On Creativity

 Been a few days since I updated my blog now.  It´s because I´m still struggling with this cold, feeling tired and deflated. Plus I´m attending this 30 day long workshop through email, where I do psychological / spiritual excercises an hour every day. It´s free. Her name is Katja Strandgaard, website called Life in Spirit… hereby recommended. 🙂
I found this vid the other day. Love it truely. Hope you enjoy it:


Creativity. I´ve read heaps of books about it. How to stimulate it, help it flow, help it grow…

u cant use up creativity

Like flexing a muscle…makes it stronger…
I could tip you on a few great book titles. But then I have to find the books, behind the sofa… it´s an hour long project to find the books I´m thinking about, even though I know their whereabouts…

I´m too tired for that right now.

showered cat

Hahaha…. this photo is proof of quite a creative cat owner… probably a young one…?    🙂

Creative is to make up. To spot that a cup can also be a hat. And a musical instrument. And a house for a mouse. Or ornament for a christmas tree…


The person who made this chair, had a pretty creative mind…    🙂
We all want one of these chairs, don´t we?
He or she could make millions, selling these.

vegan sushi

Pretty creative looking sushi maki rolls… purple… ! …
Actually, today I made “sushi salad” for dinner. Which was invented by my grlfriend Katarina in Bergen this Summer. Sushirice, wasabi, ginger, salad leaves sprinkled with sesame oil… fish /prawns… avocado, brussel sprouts, corn in butter… It was a feast. We made packages, wrapping our favourite ingredients in sea weed. Mmmmmm…. I´m really full. And so are the kids actually!

teach gardening

There´s creativity in gardening, cooking, sewing, painting, there´s creativity in any activity where we use our sense of fresh vision, to see things anew, from more angles than the agreed upon one, the conventional…  making something that wasn´t there before we started…

Yeah.  And now I will sort out the spelling mistakes of this blogpost and publish it and take my little son to bed and fall asleep together with him! It´s half past 7 pm and I am just… knackered. Utterly and completely knackered. This day has been good, but now it is long enough.

Give me some of this!

like cat and dog, peaceful sleep



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