The 9.of the 9.


So! I completely forgot to mentioned in my last post two days ago, that it was written on the one year anniversary of my blogwriting!! Yeah, I started this adventure on the 7. of September last year, year 14. I have written about… well more than 100 posts, can´t remember excactly. I´ll give you  exactness at a later date…

It has been very much enjoyable for me.  In the beginning I was worried that I would run out of ideas of what to write about. But I´ve stopped that nonsense. Life keeps on happening, so there will always be stories to tell. About inner events and outer ones. No stress.


Heart matters. Matters of the heart. They do matter. More than anything else, to me. Open, personal free conversations, where one listens to one another with silent minds, not sitting busy thinking of what to say next whilst the other one is talking…

I´ve always written inner talks with my (higher) self about heart matters. My self published book is poems and thoughts that have come out of that process of self-talk, if one can call it that. (I´m open to objections, I just thought this theory up and am always willing to reconsider in the added light of new input).

self talk

Well. With this blogpost, I actually just wanted to say, that two days ago, on the 7/9,  one year had passed since this blog was born. Maybe it´s even cooler to celebrate 9/9. Symmetrical numbers are fabulous.

Nine. As in a cat´s nine lives. And as in nine being made up of three 3s. All good things are three, so three times three MUST be a lucky number. I´ll settle for that. Any excuse will do.

Here´s to creative writing, scriptotherapy, scribbling, journaling and diary keeping. Gratitude to the word, the alphabet and the joy of expressing oneself in writing. It is my dearest passion.




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