Jane Winther & Tibetan Singingbowls


There is this lady in Denmark who has gathered a lot of knowledge about Tibetan singingbowls. Jane uses them in her therapy, she teaches people about them in workshops, and she imports and sells singingbowls.

Jane has made quite a lot of cds using Tibetan singing bowls, throughout the last decade or two…

I don´t know very much about her, to be honest. Nor do I know a lot about the singingbowls. But I am deeply fascinated, both by the bowls, and Jane´s music. So if I´m lucky, one day I will go to one of her workshops and learn, and maybe I can use bowls in my own sound therapy sessions…

I just want to give you her name, and you can find out more about her and her work for yourself on Facebook and Youtube.

Here is a video she posted today, about how they make the singing bowls in Himalaya:



Here she makes an introduction to how to play the bowls… in Danish. But still informative just to watch what she does,  if you don´t understand her words, it doesn´t matter that much…



And here is another clip where she talks about the different sizes of bowls, and the different uses they have… Also in Danish. I wish she would make subtitles. Maybe she will one day. You never know, you know.   🙂


I finish this post with a selection of 23 of her music videos….. Enjoy….. Namaste…… May Peace and Joy be with All One of Us.



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