International Day of Forgiveness part 3/3


forgiveness is an attribute of the strong

So now it´s today. August the second. International Day of Forgiveness. Which I have talked about twice before recently. Because I think it is such a universal and central issue, to each one of us humans.

To forgive the wrongdoer, for one´s own sake. For peace of mind. Stopping the weighing down of oneself, through grinding over and over in one´s mind, what someone did wrong.
Forgiving does not mean that what was done is acceptable. Nor that we forget what was done.
Forgiving means to stop giving energy to what has happened in the past. To let go, stop thinking about it, stop feeling angry and hurt, bitter, sad about it.

I´m not sure I understand the concept of forgiveness very well. As I find it so hard to do.
But I use the formula, “fake it ´till you make it”. So I say out loudly that I forget the person, and try to believe that I really do…hmmmm…

I don´t spend a lot of energy thinking about the wrong deeds, though. When it fills my head, I write it out. Write all thoughts that come, let them through and let them out. Then, when on paper, I can read through it instead of thinking about things in loop mode, over and over. It really helps me when I get emotionally disturbed. Write it out and leave it to be on the paper instead of inside of me.

I just read the other day that this is called scriptotherapy. Never heard the word. But I have been doing it since a very tender age, and yes it does help.

Here is a poem I wrote some years ago (It´s in my book as well):

A better view from here

Momentary madness
Rushes of sadness
Both joy and pain
are to our gain.
In retrospect
all is perfect!
Let go and flow;
life loves us so…

In hindsight
I realize
that I have met
nothing but angels
giving me knowledge.
Dark or bright,
heavy or light,
always a widening insight.

Lene Kaltwasser

Here is an article I have copied from the Facebook page of UNIFY:

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you. -Lewis B. Smedes

Usually when we hurt another person or ourselves it is unconscious, the act of forgiveness is always a conscious decision. The act of forgiveness allows unconscious actions to come into the light of awareness. Forgiving others does not fix their mistakes, we forgive them to release ourselves from the heavy burden of holding grudges and carrying bitterness in our heart. It accomplishes something even greater than that, it allows us each the space to let go of past mistakes while helping to cultivate a deeper sense of compassion for ourselves (and others).

Take The Forgiveness Challenge initiated by Desmond Tutu, and start by picking one person or incident and offering forgiveness. World Forgiveness Day is the first Sunday of August each year. This year it falls on August 2 and you can learn more here

“With each act of forgiveness, whether small or great, we move toward wholeness.” -Desmond & Mpho Tutu, The Book of Forgiving

Spiritual traditions around the world embrace the concept of forgiveness as a trait of virtue. Consider how many times your parents may have forgiven you in the time you were growing up? Making mistakes is part of our human journey, forgiveness allows the growing process to continue lovingly. It also alleviates guilt when we forgive ourself or others which allows us to open up and feel emotionally free of our past.

Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian forgiveness practice. Similar forgiveness practices were performed on islands throughout the South Pacific, including Samoa, Tahiti and New Zealand. The ceremony allows for everyone’s feelings to be acknowledged and ends with a feast that allows for a releasing of the past. The prayer is very simple, it consists of saying these words, “I’m sorry, I love you, please forgive me, I thank you.” How much could we heal just by taking the time to speak these words to our loved ones? is well known for their popular Facebook Page with inspiring quotes and articles, but their strength is in organizing globally synchronized initiatives. Globally synchronized meditations focusing on different themes throughout the year as well as community actions are central to Unify’s mission. For International Forgiveness Day, Unify is inviting a global wave of forgiveness actions at 2pm in your timezone.

Post your stories of forgiveness here. You can also post to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook using the hashtag #forgive.

“Forgiveness is an inherent virtue of being human, a prerequisite for a healthy human society and a central component to every religion. To forgive is to liberate ones self from the bondage of blame and recrimination. When we forgive, the trauma heals. Forgiveness transmutes poison into medicine. We lament the wars and conflicts across the globe yet what about the battles in our own lives? The battles inside each of us?” -Jonathan Human

forgiveness martin luther king

The world is so divided right now. If each person took the initiative to clear old wounds through forgiveness, perhaps it would open larger doors of healing? I was deeply inspire to spend some time reading other peoples forgiveness stories (submitted anonymously at I think you will be too! Hopefully you will be inspired to share your own forgiveness story and tell your friends. Join us this coming Sunday, August 2 for International Forgiveness Day at 2pm in your timezone as we make a wave of healing around the world.”

the end

unify aug 2.

It´s probably past 2 pm many places on our planet now… But.
It is lovely to be part of a wave, a global happening like this.
I will try to take more formal and correct part of the event next year.
And I did submit a story on their website, so. I´m in a process of moving on, less burdened by
others´ misdeeds. One thing is when people hurt you unintentionally. That´s pretty easy to forgive. It´s when they manipulate and lie to try to harm you, that I find it hard to let go.

mark twain forgiveness

We owe such a lot to a handful peace making men.

Martin Luther King
Dalai Lama
Desmond Tutu
Mahatma Gandhi
Nelson Mandela

(Sorry about the ones I did not mention. Many more, I´m sure. Also women of course. These five just sprang to mind this moment).

forgiveness gandhi



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