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This is Jens Peder Hvolby, singing the old song “In between Esbjerg and Fanoe”. The music recording and the music video was made by us in Fanø AppTeam. (The quality of the video resolution is not as good as it is in the app, I don´t know why I can´t get Youtube to take the formats I normally use everywhere else. But this will have to be good enough for now, until I find out more).
The song is about stormy seas and a captain whose ship sank between Esbjerg and the isle of Fanoe, and the pictures are from the 12 minutes long ferryride between Esbjerg and Fanoe.
Jens Peder is one of our island´s fine folk musicians, he plays the violin, harmonica and bagpipes, he tunes pianos and he builds violins as well. He plays with the traditional folk dancers, and at lots of different parties and venues.

He also takes people for a walk around town, telling them historical facts and anecdotes about the different places they walk by.

Which is a lot what we too aim to do with making an app called Fanø Byvandring/ Fanoe Stadtwanderung (Fanoe Town walk, but there is no English version of the app as of yet).
We aim to give visitors an insider´s view on Fanoe´s history and its specific customs, the way the locals see it.

The idea came from Inken Meinertz, who is a German lady who has lived on the island for almost two decades now. She knew a guy called Jesper Kaae, who said yes to forming her concept into a mobile phone app, and she knew me, so I was asked to do the video and sound work involved.

And hi ho hi ho. Off to work we went.
Many hours were put into the project. Actually it took us 3 people 3 months. Inken created 12 stops on a route with a map, through Nordby town, and wrote historical information about each place, both in Danish and in German. She also photographed illustrations for the texts.
And then we went to… I think it was five, different local citizens and interviewed them on video. After editing, it became 45 minutes of video interview pieces, spread throughout the app as illustrations to each stop on the walk through town.

Inken´s texts were then read out loud by Jørgen Søndergaard in Danish, and by Inken in German, and after recording all these, they were edited and the ready files given to Jesper, who brilliantly turned them into an icon of a loudspeaker by the text, so the reader can just press that if he or she prefers to listen to the text rather than to read it…

The app turned out really nice. A lot to learn about Fanoe in there. And very charming meetings with the local people who agreed to be interviewed.
One of the summerhouse rental companies, Danibo, advertizes the app on a flatscreen in their lobby, and we also got an advert in a magazine published by the tourist office.

We have chosen to keep the app itself free from adverts. Which gives the app user a chance for peaceful focus. We offered the app to Fanoe council, thinking maybe they would like to own the app. But they declined.
So the app came to cost about 25 kroner. Which is the price of an icecream. We think that´s fair.
After iTunes takes 30%, each of us earns 6 kr for every app sold. So far we got our expenses covered, for a hard disc we needed for the project etc. We are still waiting to make an income.

The app will not go out of date, as it talks about the past. So. No hurry no worry. 🙂
And the project was a very interesting one, we learnt a lot all three of us. About Fanoe´s history, and about what structure and co operation mechanisms are best for an app project this size (it is a big app).

We were planning to make an other app, about Fanoe Bad (Bath) next. An area by the beach, that the council is refurbishing. We did fundraising, where we in the budget showed what the last app would have cost with paid labour. And said we could cover the video and sound equipment by borrowing from the local tv station, who were also our beneficiary in the last app. But we were turned down.

It´s a shame, because we already have a video interview made, with a lady who helped build the famous big nightclub in the basement of the flashy beach hotel that was placed there, Fanoe was a real happening place for youth from Denmark and Germany in the 60s… some great stories to be told…

We were contemplating whether to offer to make a short documentary instead of an app, and they could show it on their grand opening of the refurbishing this August. But time is running out, Inken has got a fulltime job and a B&B, and I´ve got kids, a blog and my vocal sound therapy training to prioritize.

Jesper has also emigrated to Ukraine! He is working as an app maker for travel agencies there. Seems like he has found luck in love as well, so. No rumours of him coming back anytime soon. 🙂
In the future, we could I guess just send him files and he could code it into app code for us. But it is of course not as easy as when he was living in the neighbourhood.

New times, new challenges and new fun to be had.
Maybe we will make more apps, or more video about Fanoe. Time will tell.

For now, we will just keep updating our Facebook page, spread the rest of the flyers and posters we’ve got left, and hope that many people will get to know about, and enjoy all the interesting information we have gathered and nicely packaged in Fanø Byvandring/Fanoe Stadtwanderung.

If you have the time to like our Fanø AppTeam facebook page, we thank you. See screenshots below.

All that remains to say now is:
Have a great Summer, when the sun gets a better grip on our hemisphere!!
Whether you come to precious little gem Fanoe, or not.
And if you do come here, be sure to check out this amazing app I just told you about. 🙂





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