Slogans on environmental caring


holland animal bridge

An animal-bridge in Holland… Very inspiring…

government against environment

Why is it that corporations can sue a country for not allowing them access to pollute its nature?
Society is sick… Corporations are wealthier than nations… we need to change our laws…

protected environment

Perfectly put.

feel an animal´s soul

Don´t most of us see it this way?
It is my impression…

wood funeral

Speaks for itself…

mother earth mothers day

We need to respect our mother.
Or else she will no longer be able to care for us.

need and greed gandhi

We know what the problem is.
Human greed.

earth is my country

A central part of the solution:
To look upon
the human race as One.

And then to decide, that our future generations
are more important than the profits of corporations.

fascism capitalism

When all we really want,
each and every one of us,
is this:




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