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It´s 01.30 AM here now. House is quiet. The island is quiet. Only sound is my pc and the keys as I type. I slept for a few hours early this evening. And now I can´t fall asleep again, so I get some computer work done. Rather enjoyable, alone undisturbed in the silent night.

And about what will I write?

I wonder. But refuse to ponder, let me skip into the  library and find something  to inspire me… :


einstein imagination takes u anywhere

Okayyyy…. hmmmm yeah…. or as I tend to put it; Imagination is the only limitation….

One more lucky dip:


love does not hurt

I read somewhere that everything can be divided into stemming from either love of fear. All the issues mentioned in this poster, stem from fear.


åæease do not feed the fears

Hehehehe…. Don´t  feed the monkeymind in general…. How do we avoid feeding our fears? By being able to silence our minds. Thoughts come floating by but are dismissed without us getting caught up in them…

Yes, meditation. Many ways to practice. Here is one:


inhale love exhale gratitude


Inhale while you count to four, hold your breath ’till four, breathe out ’till four, wait ´till four before you inhale again. This is a very anxiety reducing method of breathing. Used by soldiers suffering from PTSD, for example, to help oneself function in daily life, to go shopping and travel by bus, basically be around other people…

There are many guided meditations about as well. More and more of them popping up on Youtube. This is one I have used a couple of times:


It may sound corny when you are not used to it. I have used guided medtiations for many years. Mainly some I have bought on cd from my mediumship teachers, Dortea Berg jensen and Val Williams.

It´s just such a treat to lie down dead comfy under a thick blanket, and just listen and follow the speaker´s voice and feel more and more relaxed, hence able to see certain things to the inner eye… very strengthening to me. Confirming my connection to Higher Self.


trust the journey

Yeah… I´ve been rehearsing this skill a lot this lifetime. Very interesting. Quite unnerving. Motivating me to keep working at my inner… beliefsystem… trusting the following of my heart one step at a time on a path hidden in mist, mystified…


trust your intuition and be guided by love

I finish up with this pretty clever little model of what to do in life. How to fill our dealt hands of living days with meaningful content. To feel content.

life skema



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