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First Saturday every August, Strien, the village hall in Nordby, fills its garden with a stage, tables and benches, and holds its annual gardenparty. From noon ´till midnite, local bands go on stage and share their stuff, and the villagers buy barbecue food and beers, softdrinks and little toys sold by children to fellow children. A very nice outing, always chock a block with happy villagers and visiting tourists.

Here is Strien Village Hall, with all the party visitors´ bicycles:

strien forside cykler

And here are a couple of photos from the garden:



I shot a fantasticly cute, short video from one of the bands and the audience. But I know that many people hate being filmed at parties, even when they look good in the images. So I will ask two of the main people in the vid first, if they are ok with me loading it up on Youtube and linking to it on my blog… If they say yes, then I will edit this post to include the video, it really shows the smiling, relaxed enhoying atmosphere of the audience in front of the stage there.

Hello again, I asked the people in the video, and they said I can use it here, so. Enjoy! 🙂

Here is my son, with ears protected of course, enjoying a rare soft drink. He loves Coke. Normally we stick to juice, but they didn´t sell anything else than pop for the kids, so. Lucky him got his favourite unhealthy drink (apart from coca, I think he would actually choose cocoa over Coke. I think next year I take some cocoa with me. Or suggest to the organizers they sell cocoa at the party).


And here Linus-Ferdinand is waiting for the next band to go on stage…


My daughters were running around, playing with kids they know or got to know. My eldest left the party with a friend from Copenhagen, and went with her to their summerhouse here on Fanø. My husband went home after a couple of hours. And me and the two youngest just kept hanging out and mingling.

About 6 pm I took the kids home. Had to stop by these flowers on the way, to try to capture their immense beauty:


Myself I left the part about 11 pm. By then Strien looked like this:


Me and my “adopted brother in spirit” Benjamin went down to the harbour´s grillbar hoping to find it open, but it was closed. So I shot the moon instead of ordering food.


Thank you Strien for another lovely day in your garden. I will be back next year if I can. 🙂



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