Discovering Alan Watts


I find this an interesting point of view. I don´t know Alan Watts, but I just read this now about him:

Seems like a decent, hard working philosopher, worth listening to.

Wonderful imagery as well. 3,5 million have watched that piece on Youtube!

I believe I have stumbled upon a new, inspiring friend here! 🙂

I just replied to a comment to the last post, before I started writing this new post.
We talked about the importance of choosing sources for uplifting information and perspectives, and to remember to take breaks from the internet.
I told her that I found a wad of books on healing and energy medicine in the library yesterday, and a meditation cd and a Michael Moore film, that I feel will lift my spirits.

And then I clicked in at Youtube´s, and saw that this Alan Watts was recommended to me.

So I have discovered a brand new source of inspiration today.
Sweet relief, and grateful joy.

I will finish up this post, and go downstairs and continue preparing for our meal with guests this evening. Garden hedge cuttings need to be removed for us to be able to sit out there comfortably, and bathrooms need cleaning… food to cook of course, but my husband will do most of that, I will help chop stuff…
The children are off from school and kindergarten today, and have set up a small second hand shop down on the corner where our little street meets the main street, where all the tourists come drifting by. Selling old toys and children´s clothing.
And our famous local beach shell necklaces that my husband makes, very simple ones but they sold real well last summer.

Hope you too enjoy where you are right now.



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