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My Splendid Birthday



I’m in my ListeningHut behind my garden’s appletree, Ben Harper keeping me company soundwise, in my worn light blue baggy jeans I have one birthday present in each pocket; one is a pendant for a necklace, rounded square shape, made of glass in Florida by a good friend. In the other pocket lie a pair of ear rings, with torquoise stones on them. Given me by another good girlfriend of mine, they are made in India and bought in Mexico.

It was my birthday yesterday, and as usual I was woken up by my husband, his guitar and our kids, plus a friend who was staying over, they were singing a Danish happy birthday song. I had chosen not to receive my presents then, because it was such a busy morning in my schedule. On Saturday, I will get the presents from the children and we will watch a movie or do something else enjoyable and relaxing together…

So I jumped out of bed (kind of, almost, in a way), and after a quick breakfast my girlfriend and I were on our way to the kindergarten where she right now for three weeks is hosting a music workshop for the kids. She brought her fagot and her Tibetan singing bowls. Very inspiring to watch her communicate with the little ones, drawing them all into the magical world of music…

After two groups of 12 children had been workshopped, we went home for lunch. Then picked up my kids, went shopping, then back home where I prepared a tuna salad in garlic yoghurt dressing for the evening’s party meal. A couple of hours later we drove to the local school and set up for her lecture, which she is also hosting these 3 winter Wednesdays. We were ten people, and the subject was “Ritualistic Music”. Wow. It could not have been a more interesting subject for me. And the talk was even more exciting and fascinating than I imagined. The audience was encouraged to participate, sharing their views, and the athmosphere was very… light hearted… warm and friendly… Although she is a top trained classical musician, the lecturer is blessedly free from facit answers, there is no wrong answer to things only personal equal viewpoints, and that attitide is so uplifting, no need to fear being told your view is incorrect… We had a splendid time. Truely exsclusive high quality lecture. I hope more institutions on the island will hire her, coz I want to hear more of what she has to share!

Some of the people in the audience were friends of mine, and one brought me a cake and presents!! Wicked… a cd with an artist I never heard of. Love to explore new music! Of course the cake was very popular, and I got a lot of hugs and a birthday song on the fagot… pretty decent. Way kool. 🙂

After the lecture, two of my best mates tagged along to my home, where we ate the tunasalad pitta together with my Man and the kids. After eating, I took my mates (one woman same age as myself and a young man I call my soul brother), I took them out into the ListeningHut, and we sat in here sharing bottles of wine, listening to my old minidisc mix”tapes”; Taj Mahal and the Hula Blues, Nina Simone, vintage reggae…
We ended up at my girlfriend’s in the end, as she had to replace her babysitter. One in the morning me and my young soul brother walked home through the mainstreet, not a single other person in sight there between the straw thatched little houses edging the cobble stoned street…

So that was my birthday celebration. Oh and I also had prsents in the mailbox. A book by Neal Donald Walsh from Katarina, and from my childhood’s best mate Linda I received home made towels and a hat, plus a dvd of a tv series with Ricky Gervais, whome I adore more than most others funny and wise people on this planet. Perfect presents for me.
And from my darling husband I got a massage table. For my sound healing sessions. He is my superduperstar.

I’m in my hut now, updating my blog whilst eating chocolates.
Yesterday was just such a kick. I LOVE lectures. And I LOVE music. And I LOVE spirituality. And friendship. So to have a friend give a lecture on ritualistic music… It’s like… It’s unlike anything I can describe, I’m sitting here realizing. It’s one of those things where I just shake my head in disbelief, with a huge grin on my face. PURRRRRR…. fect, I would say, if I was a cat. Which maybe I am in some metaphorical way, why not.

I told my three kids I want to open their presents on Saturday, when we have time to dwell and enjoy without me running after a clock for some external reason. They totally just accepted that without a question. So now I look forward to Saturday morning, where no doubt they will wake me up with a birthday song again, and I will be covered in presents and happy children.

I sit here with gift jewelry in both of my light blue jeans pockets. Feeling grateful. 203 people have greeted me on Facebook yesterday. Such an overwhelming wave of loveliness.

Lucky is my middle name.
Life is not always easy.
But what hasn’t killed me has made me stronger.
I’m still alive, health is good.
I have inspiration and laughter in my life.
And a whole lot of love.
Truely wealthy.
That’s me.