Fanø Forest Playground


The other day, we had a visitor for a few days, a lovely musician from Copenhagen, who also is a web designer. He helped me develope my blog site so it is more user friendly, and also more visible to search engines. Fantastic help to get! So grateful for that.

The sun was shining, and we decided to take him to see Fanø Skovlegeplads, which means Forest Playground.


By the entrance stands these trollies, that you can borrow for free while there. Saves you carrying all those picnic or bbq things. And tired children.
It´s free to enter. There are proper toilets, one can leace some coins if one wants to support the playground. It is run entirely by volunteers. Very impressive.

robin hood skulptur

There are many many of these sculptures around in the forest there. Made by a couple from Lithuania. Lots of different characters from children´s litterature. Snow white, the dwarfs, trolls… I didn´t take enough pictures, so I will have to tell you more about this playground some time later. They have also built a roof, over lots of picnic tables and 3-4 big barbecues. So that one can enjoy a barbecue if it rains… very handy.

skovlegepl hest

This horse is a rather new addition. It has 4 saddles on its back! … and hearts carved in its eyes…

L-F på en rot

My son on top of a root of a fallen tree. I love the way they have left the forest as it is, they have tidied areas and built benches and sculptures and sand boxes and swings, but the surrounding forest has been left untouched.


Very popular swing, that. For bigger children.

giraf gynge

I had to have a go myself, on this one.


Lots of different games to play…

croc bench

A crocodile bench… which needs to be shot close-up. With a camera, I mean. 🙂

Yeah… like I said, there would be at least 10 more photos needed to give a proper impression of this place. But let this just be an intro, and a reminder that if you do come to Fanø, you really should go visit Fanø Forest Playground.



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