does these rules do for the children of these mothers? The law says it protects the children, but it doesn´t!
All these examples are about mothers who think before they act, they can explain why they left the child in the car, and they thought about temperature, and time away from the vehicle… yet no use in explaining. Because the long arm of the law is not attached to a thinking brain or a compassionate heart.
It makes me FURIOUS and SCARED.
And it makes my heart ache for those poor families, who got violated like this.

Enough said.



2 thoughts on “Compassionless, brainless long arm of the law allmighty”

  1. That was amazing. The USA seems to be obsessed by fear and hate these days. Australia is showing some signs of it beginning here too.

    The sensationalist mainstream media are the cause, I think. They constantly go on and on about murders and other violent crimes and how people wrong each other. When I tell people that the rate of crimes, and especially violent crimes, has been falling ever since records began being kept hundreds of years ago, and that this is the most peaceful, least violent time in history, people usually refuse to believe me. They are so saturated with the insane crap from the mainstream media that it seems impossible to them that it is a wrongheaded view of the world. I tell them to ask any criminologist and they’ll tell them the same thing; the mainstream media are distorting people’s perception in a very unhealthy way. And this is the kind of thing that results from it: good people become victimised for things blown out of proportion.

    Thankfully, TV, radio, and newspapers are losing audience in a big way. In time they will go broke. Unfortunately the loss of audience seems to be making them scramble even more frantically for sensational stories and makes them try even harder to work their audience up into an unreasoning frenzy. They think it will help them keep audience, but all it does cause it all to spiral ever more out of control. The sooner the more extremist “news” media (such as Fox) go broke the better for the sanity of Western society.

    The comparison with the Stasi is a good one. They used fear and hate and people reporting on each other “for the common good”. I have to wonder how bad it will get before good sense pulls things back away from this excess. I think the internet will possibly save society because of people like Kim Brooks (the author of the article).

    Thank you for bringing it to my notice, Lene.

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