Robin Hood in the Danish forest


Robin Marion og de tre små Galeasere

Here are my three kids, together with Robin Hood and his Marion, a Saturday in June, in the woods outside of Esbjerg in Denmark.
Every Summer, the town´s Children and Youth Theatre Group set up a play in a big tent in the forest.
We have been to see it the last three of four years. This year it was Robin Hood.

Theatre tent

More than a hundred people participated on stage!!! And popcorn, candy and juice cartons were sold at friendly prices. I think tickets are sold out for every show, it runs maybe about ten times.

It´s my daughter Viola we see here, watching the show with great interest:

“Little as in my little pony…” hahaha…. that´s what I call intertextuality on a high level. 🙂

“I want power…I want to be a millionaire, want to be feared by everyone, want a hot wife next to me on the throne, the power must be mine…!”

The show lasted for about an hour, I think. Many songs, dancing… great stuff.
When it was finished and we left the tent, we found the king´s throne outside…

tronarvinger i sherwoodskogen

We had a picture taken with Robin and Marion too, as you have seen, and then we went and found our car. Other years we have gone to a buffet at a Chinese restaurant after the show, but this year we went to a show earlier in the day, so instead we drove to the fish shop and got smoked salmon and maquerel, bread and something to drink, and went to a big playground and had a picnic there.

A wonderful day out. We will surely be back for another play in the woods next Summer.



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