Crossed Over



The photo is from my sound healer inauguration (read more about it in the blogpost with that title).
Each of us lit a candle, to symbolize our wish to work for the light.
A lovely and powerful ceremony.

Last night, 01.00 am, one of my sound clients died.
The one I talked about in the post called Sound healing course no.9 (out of 12).

Her husband wrote me last Friday and cancelled the appointment we had scheduled. As she had been hospitalized. He said she was very satisfied with the treatment I had given her, and she wanted to come again once she was better.
I wrote them an email. A very openhearted one. And apologized if it was too openhearted in the difficult situation they were standing in, but that it is my humble conviction that when facing such an overwhelming goodbye, it is better to say things directly when one feels to express something, than to be too careful…

He sent me an sms today.
Saying she crossed over peacefully last night.


Her candle on earth has been blown out.
Freed from her broken body she now flies.
One with the Light of Home.
Life between lives.
Birthed into beyond.

Welcomed by her family and friends on the other side.
Dwelling by her grieving loved ones left behind.
Great relief, overjoyous to see clearly now the rain has gone….




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