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Radio Years


“So I tried a little Freddie; MMMMMMMM…!” (Mika)
In the early nineties, I worked for Bergen Student Radio Station. It was unpaid, but it was great.
We were all students, and we had these, then high tech, mobile dat-recorders with tiny tapes in them, that could record real good sound on location. So we went out into Bergen and made interviews and recorded exhibition sounds and whatever we could think of. I remember I made a prgramme about an Ivo Caprino exhibition. The grand old man of animated movies, who lived in Norway.

But although it was nice to do interviews and cultural events, I prefered to focus on music and movies, and hence I was moved from the group Skumma Kultur
(which is funny because that´s the name for a type of milk, but literally it means Foamed Culture)
and on to the group Elektriske Skygger, Electrical Shadows, or as we called ourselves; EL.SK.
(This means (make)LO.VE! in Norwegian.)

In El.Sk we did reviews on new music and films. I received a press card, and three mornings a week, 08.15, I went to the cinema and sat with the rest of the press of Bergen and watched the coming films, for free. Yeah. Pretty darn decent, I thought. Perfect way to start the day.
When the movie was finished, I would sit somewhere and eat breakfast, and write down a review.
Then later, after a lecture or seminar, I would go to the station and record the review. Read it into a mike, whilst one of my colleagues steered the sound levels etc. It was actually really enjoyable.

I remember one time us in El.Sk were called in to the editor´s office. He told us off for having caused a break with the station´s expressed profile. We had played “La isla bonita” with Madonna! We did NOT play pop music on this channel !!! We said that it was only because it was in a film that we had reviewed. But that was not good enough. This was serious and was not to ever happen again.

Bergen student radio. People used to say that it was the channel where you would never hear anything you ever heard anywhere else. And you would only hear it once. Hehehehe… I disagreed on that rule. But. It didn´t bother me as such.

I made a programme about my iaidoclub as well. Zensho Iaido. (You can read more about the club in Temple Zen la Gendronniere). All programmes were kept for a few years, but it must be lost by now. Shame, I would have liked to hear it again. Oh well. Things come, and they go. Such is life.

I only stopped working there because I moved to Wales in ´94. English boyfriend.

I actually think that my writing style has been influenced by my radio work. These blogposts, and other reflections that I write, often sound like talks to my inner ear. And then you get a video or a song in between, for breaks. Like you build a radio show.
I´m toying with the idea of adding vlog posts… which is video blogging, for those of us who don´t know. I just learnt about this a few weeks back, from my friend Martin. He said that his daughter watches a lot of vlogs. A lot of WHAT? I asked. Turns out it´s these videos on youtube where, especially young people, talk into the camera, or talk together while they film themselves playing a videogame… a young couple in Denmark does these Minecraft videos, and they earn heaps! Now they also film themselves whilst cooking dinner… strange trend. But every new trend is strange in its own ways. So I mean strange in the sense fascinating.

We will see. I used to be stiff and stressed in front of a video camera. Much happier behind the camera, filming art and nature, architecture…or a concert… but. Hey. I will give it a shot if or when I figure out what I will say. Or something. I guess what it requires is just to be natural, and talk from the hip, spontaneously. Or from the heart.
I will watch some vlogs, and then I will see if I can find inspiration, and then all of a sudden I´m doing it. Maybe. This is not a promise. Remember that. 🙂

Like this one! Is nice. I agree what she says about us Norwegians. Hahaha… And read my post called Danish “hygge” for my take on what it´s like to be a foreigner living in Denmark. Toodle-ooo for now!