dealing with death. Kübler-Ross, Jung and Tolle.


This is Elizabeth Kübler-Ross. One of my greatest heroes. I have read most of her books. Discovered her in my teens. She is a psychiatrist from Switzerland. The one who began research into near death experiences. Her book from 1969, “On death and dying”, with the theory of the five stages of grief, should be on the curriculum for every teenager on this planet.

The short video moves me deeply. “…or is there also purpose, in learning how to receive…? It is a gift to your children to mother you as you have mothered them, and to see your love and courage when you receive their care…”

It brings tears to my eyes. It is such a compassionate message to the dying lady and her children…
And her way of communicating with the lady, so warm and honest and smilingly…

Here is another little gem of a videopiece about her. (There is loads more on Youtube. Also, her colleague Raymond Moody is worth looking into when it comes to the field of Near death experiences).

An other hero of mine is Carl Gustav Jung.
Here he talks about death. (Shame the sound quality is not the best, but. It´s so lovely to see him as he speaks).

A third person who inspires me greatly, is Eckhart Tolle.
“The power of now”, “A new earth”… amazing books.

Here he is asked about his thoughts on death…:

You know I lost my motherinlaw 30.of September. 7 months ago today, actually.
I still think of her many times every day. Her passing was such a sudden shock.
(It is described in the post RollercoasterRide).

She is … a vital part missing in my everyday life with my husband and children.
I talk to her a lot. I do receive signs she is here.
(In the category Spirituality I write about my education in clairvoyance… The Clairvoyance school on Fanoe especially…)

Yeah. This is just what I felt like sharing today for some reason.
It is important to talk about death. The only thing certain about life.
I hope you find these sources of inspiration useful.
They have helped me a lot in my life, in dealing with the passing of my beloved ones.
For that I am very grateful.



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