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Politics and Upliftedness


This short video shows inhabitants of the Danish island Aeroe, as they welcome the arriving 20 young Eritreans, who come from a children´s asylum centre to settle and make their homes on Aeroe.

This, to me, is how it should be. This is politeness, compassion and proper welcoming of new neighbours.

It is sad that it is moving and special to see.
The tv pictures lately, from the coast of Italy…
And the reactions of the obviously ice cold hearted European politicians…
We are many who are ashamed of this. Believe me. Many.
They do not represent us, our politicians, I feel. They should be arrested, not elected.
All they seem to care about is more money for themselves, taking from those who already have too little, and giving to the rich. What kind of ideology is this?
Consumerism? The “holy gold calf-ism” from the story in the bible?

snake with fish

This is to me a picture of politicians and bankers, telling us they are saving us from drowning. Fully conscious that we can’t breathe on shore…
…and that they intend to eat us. (My friend Miriam added, this picure was on my Facebook wall yesterday).

Another clear cut way of saying it, is this one:

monopoly lazy losers

I like these crystallized slogan type grains of truth, not saying it is the full truth and there is no other truth also valid. But. When i find these posters that ignite my … soul…? or heart or whatever… it gives me a jolt, like I recognize my own view in the words and images I see before me… I treasure that.
I also have several notebooks full of English and Norwegian phrases, that I used to write down when I encountered them on my path as a teenager.
Like “Don´t sell the skin until the bear is shot”…
“Every man should keep to sweeping his own doorstep” …
A lot of wisdom gathered in those old phrases. And in some of the facebook posters as well, I reckon.

inner peace from within

This one reminds me of the famous words said by Mahatma Gandhi:
“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

I am very careful with how much tv news I watch. The melodrama, the extreme images… it disturbs me, it makes me…stressed… I will watch a documentary, or a debate.
I know there is a lot of suffering on our earth now. I get the news, filtered through friends and chosen newspapers on Facebook. I read the headline, and then I open the link if I feel I want to.

I reckon I don´t help increase world peace
by falling apart, or by filling myself with fear.
(I wrote more about this in my post Freedom of Expression)

A line from one of my video poems:
“There are plenty of people who tell of the wrongs, we need more of us singing out positive songs…”

I desperately want to help humanity rise above this crises we have gotten ourselves into.
At the same time, my perspective is that I have to accept what is. And that status quo has its reasons.

The end result for each of us, is known.
It is the only thing about life that we actually DO know.
Yet we pretend it doesn´t exist. Death. We hoard money as if we could take it with us into afterlife.
We allow a very tiny group of people to pollute our oceans, cut down our forests and steal from the poor, they do this so that their own bank accounts hold billions of dollars/pounds/kroner/yen…any currency.
Is this sensible? No. It is actually madness.
They rule! The law, the parties, the police, the huge corporations, the media.
They are very few, but still they get away with it. They have the steeringwheel, and they go in a direction that is sure to make us crash. This they know, and yet they just continue.

It is fascinating how they think they can just go on with their selfish behaviour, and never be stopped.
If we don´t stop them, this planet will go under. Or. No. Humanity will.
There will be no food and no air. Already there is a lack of drinking water. Yet they still in many countries allow fracking, that destroys the water supplies. (A French company is about to start fracking in Denmark now, God knows how they got permission to do that, totally against our nation´s wish)!


usa tax


Right. How do I now move us from inner despair to upliftedness?

My aim in this blog is to talk openly about what I feel about things, and leave the reader feeling uplifted. That is not an easy thing to aim for, when the issue is the state of the world today.
We started out good, with the asylum seekers being welcomed.

compassion necessity

Dalai Lama. Such a wise man. So much to learn from him. How I wish Tibet would have been left alone, respected as its own country. No, this is not helping the uplifting, is it…

Maybe I am being ridiculous for even thinking it is possible to enter political subjects like the ones we face today, and coming out of the read feeling uplifted…

rather ridiculous than boring

Yeah. I will much rather be ridiculous than boring. 🙂

I think I will try to finish this post with a song. Music always helps me get emotionally unstuck.

First, one that I always used in my twenties, when I was very angry about something or someone.
I remember once this man broke up with me, I had never loved anyone as much as I loved him. I turned this song up full blast on my stereo, and on repeat.
Then I took my samurai sword (I trained iaido, see the post Temple Zen la Gendronniere for more info on that), and I ran around in my apartment, jumping on the couch, slashing invisible enemies with my sword, really expressing my vivid anger to this very apt soundtrack. I got sweaty, so I threw off my t shirt and bra. I was frantic in a frenzie, totally focused on ridding myself of the pain inside of me…and suddenly!
There stood my neighbour in the middle of my front room.
That old, old man from two three floors upstairs from me.
We both froze.
He shouted “turn the music down”!
(I think, I couldn´t hear him but he waved his arm viciously and I interpreted it as having to do with the volume, hahaha…)
Then he ran out of my flat, as quickly as his very old legs could carry him.



Here´s that tune. Very useful one.

Now you do what they told you.
Now you do what they taught you.

Why are we being so obedient to those crazy greedy compassionless antisocial politicians?!

Moving swiftly on, into a soundtrack to fill the now empty space where the anger has been cleared from:

Hahaha…. I never knew this one, I just searched for “peace and joy song”. Incredible what is out there.
But they are nice metaphors, used in this short tune, and as I sang along, I felt both sadness (for the future of our children here on earth) and I laughed, at the slight kitchiness of the palmtree still image with the moving waves…
Water is the perfect image for human emotions…
Emotions is energy in motion someone said… so is a river, an ocean and a fountain. Energy in motion.

The tune also reminds me of the gospel genre. The power of gospel. Made to uplift the hearts of slaves, inject hope and faith in a better future…. very powerful. Don´t underestimate the power of music.

Okay, one more before I go. A more serious feelgood song perhaps, for grownups… (although every grownup is just a big child, so I don´t see why a children´s song shouldn´t be of value to all of us).

This song always lifts me up. Both melody and lyrics. All those descriptions of direct sensual sensations, the feeling of feet in the water, the smiling faces in the car windows passing…
“Stick around, laugh a while”… Be in the now, present… drop the mind for a bit… take a break from the thoughts and worries… it pulls me back to earth, gives me grounding, makes me remember the joys of being alive…

(If you don´t know Eckhart Tolle, get to know him, he is the master of teaching how to live fully present moment by moment…)

My favourite line in that Hot House Flowers song, will be my exit and farewell to you. I hope you feel better now than you did further up in this text, where we went into the gloom of politicalities.

“And the black cat tells me that Luck is on its way”.