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Usa vs Denmark; why Denmark has the happiest citizens in the world (acc.to a UN report)


Very interesting comparative analysis, this, between social economical factors in Denmark and Usa, that might be the cause why Denmark is said to be the happiest country in the world (or maybe rather the country with the happiest citizens)… and Usa is not.

In the end, the man talks about “hooogah”. What he means is the Danish word “hygge”.
I have written a blogpost called Danish “hygge”, where I make my own reflections on why it is that Denmark ranks so high on the scale of happiness. (Which makes me a bit proud to say out loud, I must admit, it is a very vital scale to rank high on, isn´t it really).

In my post, I also refer extensively to a documentary I watched, made by a Brit, who visited Denmark to find out about this same question; Why is it Denmark that tops that statistic? So in my post “Danish “hygge””, you get a look at the issue through British and my Norwegian eyes.

I wish Denmark would start measuring its life quality in degree of happiness, like Burma does.

And I want to add that the report doesn´t mean that people who live in Denmark are in a better mood all the time, or smiling more than other people around the world, far from it in my experience…

I have not seen the survey that has led to the UN report. Maybe it is a measure more of the degree to which we feel safe here, taken care of by the state, and respected as equals. Big factors. Yes. Very.

But I think I also have read that Denmark scores pretty high on the scale when it comes to loneliness, people feeling lonely.
And Norway (Denmark´s sibling neighbour) tops the list of the most suicides in the world!
(Or at least it did a few years ago, I can´t guarantee it´s still like this, I hope it isn´t).
We say that it might be because of the cold and dark winters, we don´t get vitamin D enough, and we get isolated in our homes a lot… These to me are very central factors when we talk about whether we are a happy nation or not…

But okay. Let´s dig deeper into complexities another time.
For now, I just found this interesting video and it inspired me to comment.

Wish you, dear reader, “en hyggelig dag”,
which is Danish and means “a…hmmm…a day of social goodfeeling-ness” ?
Something like that.