Short observations on Faith


blue art

Isn´t that beautiful…?
An image that I believe can speak directly to every human being´s soul, no matter what religion a person belongs to…. no…?

This one too…


So symbolic… and somehow universally relevant… open to wide interpretations and still…

recognizing humanity in others

I believe in One Human Race, in Human Rights, in humanity respecting and accepting our diversity…
And even enjoying our amazing diversity… !!

if u hate, u faith wrong

Yeah… No prophet has ever recommended hating as far as I know… that stuff is a tool for politics, greedy church / mosque / temple / synagogue leaders who want to steer people so they can keep their power or even better, steal power and resources from their neighbours…

fight those who destroy the world

Look around. A small percentage of this planet´s people, are destroying our home. And we are busy discussing which name is the correct one to use for God… A bit silly of us, I reckon.

<3 <3 LOVE & LOVE <3 <3
<3 <3 LOVE & LOVE <3 <3

Love is the one message every faith tries to communicate. Am I wrong? If you think so, tell me in what way I´m wrong, coz I really don´t think I am.

As Ziggy Marley puts it so well:

your road alone Rumi

Each one to his or her own path. Reciprocal respect. Every faith must surely embrace compassion?

become the light

Life is such a mindblowing mystery. Why not just enjoy it in peace and joy, all of us.


Is it really too much to ask?
Just some peace and a bit of joy, without people of “faith” ripping eachother´s heads off?

Religious faith, political faith… dogmatic tyrants. Oppressive rulers.
Please just go away and leave the rest of us in peace.
Most of us are actually not interested in your war games and hateful fear-factory.

poetisk alene i blå natt



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