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Goodness Gracious!


I just returned to my blog, having been away for an extremely exciting course last weekend, which I of course will tell you all about in a new post. But first I HAVE TO write this:


I just now found out there are 72 comments from readers!!!

I feel so…. grateful…. all your compliments and appreciation….. It is truely heart warming and very encouraging for me. Thank you all so much. I am sorry I have not replied as you wrote to me, I am simply not litterate in this wordpress blogging universe, I just write my thinkings and that’s it.

I have tried to link to the videopoems I have on Youtube (you can search for my name, Lene Kaltwasser Henriksen and it comes up, it’s called “Linking” and is a video installation of ten poems and five songs that I have made, and then filmed and edited video to go with the lyrics…)

I have added a youtube plugin but I just can´t figure out how to paste video into a post. I have made a library of photos on my blog, but I don’t know if they are visible to others than myself… I love images and would like to use them as illustrations for my texts ofcourse. I have also self published a book three years ago… I would like to link to it and present it and people could contact me if they wanted to buy it…

I simply need a wordpress fairy to come teach me how to use this wonderful equipment properly. Big sigh… It will come. And yes, I have heard about the free e-book ” WordPress for Dummies”.  I will get round to it. I’m just slow. With three little kids and my course to study, I just want to write, not be googling google adwords and fighting my way through a jungle of unknown stuff! 🙂

Anyways. I promise I will get better at it all, soon. And I am sorry that one of you commenters receive comments four times in your email inbox from my site. I have no clue how to solve it but I will for sure find out and free you! I’m sorry it will probably take some time before I find out how, but I will get there. I am very much against being a spammer mailbox jammer. Bare with me, I won’t forget my promise.

What else…… wow, you guys have just made me verry happy. I will definately check out your sites and comment back. Brilliant stuff, this. Communication. So easy, compared to earlier.

I am also very active on Facebook. Feel free to add me as your friend there. Again I just use my full name, Lene Kaltwasser Henriksen. I love Facebooking. All those wise words and pictures, and interesting articles, information not found on tv or radio….. spiritually uplifting, inspiring stuff…. sharing is great.

But ok. I must post this and get on to talk about my …. mindblowing course last weekend. See you in the next blogpost!


Lots and lots of Love from me to you. Thank you for your nice supporting comments. Really made my day.