Mother-Daughter Day in Budapest


vores stuekøkken

This is a picture from the sofa in our rented flat in the Gouzdo pedestrian shopping street tunnel in Budapest. It´s located in the middle of the city, and still it´s quiet. And not expensive. Two bedrooms, big bathroom with washing machine and bath tub, and then this kitchen – living room. Perfect for a family with three kids.

Just outside our place, was this sculpture…:

statue in da hood

A signpost said it was put there to honour those who helped victims of the war… helped save jews and others who were threatened by the authorities, I guess… Throwing them a line… a life line… for them to pull themselves back up onto their feet…

Just outside our place was also this wall painting, measuring maybe 4 x 3 metres…. huge…. :

street art refugee child

“One family torn apart by war Is too many. UNICEF ”

I like it a lot. I want more facades everywhere to look like that.

Well. This morning, my eldest daughter (10) and I were going shopping. To have a browse in the shopping street for some clothes for her. We had also heard about a very famous bakery, and since my daughter loves to bake, of course we had to visit that place and have a treat. Sadly, I can´t remember the name of the place, but. It was situated on the biggest shopping street: Vaci Utca. Here is a picture of the bakery:


It looks like a castle! 🙂 And it does on the inside as well. Chandeliers… and many waitors, attending to any detail in your anticipated need. Very friendly and not pushy. A trip to the bathroom was a joy in itself, walking through room after room of these old chairs and tables, details in red and gold…

lava med strawberry dream

Lava ordered a cake called Strawberry Dream. White chocolate lid. Mouse inside… GOODNESS…

strawberry dream utenpå


I had a cheesecake. Which wasn´t really… well it was nice. But not spectacular like hers.
We shared a glass of hot chocolate. Which was so rich that we could not finish it between us!! For two dedicated chocolate lovers like us… quite amazing… We spent a truely lovely hour in that bakery. And left feeling very full and that we would not be craving for chocolate for a year or so!

arkitektur in da hood


Just a couple of photos I took as we walked along… amazingly beautiful architecture everywhere…

We found some shops, and she got a good load of new clothing items which she needed, for a lot less than it would cost at home in Denmark. So that was great.

Further down the street of Vaci Utca, a man stopped us to give us a small piece of bright red, free soap. He approached us by saying “Here, would you like some nice soap? Don´t eat it! It looks like candy, but it´s soap!” Hahaha…. he was a really nice person, from the Dead Sea, as he put it. Working for a shop called Seacret. Which I had never heard of, but it´s got shops all over the world. Denmark as well. Copenhagen and Kolding only. (So far).

He showed us some mindblowing products. First a nail polishing system, which in two minutes without any varnish involved, made my nail shine like never before!! Just polishing it with a magical, square thing, followed by one drop of oil from a tiny bottle… I was shocked, actually. And my daughter was too. He gave us an offer we could not resist, and so, some of the lucky people on our christmas gift list will receive some magical nail equipment this year… 🙂

After I bought that, he sat me down in a chair and demonstrated a facemask on a bad rash I have underneath my right eye, which I have had for about a year and don´t know what to do with.

He gently put on a dark gray mud like mass, and after 3-4 minutes removed it with… A MAGNET !!!
Hokus pokus, rash looking a lot better!!!
I think I must have sat there with my mouth open, I was just so surprised…

He sold me four products to care for my skin. Telling me that yes, it was not cheap, but much cheaper than in Denmark, and he also could give me a special campaign price. So I got it for under half of normal Hungarian price.

I felt very grateful. Finally something that could reduce the glowing red blisters on my face. It cost me a sum I would not normally spend on such things, but. One´s face after all, is quite an important item to look after properly. And I really needed help. So I took it as a gift and an investment. And have not regretted it. I use the products daily, and the mask weekly. And my rash stays down, and seems to even be disappearing, slowly…

The name of the wonderfully friendly and competent dermatologist, is Ran Mizrachi. If you go to his shop in Budapest on Vaci Utca, say hello from me. I will definitely go back and see him next time I am in Budapest. He even speaks a little Danish, AND Norwegian!! Hahaha…. and English… sweet as an angel. I ended up telling him to bring his wife and come visit me and my family on Fanø. Truely such a nice person. Warm hearted, and funny. I hereby recommend you all to go see his shop and let him sell you some very good products for your skin.


world of seacret

They have an amazing body scrub. Minerals from the Dead Sea. I tried it on my hands. And the hand cream afterwards…. But the containers were to big for my hand luggage. (Ryan Air). And my purse was empty as well, after those face products. But next time! 🙂

Before we left, Ran gave us a voucher to try their fish spa for free!! Which we did in the morning a couple of days later, I will make a separate post for that.

fish spa budapest

We said goodbye to Ran and strolled home happily. On the way, on a side street to Vaci Utca, we stumbled upon Pest´s oldest restaurant, and received a coupon that would give us 10% off if we decided to eat there! They had live gipsy music. Which was just what we were looking for.

We met up with dad and the two tinytots in our flat, chilled for an hours, then went back and found the restaurant.

pests eldste restaurant

Just outside was parked a bike with a side… what´s-it-called? Like a motorbike… I fell in love with the look of it, so I had to take a photo:

sykkel med sidevogn

Inside the restaurant, food was lovely, service relaxed and humoristic, and the musicians were very talented. They played “Solveig´s Sang” for me, by Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg, and I had to keep myself from starting to cry! Very moving.

Live strings at the table… two violins and a base. There was a strange kind of “piano” as well. But they didn´t bring that round to the tables, for obvious weight reasons…


Linus-Ferdinand dunked his bread in the gulash soup… where did he learn this?! Certainly not in his current home. Must be a habit he´s brought with him from previous life times… 🙂

LF gulasj dunker

After the big meal, the two tinytots decided to have their own party under our table:

to små under bordet

It was yet another lovely day in Budapest.
I finish this post with a couple of video clips I made in the restaurant.

And then this, our exit, passed the wonderful strange string intrument there…..



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