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My Listening Hut


This is a short video from my Listening Hut. Which was built by a Swedish architect friend of ours, as a birthday present for me from my husband 3 years ago. It sits behind the apple tree in the back of our garden. 2 by 2 metres big. I go there for undisturbed thinking (at least undisturbed by external factors, haha), I go there to listen to silence, to write, meditate, listen to music, or just sit still and watch the blackbirds in the apple tree…

It is a sanctuary where my mothering can take a break. Where I can be just me, not a friend, wife, mother, neighbour, daughter or sister. Just me. Tuning into me. Spending time with me.

It may sound egotrippish. But I don’t see it that way.
If I don’t get time alone, I’m just not a nice person to be around. I need to connect with myself, centre my energy, in order to have energy to share with others.

It is such a joy to close that door behind me and sit down in the tiny sofa and just…. be.
Continue writing the story that is unfolding in one of my notebooks. Or make a poem in my journal. Sing along with Tibetan chanting monks. Or eat chocolate and write out sad or angry emotions, then put on some loud music from a mixtape made decades ago, and just feel the low energy be released, making room for fresh, more optimistic energy…

It is the best present anyone ever gave me.
My Listening Hut.
My precious treasure.
My place of peace.