Slogans & short advice on parenting


raindeer and sleeping child

I feel… between-ish today… like a space between words… a kind of blankness… Neither pleasant nor unpleasant, I have shared some good conversations about important issues… I feel to just share with you some good posters about parenting right now.

encourager, not dictator

breast feeding cover yourself


children are more than raising them

gentle your children

These posters say a lot… so much food for thought in just these 5 posters…
So I just leave them with you, uncommented.

I think I will just go to bed now and drift off into a dream.
It´s 11.11 pm this moment, on my pc clock.
Must be the perfect place to proceed into post blogpost posting.
I wish I could have a nap like that kid, leaning safely on a friendly white raindeer…



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