Our individual and social selves


first 40 years of childhood

Hahaha….we all know dudes like this guy, don´t we? Many of us can identify with aspects of him as well. The Peter Pan syndrome; wanting to never grow up. Just live a care-free life, no worries, no obligations. Play and laugh. Party as if there was no tomorrow.

I honestly have no clue what this blogpost today will be about. But I will try to put together a small collage of images and slogans, and comment on them, and hopefully a red thread will show through the text. Worth an experiment. Let´s see what else I´ve got gathered in my library…:

forget who they told u to be

That´s right. Forget who they told you to be. Your parents, other family, neighbours, teachers, peers…
It is your life to live. And you will also leave this life alone. So try and look inwards when you search for self understanding, not outwards. Each and every one of us is unique. Shine bright, you light! 🙂

eyes rainbow from tears

A beautiful Hopi saying there…  No amazing colourfulness of soul without having lived through painful experiences… Reminds me of the concept of the wounded healer. Who has, through his-her own suffering learnt things that makes her-him able to help others in their healing. Without the suffering, helping others would not be possible.  I see myself too as a wounded healer.

talk about joys

Sure. Talk about joys too. Yet. To talk about one´s problems and pains, has a healing effect, I find. I distinguish between that and the complaining babbling about everyday challenges that people seem to have as a hobby. I welcome the exchange of how we really feel, how we are, our sorrows, fears. As well as sharing one´s gratitude for the gifts life has to offer.

There is a difference between stating facts and complaining. Moaning about annoying issues, like what the neighbours didn´t do and stuff like that, I have no patience for listening to that. But when someone opens up and talks about fears and important problems, then I honour their honesty and confidence in sharing that with me.

manifest wisely

Yeah… this statement deserves its own blogpost really… Our thoughts, emotions and convictions shape our reality. No doubt about that. So do focus on the positive, do talk back at your mind when it tells you everything is hopeless and stupid. Or you might actually manifest such a reality for yourself. This doesn´t mean you can´t share your problems. But once it´s shared, try to see solutions or at least things that can be of comfort in your process. End your evaluations on a positive note.

rather sit alone than with judgers

Indeed I would too. I would also rather sit alone in silence than with people who do mental masturbation together whenever they meet. Such as tell eachother how many movies they know the name of, or directors´ names or… My goodness, how it bores me. I don´t really end up in circles like that anylonger, but I still remember how restless it made me feel, like I was wasting chunks of my life on sitting with them when I could be at home meditating or cuddling with my kittens… So I just decided one day that I´d walk away whenever I got stuck in those groups. And so that´s what I did.

wayne dyer2

I finish with this piece of truth, as an inspiring reminder of a positive focus for all of us.
Live, Love and Let Live.



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