Spring is here. Sunshine, yet cool´n crispy air, kids finding thinner garments to wear,  filling mom with sickness fear…

So there.

Easter holiday started last night. Our usual Friday rituals with candy (once a week only, in front of the Disney tv programme 7 pm), followed by X factor… I had some time by myself colouring and writing out in my listening hut in the garden, whilst waiting for X factor to start… we had easy food, fajitas filled with leftovers…

And today we have no plans. All of us just hanging out, kids went to visit neighbours, now they are playing with the new Roland Handsonic (drum machine) we got the two tiny-tots for their birthdays recently.

And us adults have solved a few technical issues that´s been on hold. And now we have moved on to next phase of our big furniture reshuffling project. Which in turn is a piece in our ginormous puzzle of making a big kitchen by tearing down a wall, and rebuild the wall in a new place so the front room becomes part of the kitchen.  There  will be a small walk through space with a sofa and a tv in it, still, though…

In addition we will turn a bedroom downstairs into a vocal sound therapy room for me. It will double as a guest room or kid´s sleeping space as well. This house is a bit small for the five of us. But I´m not worried. We will find solutions so everyone gets their own space to withdraw to.  And be flexible, find new solutions as times and needs change…

I have always loved to reshuffle furniture. Did it a lot as a child in my own room. I was lucky to have a big room that my grand dad made for me in the basement. All private and spacious. Away from parents and siblings. With all my pop and rock music posters. And a huge card board box full of second hand cartoons that I swapped into new wads down at the second hand book store. Reading was my favourite activity growing up. And listening to music. Playing soccer and playing the piano.

new bunk bed

Here are the kids a couple of weekends ago, when we set up a bunk bed some friends gave us. Well chuffed children.  🙂 We’ve all slept in that one kids´ room the last few months actually. Because I react allergically to our bedroom downstairs. I suspect there is mold behind the wardrobe that is built touching the outer wall of this old house (from 1789)… So I moved out, up into the two young kids´ bedroom. Which made my oldest daughter move in there too. And my husband. Haha… and then it was too crowded for me to sleep undisturbed in between all the kids, so I took my eldest daughter´s bed! Man, I sleep fantastic in there, all by myself, reading books like I used to before I got myself a  husband and children to consider… 🙂

Right now, my husband is preparing space for our double bed to be moved up into the space between the two bedrooms on the first floor. Quite a task. Once the bed is out of the bedroom we can tear down that wardrobe…. my God it´s gonna be chaotic here for a while. But. Worth it.

To get a dining table big enough for our five kids, two in law kids and soon two grand kids. A place to gather for meals and meal preparations. Piano in the kitchen. A comfy corner for reading books. Give it to me!

I should really have loads of photos from the house here now, shouldn´t I…

And woooosh, ten minutes later, a quick round of photos loaded into phone, onto email and on into the blog library:

Here is the family bed in the downstairs bedroom we have moved out of. It is hand made by a Swedish architect friend of ours; Adrian Crumhorn. (He used to live in New Orleans until Katarina came and washed away his home there. Before that, he lived in some African country. Lovely man).
The double bed has an extention, another single bed that brings the sleeping space all the way to the wall. A lot of cosy family sleep hours have been spent there. The mirror was my wish. I was pregnant at the time he made it. I thought the mirror would occupy the baby/toddler, so she or he could stand there and talk to her or himself while I could keep dozing a wee while more. Good idea, huh?! And yup, it did work as I had planned, as well. 🙂

sengen i soverommet nede 16


Here is “the in between space” as I call it. Where the bed will recide from now on. For a while. An open space between two kids´ bedrooms. Not ideal as a parents´  bedroom but. Hey. We will test it, and if it feels wrong then we will change the arrangements. Our house is a traditional Fanø-house, so all upstairs is like a tent, with slanted walls… not the easiest to furnish. But our garden is biggish, and private. And our neighbourhood is filled with friends, dead downtown yet very quiet… so… we don´t want to move away from here.

mlmrommet 16


Here´s a picture of my old room, which now is my oldest daughter´s room. So she can go in here and close the door behind her when she wants privacy. I still have my desk in here, though. Which will go into my new therapy room when it is ready.


(Yes, it´s messy. Trying to organize different papers etc at the mo).


Here´s my daughter´s bed, where I sleep all alone so peacefully these days…:

Lavas seng16


Downstairs, here is the kitchen. Taken from the door opening.


Our kitchen table barely sits the five of us… and our kids often bring friends home… as do us adults as well… yeah, a big kitchen will really make our life easier.


And here is the living room. Which will become part of the kitchen. Be reduced to a sofa corner. Barely. But it is the right move for us. No doubt about that.


My books will have to go into my therapy/office room. I have always wanted a library. The books I have, are either ones I have studied, and will read again, or books I have not yet read but know I will. So. Every time I´ve moved, I have gotten rid of some books (and tons of other stuff). But I know there are not many books left to get rid of.

This last photo, is from the other end of the living room. Where my husband keeps his old church organ. Which yes, he does play on it, and it sounds really lovely. So. It takes a lot of space but. It´s not going anywhere. The dolls house Viola is playing with, my eldest daughter Lava brought home from school a couple of days ago! She has made it all by herself! Bless her. Well done. It is big….but…. what can I do. Just enjoy watching them play with it…   🙂

kirkeorgel og dukkehus16

Yeah… I guess I should go downstairs and start making some dinner.
As a Norwegian saying goes; “Without food and drink, the hero is useless.”

Catch ya later, gators!



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