Norwegian Christmas foods


I just found this video in my Facebook stream. Employees at the US Embassy in Oslo tasting different Norwegian christmas foods. A cultural experiment. Funny. 🙂

Many of the items presented, I have never tasted myself. And they could do the dishes service by presenting them in context, the mustard herring on a piece of bread, for example. And the pinnekjøtt (which is my family´s traditional xmas food) together with mashed swede and potatoes…

I would maybe have expected the embassy employees to be more polite in their…evaluations. I know that I would have tried to be, if I was tasting strange things in a country I worked in. Especially if on embassy level, and knowing I was being filmed.

But they are all charming people, and  it is very funny to see their honesty.  I can perfectly well understand their reactions. I would maybe run away myself, if a sheep´s head was put on a plate in front of me like that. Food is such a sensitive thing to us humans, new unusual stuff brings us right out of our comfort zones, and we react quite instinctively.

I thank the US Embassy employees for this cultural experiment. Very entertaining.  Cheers!

Or Bånnski, as he says, and downs the glass of Moonshine / Akvavit!




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