Stig Møller, Danish musical genius


Steppeulven Hesse


I´ve only experienced him live once. At the all day music festival Realen Rocks, here on Fanø, Summer of 2014? I think it must have been.

I had never heard of him, and I was just flabbagasted. Started jumping up and down as close to him on the stage as I could get. It was about mid day, sun blasting in its friendliest mode, children and their parents were lying on the lawn enjoying the music, and this crazy Norwegian immigrant was jumping up and down laughing and singing from the top of her lungs…! I wasn´t drunk. I was in an extatic shock! He is… something else, this Stig Møller. His music, his essence, his presence. He makes my spirit bubble and fly high, he touches the sky.

This is the song he played that day.

It´s called “What a brilliant day it is today!”

See how everyone in the audience know this song, and smile…

I found this too on YouTube… a gig from Christiania last year… You know that alternative hippy society that has its own space in Copenhagen… visit some time if you can. A very special place.

Love their lyrics, as well as the melodies and rhythms… Lyrics remind me a bit about Syd Barrett, the shiny crazy diamond of Pink Floyd… their album from 1967, “Piper at the gates of dawn”… he´s got several wonderful songs on that one. The Scarecrow, The Bike, The Gnome, Chapter 24… poetic.

Here is a documentary about the band Stig Møller is famous for being a part of.
Being Norwegian, I don´t actually know anything about Stig and the band Steppeulvene (The Prariewolves, or possibly a spin on the band Steppenwolf? But maybe it´s the other way around in that case, coz as far as I can see, the Danish band was founded first of the two)…

I just checked Wikipedia. Which says that Steppenwolf got its name from Herman Hesses novel of 1927 “Der Steppenwolf”. A cult novel to the youth of the 50s and 60s, the book describes a man´s feeling of being alienated by socety, and also describes sex and the uses of drugs quite openly, as well as eing strongly influenced by psycho analysis (Hesse was in therapy under C.G. Jung)…
So I think that the Danish band also was inspired by this book. Especially as their debut album starts with “My name is Harry…”, which is the name of the character in Hesse´s novel as well…

Sources of inspiration. All linked together. All parts of OneSource really. 🙂

There is also a film made about the band, quite recently. “Steppeulven”, it´s called. I haven´t been able to see it yet. Looking forward to it!

Here´s a trailer:

I will add that dvd to my christmas wish list. (If it exists on dvd. Would prefer a cinema screen of course, with beautiful cinematography like that).

Just wanted to share my love for Stig Møller with you guys.
Everyone should know of his amazing talent. And of the genius of the band Steppeulvene.



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