Inspiring Female Rockstars


Last night, when I finished blogging, I switched on the tv and that very instant a film started, called The Runaways, a film about the band Joan Jett had before she went solo. Great film.
I remember Joan Jett´s number one hit, the first song she made after going solo.
I was 10 years old and was on a school trip, and our whole class stood in one big circle in a room there and heard Joan Jett´s superhit over and over again, while we sang along and made the first attempts of “discodancing”. Her song is a raw one, so energetic, brilliant stuff. This one:

(Strange they haven´t adjusted so that visuals and sound is in sync, but there you go…)

Two years later, in 6.grade, age 12, we did a performance for our parents before Summerholiday.
Cindy Lauper, Girls just wanna have fun.
You might argue she is more a popstar than a rockstar. But I think of rockstar as someone who rocks, is independent and dares to stand out. Cindy rocks. In my mind there is no doubt about that. 🙂
Let me share with you not the one we danced to, but my favourite Lauper tune:

“Don´t be afraid to let them show, you true colours, true colours are beautiful like a rainbow…”

Same time periode as Cindy, an other special lady appealed to my sense of free female singers.
Madonna of course. With her provocative look, contrasted with her crucifix and her artist name…And of course her very catchy songs. Papa don´t preach, Like a virgin, La isla bonita, later on, the lyrics of her song Frozen…
The one that spoke to me the loudest, is Like a Prayer. The video where she finds a black Jesus statue behind bars and brings him to life… the burning crosses after he is falsely accused of murder there, and the scene with the gospel quoir… I love it. Strong symbolism all the way through.

Some years later, I had a crush on this lady´s album, where especially this song, I simply listened to it over and over and over, lifting the pickup arm on my record player to hear it again, this was long before the handy Repeat-button of cd players…:

Hehehe…. “and your protection is minimal, so minimal… I´m gonna….”
A bit of a stalker´s song that one…
I was never dangerous like that. I was a shy teenager, fell in love often, and the chosen one never knew a thing about it. Safest that way. 🙂
But I do remember one boy, who was in my high school, and I knew his full timetable, so I would always walk past his classroom where he was standing, on the way to my own classroom… just for the rush of seeing his long dark hair… But yeah. He never noticed, I don´t think.

A handful years later again, I listened a LOT to this powerful woman. What a voice, and passion.

“I´m gonna show you baby, that a woman can be tough…”

We have Joni Mitchell, Tina turner, Dolly Parton… all rocking / strong women whose work I respect a lot, yet it didn´t stay with me or touch me as deeply as other music did…

But Nina. Yeah. She… I´m shaking my head with a smile on my face. Lost for words to describe her.

My first child was born to this song, it was in the room when she took her first breath of air.
Look at the pictures of Nina Simone in this “video”. Such a character. Wish I could meet her.

There´s Annie Lennox from Eurithmics, great energetic tunes and good lyrics as well…
There´s all those soul and r&b singers I don´t relate to that much…

Oh and this one song by Natasha Beddingfield.
I had a severe crush on it for months. Still dig those lyrics:

“I´m having trouble saying what I mean, with dead poets and a drum machine…” 🙂

Oh, I simply HAVE to include one more by her. She talks so well about writing. “Today is where your book begins, the rest is still unwritten…” Again gospel…

Reminds me a bit about Walking on sunshine, with Katarina and the waves, excellent song…

Must not forget Tracey Chapman. One of my favourites.
Fast car, baby can I hold you, talkin bout a revolution…
I love this one maybe most of all, shame I can´t find a version of it that includes imagery but.
I guess it can be a nice thing to just close one´s eyes and listen, as well.
The way she uses her voice here… she rocks. 🙂

Then of course there is also Suzanne Vega. Her legendary song Luka. She has many really good ones.

Okay. I could have gone into Marianne Faithful now.
With her songs Marathon kiss. File me under fun from the past…
So many fascinating, brilliant female singer songwriters out there.

But this post is quickly becoming a long one now, and I also need to go to sleep soon.

So. This lady. Has touched me maybe deeper than anyone else with her music and her courage.
Here is a whole concert with her. I have it on dvd. Mtv Unplugged.
Shame they haven´t published it including the visual side.
But again. Her lyrics, and her words between the songs. So worth listening to.
Totally truely amazingly talented stuff. Inspired stuff. Coming through her, inspiring the listening.
She rocks.

I did find a piece where we get to see her and not just hear her voice. Enjoy this! 🙂
And get hold of that dvd. That must be today´s hottest tip from me.

That´s all, folks!
Have a sweet dreamy sleep when you get that far!
I´m gonna go to bed and unplug. It´s freedom time now. 🙂



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