Paris & the refugee crises


I thought I was gonna finish my Budapest posts. But. World today. Suddenly someone decides to make a massacre and focus changes.

World at war. So disheartening. Of course they will strike back. And who says all killing must be done in the middle east?

I wish we  would stop interfering with other countries. I wish bombs were banned. And guns. That people could have their local conflicts “in peace” and get at eachother with spears and swords and find out locally where to draw the imagined red lines in the sand.  Red lines drawn with imagined enemies´  blood.

Human beings are really embarressingly immature. Predators. Growling and howling for territory. And making our own species extinct for the sake of private property.

This is how I feel:

earth hug

And this:

news helpers

And this:

angel protection

I´m not really a christian. But I am. I love the teachings of Jesus. But I resent the church for its desire for power, its twisting of truth and its fear propaganda.

I am a spiritist, relating to Spirit, passed souls, spirit guides, and yes, it seems, angels as well.

Deeply inspired I am by taosim and zen buddhism. Soka Gakkai chanting too.

nature is my temple

I have written many poems about spiritual belonging… versus being a member of a religion…
Here is one from my book “Heart Matters – a round abouts and previous pieces”

About whether to practice a religion

I never practiced no religion. I need to think for myself.
Not take on a package deal of ready made belief.

Since I was 12 I´ve been reading eagerly
about death and parapsychology
about thoughts on the why are we.

Later I joined university, studied social anthropology
and organizational psychology, enjoying the learning of theory.

When I was 20 I met with zen.
Swinging my samurai sword I found my kiai.

My heart tells me my truth.
My feelings show me right and wrong.
My inner compass for conscious conscience.

There are many masters to learn from.
They all point their lights to the same One All:

LKH 2011

(I rewrote it a little here now. Very rare I do that but. My view has changed slightly. To see the original text, you have to buy my book. Hahaha… Or you can find the video version of the piece on my Youtube channel. Lene Kaltwasser Henriksen, is the channel´s name. Look for “Linking” videopoems).

mask falls off

True that. I have lost some masks the last two years. Due to my educating myself into a vocal sound therapist. (There is a whole category on this blog with that title, for more info on the subject and on my process).

Paris. My heartfelt condolances on your loss. It is my loss too. Humanity´s loss.

earth hurts everywhere

From one of the most impressive and forgiving souls I know of:


We are a world at war. I call it the 3. world war in my quiet mind.
Westerners seem to be unable to differentiate between moslems and extremist military “moslems”.
Which is very damaging. And equals looking upon every christian as being in agreement with the Ku Klux Klan, for God´s sake!

unicef wall painting

This is from a house facade in Gozsdu, Budapest:
“1 family torn apart by war is too many”.  – Unicef –
Says the text at the bottom of the beautiful image.

The refugees coming into Europe now, are fleeing from the bombs we are dropping. And fleeing from millitant extremist violent “moslem” cults. Us westerners must be able to understand this and to help our brothers and sisters who stand homeless and countryless, trying desperately to survive.

free to be decent

I can feel that I am not willing to move deeper into words about it. I have watched a documentary on Swedish tv that was made by a group of Syrians, from they decide to leave their home and until they sit in different European countries as asylum seekers. It was a very good documentary. Provided insight. Made me cry a lot. I have always had refugee friends. My first boyfriend age 18-20 was a refugee. I have listened to many stories about being in that situation. Fleeing from terror. A very difficult and painful position to be in.

I will just end this post reminding you of a very soothing, calming, joy inducing sensual impression which I think is universal to every human being on this our planet earth.
I think we all enjoy this; don´t we? Let´s remember to seek for joy and inner peace. No matter what.

smell of earth after rain



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