Fanø Street Theatre Festival


Each and every August, on Fanø where I live there is the Street Theatre Festival. For three days, everybody can come and watch a play for free,  on benches set up in the town square, on the parkinglot outside the museum and in the school yard. This year we managed to see all the 4 plays. We always attend if we are home, and it is a true treat for us, parents and kids alike.

Here is a clip from the play Thursday evening:

It was the finishing song of a play about three cowboys and a woman who outsmarts them. Pretty clever scenography, where there were doors in the wall / the backdrop of a prarie graveyard… and things were transformed behind that wall, from a cable to a lasso, for example, and from shovels to guns… some surreal elements as well, which I enjoyed more than the slapstick. And the kids loved the farting jokes more than anything else. Of course. 🙂


The next morning we went to see two clowns. I have sadly forgotten their names. They were really great.
My kids´kindergarten were there too, to see it…





Later that Friday, we saw Martha from Spain:



Here is my husband, helping her out! He is always picked to come up on stage  to the artists for some reason. I think they recognize he is one of their kind… 🙂


Saturday lunchtime, we watched the last play, by the group “Burning Love” (Brændende Kærlighed, Danish group), and it was an excellent script as well as wonderful acting. About a young woman who has a check list of things she needs to accomplish. “Checkmark”, the play is called.


Here her parents are feeding an education down her brain! Hahaha… what an idea…


And here I caught a whole little scene. The selfie-addicted young lady got herself some donor sperm (from a guy in the audience, hehehe…) and suddenly she had twins… Hillarious, this.

I feel so blessed whenever I sit down on those benches to be entertained. It is always very well visited, and always funny or inspiring. Looking forward to Fanø Street Theatre Festival again next summer, and hope it will happen in sparkling sunshine like it did this lucky year.

(Ps, thank you, Helle Broe, for lending me your phone to film with, and for letting me copy some of your photographs. So much appreciated, both that, and you sweet festival company. 🙂 )



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