On “The Dane-Boat”


Greetings and Nanu Nanus from Bergen, on the Norwegian westcoast, the beautiful city between seven mountains.
This is our 6.day here. Day after tomorrow we head south to my mom’s on an island called Karmøy.

But here and now I just want to tell you about our transporting ourselves up here.
With three young kids and two weeks’ luggage for five people, we chose to go by car. We drove for 3,5 hours from our home to the harbour of Hirtshals. There we boarded the big ferry, that sailed us from 8pm, and spat us out in Bergen 1pm on the following afternoon.

It is a very relaxing way to travel with kids. We had a cabin, left our luggage therr and went up to the disco bar. There was live music, and lots of children were dancing and running around, so I joined them. Great fun.

A couple of hours later the two youngest kids (5 and 3) were asking to go to bed. Exhausted from travelling and dancing we had a good night’s sleep rocked steadily by mellow waves.

Next morning we ate breakfast, and the kids hung out in “the ball room”, you know those spaces with a slide in a room full of colourful plastic balls…? Us grownups could just sit and relax, have a stroll on deck to enjoy the sight of thr amazing Norwegian coastline…

My eldest daughter, who is ten, made a video to show the ferry to her friends, and I have been allowed to share it here:

She edited out the parts where we see her face as she talks into the camera. Which I think is a shame, but. It is her film, so of course she gets the final cut.

Here is a piece I shot from the sun deck:

And here is one more. Which I want to edit and use as an element in a video poem some time…

Yeah, a pleasant journey in spite of the lack of sun for sun deck sitting. We had a look around the tax free, but coming from Denmark, the prices were only cheap to Norwegians…

We arrived safely and soundly, rested and entertained in Bergen, and drove up the hillside where our friends live. We are stwying at theirs the whole week. Wonderful to be with them again.

So. Yes, the ferry, that us Norwegians call “The Dane-boat”.
A recommended mode of travelling with children.



2 thoughts on “On “The Dane-Boat””

  1. I love travelling by ferry – the last one was overnight from Santander to Portsmouth – the closest I could get to going on a cruise! Sadly the one we took from Harwich to Esbjerg has been cut though. Sorry I haven ‘t seen Lava’s film yet. It doesn’t show up on the I-phone, so will see it on the computer this evening. Hope you enjoy your summer hols.

    1. Yes, ferries are great! I never got to sail Esbjerg – Harwich, I was actually looking forward to that journey… did the film run ok on your pc? Let me know if it didn’t, so I know whether I can use that video app or not, strange it didnt work on your iphone as she used an ipad… oh well. Tick tock tech. Must go to bed now, it’s midnite at my mom’s on the isle of Karmøy on the west coast of Norway… Big hug from us to you lovelies… 🙂

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