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Still autumn holiday week here. We had several plans, that we have cancelled because it´s so cold out there. (Go hunt for crabs, and to go collect oysters…) The change of plans is fine, though. It´s lovely to stay indoors and just rest, all five of us. Kids go on overnight stays, and their friends come and stay over here at ours. My man plays the piano, we cook something good, I do guided meditations ( which tend to turn into napzzz, haha…)  Tomorrow and Saturday we have dinner guests, and tomorrow eve there´s also the annual Halloween parade, placed a week or two early, in honour of Fanø´s visiting tourists… I love empty calendar spaces like this week. God knows we need them, these breaks from everyday conundrum…

Not self evident what to blog about though, these quiet days of rest.

gruppeselfie høstferien 15

But I just uploaded a group selfie with my kids to my Facebook wall an hour ago, and I´ve received all this warmhearted attention from friends and family, so I think I´ll just show you these two published selfies and move on to say something about the kind of people I enjoy to have in my life, and why…


gruppeselfie med kyss høstferien 15

Well. Apart from my amazing children. (Which, by the way, every child deserves. To know that her mother thinks she´s amazing).

i like messy people

Yes, I kind of like this statement. It´s a bit muddled, but. To stay between the lines… I drift off into metaphors of reading between lines, and keeping in line… but. Yeah, I like messy people, who can´t be boxed/categorized, and whose integrity goes beyond rules, and whose loyalty fathoms more people than just their blood relatives. Is my interpretation of this poster.


swimming armchair cinema

Like the inventor of this cinema. Respect and awe to her or him! Would love to meet that person and hear about other ideas she or he has got going…! 🙂

dont turn negative

That´s right. And those who think it´s impossible to change the world, should keep quiet and not disturb the people who are busy changing the world. Nothing ever changed the world, but people who believed it could be done.

strong women

I collect such women. Proud to say I have a really nice collection now, after years and years of finding them one by one, and cultivating our relating together with them. Growing up I was a tomboy, spent childhood playing soccer with the lads. The social circle of peer girls was way too scary for me. All that whispering and ostracizing. No thanx. But when I entered university, I started to find other tomboy women, and we were all surprised to find other girls we had things in common with! What a joy! What a relief and reciprocal strengthening bonds to make.

girl boy best friends

YES THEY CAN. I have always had male friends. Which never became confused, erotic, romantic. Ever. That is one of the things about Scandinavia I love the most. The fact that I feel I can be mates with people regardless of their gender. When I meet someone new, I´m Lene first, not woman first. Just me, as I am. A person with certain qualities. When I lived in Wales, I missed my male friends in Norway. It wasn´t as easy over there, although I did have a couple of male friends, but they were mainly parts of couples me and my ex socialized with… Anyways. Another story.

high on conversations

Yes I do. Intelligent conversations, give it to me! And openhearted, personal conversations.
My kind of people. Quality time is real, openhearted, humourous or tearshedding but honest, shared time.

Your sky your limit

Yup. Real friends lets you be who you are. Allows you and encourages you to just be who you are. And dancing. My favourite activity in the whole world. Almost. On my top five list for sure, at least!

vegan sushi

Plus food. Dancing and food. Two international languages of joy. Let strangers meet around good food, and music to move their dancing feet, and soon that group of strangers will be busy constructing friendships. I mean it! It really is as simple as that, I have experienced it so many times. People from many different countries, not knowing any common language, on the dance floor and over the buffet, suddenly communication is easy and smiles are beaming, lighting the entire place up… communication is so much more than words. And us human beings have many vital things in common. Fascinating.

pretending to be a mature adult

I don´t pretend. Especially not do I pretend to be adult, or mature. YAAAWN… It exhausts me just imagining having to do so! Why pretend?? Life is too short to pretend. I am plenty challenged by being myself and facing the consequences. Hahaha…. okay, so THAT´s why people pretend… fear of consequences…? Well. The consequence of being alive is death. So. I don´t have time to worry, I want to have fun while I can, or feel alive while I can… life is far from fun all the time. But it is real. All the time. And so I too want to just be real and get on with it.

kinds of people i like

People with courage and a sense of humour. Humble people, honest people. Sensitive people.

seeing behind

People of empathy, who understand, who have compassion, and who can truely listen.

first instinct to smile

Totally. Agree with that.

dont battle

listen to hear speak of others

negative people allergy

These are factors I notice and use when I choose which people to move closer to, and which people to move away from. I want to be around people who uplift, connect, support, encourage, and allow me to bring such energy to them also. I want to feel stronger for spending my time with people. Not drained.

note to self enjoy each moment

vibe attracts tribe

And then there is this aspect…:

old person jewel

I miss having elders in my life. As a child, I would hang out with old people a lot of the time. I prefered them to kids. Old aunts, neighbours, my aunt´s mother… I would go visit them. These days, most of them are gone. Crossed over. I am consciously on the look-out for a new “old person” that I can draw close, and share quality time with, around my children, and just for my own sake. I need the kind of energy old people have. The peace, the mildness, the (potential) wisdome. Their wider perspectives. Their warmth.

position open

Yeah… my kids only have one precious grandparent left,  my gold hearted mom. But she lives in Norway, so we don´t get to be with her as often as we would like to…


Yeah… no matter who we meet and connect with. It all comes down to what radiates from within our selves, outwards. Your vibe attracts your tribe. I believe that.


And allow me to finish with this one, an all time favourite:

honesty is highest form of intimacy

Good night! 🙂



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